if we build it, he will come

Acts 15:16

We are lovers of God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength who are a group of committed Christians trained by the Lord in the apostolic/prophetic ministry of worship, prayer and ministry to the Lord and to His people. We are from many different cities, states and nations brought together to be sent out to those God desires and to pray strategically in these places as God leads.

Our Mandate:

Mission: To be changed from glory to glory by the pure holy love of God, establishing the Kingdom of God in our hearts to become His Awakening Kingdom Messengers to those lost and in need of His love.


Purpose: To bring the “Present Word of the Lord” that will bring Kingdom Transformation from Religion to Relationship in His people.


The Work: To Preach the full Kingdom of God Message of our complete salvation and restoration back to our divine destiny we had in the Garden of Eden to have dominion over the Earth through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Goal: To work with Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit until the Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


To Equip: His sons and daughters to be prepared and equipped to enter the 1,000-year reign of Jesus as His Bride, Over-comers, full grown sons and daughters to rule with Him as Kings and Priests to our God.


To Go: As Isaiah fell on his face before the glory, he heard these words, “who shall we send, and who shall go for us?” He replied, “here I am, Lord send me.”


To Pray: Flame of Fire -Awakening Kingdom Messengers is an Apostolic/Prophetic Kingdom work made of ordinary brothers and sisters in Christ that operate in 5-fold ministry gifts as the Spirit of God leads; being sent out to pray strategically in cities, states, regions and nations to help bring a divine change in the spiritual atmosphere so the work of the gospel can be released unhindered.


To the Church Body: God is divinely connecting us with the parts of the body that have a heart to see their cities, states, regions and nations change by the Glory of God. These hungry ones have a heart with a pure passionate love for Jesus and a desire to love each other as Jesus loved us.


To be Divinely Connected: These connections are not made through man’s wisdom but by the Holy Spirit connecting us to labor with the body parts He desires so each part can supply what the other needs in the true love and unity of the Holy Spirit.


To Labor Together: Our work is to labor together and connect with those God sends us to and become like the Apostle Paul who poured out his life as a drink offering to those he was sent to serve. Our desire is to join with those God brings us to in true covenant love bonds and to serve together as the Holy Spirit desires in order that the will of God will be done on earth as it is heaven.

Ministry Team
Revs. Henry and Donna Falcone

Apostolic and Prophetic Ministers


Henry and Donna have been in ministry for over 35 years.

They have pastored and pioneered home churches, prayer groups and now are functioning as apostolic and prophetic ministers of prayer. Their call is to equip and train the body in prophetic intercession and apostolic ministry to the Lord and to his people. 


Henry has written three books, The Anointing of the Moment, The Foolish Things of God, and the Transformational Marriage Supper of the Lamb. He serves as an apostolic and prophetic minister to the body of christ.

Donna has served as a prophetic minister and a Christian school teacher for over 30 years and is now retired from her school teaching position to join Henry on their prayer missionary journey to pray throughout the USA and the Nations.


Henry and Donna have 4 children and 12 grand children and have been married for 38 years.

Rev. Lin Houston

Apostolic and Prophetic Minister


Rev. Lin and her husband, Tom have been married for 44 years, have 3 daughters, 2 sons-in-laws, 6 grandchildren and have had 28 years’ experience with leadership in the body of Christ.  They founded and directed a ministry to the youth in Northern Colorado by providing concert outreaches.


Tom works fulltime as a Test Engineer but thoroughly supports Lin in every way.  As husband and wife, Tom and Rev. Lin have facilitated many couple’s groups and provided counseling to couples through the local church.  Rev. Lin was the Prayer Director for the Women’s Ministry at the church they had attended in Greeley, CO, and later the Prayer Director for that church. 


In 2007, the Lord called her out of the local church and into the mission field as a prophetic intercessory missionary where she has now served for the past 13 years as an assistant general overseer for Flame of Fire Ministries and is the president of the Board of Directors.   




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