When the body parts come together functioning as each were made, we supply to each other what is needed in perfect flow with God’s design, purpose and will.

Hands on personal training on how to minister to the Lord


The Lord is building an End Time Army intent on establishing His Kingdom here on earth.  His body must be trained in how to flow as one in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.  The day of one person conducting the whole meeting has come as far as it could go. It is a new day where the body of his mature sons and daughters must flow together with each part supplying what the other needs along with the 5 fold ministry. 1st Cor. 14:26


Flame of Fire Ministries/Awakening Kingdom Messengers Boot Camps are offered as 3-day Mini Camps or up to two-week intense Boot Camps for churches, prayer ministries, and home fellowships. We will travel internationally if the Lord gives us witness to do so.  They are Spirit Led and designed to empower the church and body of Christ.



The restoration of the Tabernacle of David worship and ministry to the Lord is the heart of the training we do. We teach how prophetic psalmist, musicians, singers, flags, intercessors, scribes, men servants and handmaidens function together to minister to the heart of God.  

We also teach through hands on training how to bring to the Lord true and pure worship He desires for His manifest presence to be in our midst.


As we enter into His glory realm of worship the Lord speaks, imparts, downloads in his instructions, strategies and plans for our lives, churches, ministries, cities and nation.

Opening the Heavens Worship And Prayer Training

Through allowing a time of true intimate worship for the Lord to pray and release what is on His heart for each region, church(s), family(s), and our own lives.



We train on how to use the gifts the Lord has placed in each person. We do personal training in simple keyboard, singing to the Lord, prophetic worship and singing in the spirit and much more. The Lord enables those with gifts to come forth in harmony together in a corporate setting.

Street Ministry Prayer

Part of the Tabernacle of David training is to equip prayer warriors to get God’s prayer strategies for their life, family, church, city, region and state. We have trained intercessory worshipping warriors to pray and listen to God for these strategies to pray for churches and also to go out and pray in the streets of their cities.

We have taken teams to pray in Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond Washington, Mobile Alabama, Fort Walton Beach, Milton and Pensacola Florida, Dayton, Jackson Center, Sydney, and Columbus Ohio just to name a few.

Each city and region has certain strongholds over their areas that must be torn down even to the local street level. Our work is to train and equip praying warriors how to do that using proven strategies that bring results from Holy Spirit strategic targeted prayer.