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The Advance for 2023 and beyond:

The Advance is the sending of Kingdom Advancing Messengers of Jesus GOING into the highway and byways as a War Trumpet saying to those who will hear, “come now all things are now ready.”



The Advance will begin by establishing David’s Tabernacle of worship and intercession for the cities and regions God is sending us to. Like King David, before us, we will put on our Priestly and Kingly robes to seek the face of God on how where to go. We will seek His will and how He desires to impact the places and people where He is sending us.


A spiritual battle room will be established at the hotel centers or future meeting places where our gatherings will be held to join in true holy worship to Him and then inquire of Him His strategies and plans to impact the cities, the people, businesses, and ministries God will send us to go.


This spiritual battle-ready room will consist of prophetic intercessors, prophetic worshippers, dancers, singers, musicians, psalmists, handmaidens, menservants, flaggers, 5 fold ministers, and all those hungering for more of God to seek His face, minister to His heart and receive the thoughts and plans He has for us for this gathering.


Along with that spiritual battle-ready room will be a deployment team who will be sent out to the areas and places God shows us to go and minister to him there with pure holy worship.


From that worship, the plans God has given the Deployment Team will be released on earth as it is in heaven to ADVANCE the Kingdom of God. The Deployment Team will go to the streets, neighborhoods, industries, businesses, and schools as God directs them.


The Lord will send this Deployment Team equipped with the Glory of God to be seen upon them. They will go to the “uninvited ones” of Luke 14 to the broken, needy, lame, blind, and all those who will hear their COMPELLING VOICE OF JESUS, COME ALL THINGS ARE READY NOW!


The Deployment team will follow the Ark of God’s glory as a cloud by day and fire by night to only go and do all God sends them to do. God is going to release and end time harvest of souls to this Deployment Team through their going out to fill up the Father’s house.


They will pray, minister, and release all God has given them to release to set the captives free and to herald His call to come, all things are now ready. They will be inviting those who will listen to come to the nightly Tabernacle of David gathering to experience the Lord personally for themselves.


We will gather together at the meeting place in David’s Tabernacle of worship every evening at 7 pm, we will gather together with the team and all the new ones that will come to minister to the heart of the Lord.


At the TENT OF MEETING, we will minister to the heart of God and His true needs. In these meetings, we will make a place that welcomes the true Holy Spirit ministry of the psalmist, singers, musicians, dancers, flag ministry, artists, scribes, watchmen, prophetic intercessors, 5-fold ministers, and those hungering and thirsting for God.


In pure holy worship, the Lord will speak, direct, and unfold His present word and work of the Father through whom He wills. 5-fold Ministers flow with the body of Christ in a brand new way. Each part of the Lord’s Body will supply what the other needs.


All those who will enter into pure holy worship of the lord will enter into a completely new realm of Glory, purpose, and power to truly function as one body with one Lord and King Jesus Christ.


Every need of God’s people will surely be met and more as the Lord manifests His presence and Glory in our midst.


The ADVANCE nighttime gatherings will have no agenda, and no guest speakers, except the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who reveal their desires to us.


Those that gather at these Advances are called to minister their pure holy worship to the heart of God, wait in His presence, and then release what God tells them on earth as it is in heaven.


These Advances day and night time work are not conferences or services. They are not time orientated and limited. They are truly the “rebuilding of the living Tabernacle of David” where God’s people can minister to His heart and pour their Alabaster box of oil upon His feet in pure worship.


From that holy worship, God will send His servants out to “take the land” as God would lead them as Joel’s end-time army. The Lord utters his voice before His armies, and great are the peoples (army) that execute His word.


The beautiful thing about these Advances will be that the Glory of God will knit us and fits us together in true love bond relationships where Jesus alone is seen and glorified. We will truly be made into a wheel within a wheel in true love and unity to advance the end-time plans of God upon the earth.


Beloved at THE ADVANCE there are no big people, no little people, just God gathering together with us as His people. As we worship the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness, God reveals to us his heart individually, for our families, churches, and ministries, and then sends us out to COMPEL THEM to come into the Father’s house.


As God sends out his deployment team in unity with the Battle Station warriors that remain at the Battle Station hotel meeting room, He will give us instructions on what He desires to do in the city and how to do it together as one people.


This is truly the new wineskin of the Kingdom age and the new wine of His glory realm being poured out to transform our lives, ministries, churches, cities, states, or regions with His end-time purposes. 


You could call this new ADVANCE a “traveling Tabernacles of David.” The manifested sons and daughters of God are now arising on the earth to follow King Jesus, the King of Glory wherever He goes.


The Lord is truly uttering His voice before His army. The ADVANCES are the gathering of the saints as a wheel within a wheel to establish a Battle Station to release His army to transform the earth with the Glory of God.


“Come, for all things are made ready, NOW!


 THE ADVANCE will do the following in equipping the saints;


  1. Restore and rebuild the true Tabernacle of David as found in Amos 9:11. In these convergences, God is calling the psalmist, the minstrels, singers, dancers, flag ministers, prophetic intercessors, musicians, scribes, handmaidens and menservants, 5-fold ministers and those hungering for God to minister pure holy worship to God that brings us beyond the veil into His Glory realm to hear his voice and obey his commands. 

  2. Train and equip the gathering saints to minister to the heart of God in true spontaneous Spirit-led worship to enter the Glory realm of God to be changed from glory to glory.

  3. The Holy Spirit comes to teach us how to listen and receive God’s divine thoughts and plans for this present hour for our lives, families, churches, ministries, cities, states, regions, and nations and then send His deployment team where He desires them to go.

  4. In these Advances, each attendee will experience the true knitting of the body of Christ together in His pure holy love with each part supplying perfectly what the other needs including the 5- fold ministers.

  5. In these Advances, God will change the spiritual atmosphere in the very cities, states, regions, and even our nation through the release of His Glory, Power, Authority, and Dominion by pulling down the powers and principalities from their rule over these areas.

  6. At the advances, God will release an end-time harvest of souls that will be brought into the true Kingdom of God reality will be saved and transformed by His glory with signs, wonders, and miracles done by the hand of the Lord Himself.

  7. In the Advances, the Lord will teach and instruct all who come in the way that they should go and advance His Kingdom and teach all who come to be guided by His eye.

  8. The Advances will prepare, position, and equip those who come to receive the strategies and plans they need for their lives, families, businesses, churches, ministries, cities, regions, and nations with the PROPELLING GLORY OF GOD that will be seen risen upon them.


The Advances for 2023 and beyond will be life-changing, and life-altering to bring us out of the religious order and ways of the church age.


The Advances will bring forth new wineskin and new wine to align ourselves with God's end-time purposes on earth.


The Advances will bring us into new divine alignments, and new divine assignments with the new orders, plans, and strategies God desires for us personally and for the places God sends us.


Beloved it is time for King Jesus to come and lead us into battle to transform the earth with His glory that will release His end-time purposes. The Kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our God in Christ. 


Please call or email if you would like more information about THE ADVANCES, and the new spiritual training of the Lord for this day. If you would like to attend the next Advance, please go to the event page on the control bar above. 

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