Come and burn in his holy fire


Don't miss our coming events:

  • San Francisco Divine Convergence 2022
    Mon, Jan 24
    South San Francisco
    Join us for the first Glory of God Filled Divine Convergence in 2022 to bring a transformational change to San Francisco and the West Coast!
Testimonies in action:

God has a place for the youth in the ministering to his heart in the Tabernacle of David, God used them powerfully: Brother Will!


Rev. Donna is training the scribes on how to write down the strategies God is giving through prophetic intercession!


Sister Candace has a deep intimate flag ministry for the ministry to Him in the Holy of Holies. She was prophesying and releasing prophetic songs and prophetic movement through her flags.


A  three day prayer bootcamp at Panama CA at Roc Church with Apostle Eddie Maetas