Come and burn in his holy fire


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  • Wed, Apr 07
    Holley By The Sea Rec Beach House
    This is a clarion call to all Kingdom of God minded saints of God to come together to seek the face of God, wait in his presence and hear His his word to separate us, prepare us, empower us, and to knit us together for God’s end-time purposes.
Testimonies in action:

God has a place for the youth in the ministering to his heart in the Tabernacle of David, God used them powerfully: Brother Will!

Rev. Donna is training the scribes on how to write down the strategies God is giving through prophetic intercession!

Sister Candace has a deep intimate flag ministry for the ministry to Him in the Holy of Holies. She was prophesying and releasing prophetic songs and prophetic movement through her flags.

A  three day prayer bootcamp at Panama CA at Roc Church with Apostle Eddie Maetas


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