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A body knitted together by the hand of God!

Word for Today : August 29,2019 A body knitted together by the hand of God!

Beloved, I started this post with a simple need for some strong praying warriors to join us today for some major personal breakthroughs in many areas we need today, but it became more.

I began not to just see our needs, but the needs of God’s new emerging end time generals, leaders, and full grown sons and daughters He desires to divine position and connect with each other to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Donna and I and our small team or praying warriors, need some new strong seasoned and trained prayer warriors to be added to our prayer team.

We also need other body parts with their gifting and callings to join with to help us go forward, but also it is reciprocal to help and serve them in their calling as well.

As part of the prayer and kingdom awakening messengers and missionary company God is raising up it is so important that all of those called to the front lines have the right body parts laboring together by their side.

It is imperative that we all have the right prayer and support system to cover us and give the protection necessary to advance the kingdom of God on earth as it is heaven.

This love, support, giving to each other must be rooted in the pure holy love of God or it will never last or work. Work bonds never last, and love bonds never break, the Lord spoke to my heart.

That is what Donna and I and our team do as part of our kingdom work for others in churches and ministries to have the effective praying warriors they need to lift up their arms be watchman for them and more.


There is power in effective prayer under the High priest ministry of Jesus thorough the Holy Spirit power praying in us, but we need some people for God to touch to really pray to join and labor with us and for us in this new day and many others do as well.

We also need other helpers God has for us to grow and go to add their part to the greater picture God is revealing on the earth.

God is doing a new thing. God is raising up a new breed of leaders like he did with David. They have been through the pressure cooker, broken, dealt with in the furnace of affliction.

Yet, they have come out of that furnace walking in true humility and brokenness. They have the Love of God as their only foundation.

They are living stones built up next our lively stone Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone as a spiritual house for the Lord’s manifested presence on the earth.

This new breed of leaders and separated people are absolutely in love with Jesus and they have a life that is being lived continually abiding in the vine, prepared for such a time as this.

Many of these leaders and people that God is about to join and connect together are God’s hidden ones. They have gone through intense dealings of the lord who are made by God his mighty hand. They have the heart of David men and women after God’s own heart.

Many of these are God’s Hidden true apostolic and prophetic kingdom leaders who are called to get underneath God’s people to help them be what God has called them to be.

They are called to connect the dots of the Lord in purpose and plan as a functioning mature body of Christ so they can advance the Kingdom of God on earth as it is heaven.

They are truly God’s generals for this army, but they don’t lord over people, make them build their vision, and demand their life as many have done in the church age.

These are humble, broken servants of the Lord that have the mature character of Jesus and his pure holy love pouring out of them to build, encourage and establish and help each part connect one with another.

These “new breed” of leaders need others God has joined to them to advance the Kingdom. Like David they need their mighty men and women to be with them to do the will of God on earth.

Beloved, We need God to place us where he wants us now. We must be read to fully lay our lives down for Christ and one another and his purposes on the earth.

We need God to connect us with the right body parts who can pray, discern, function of mature character and quality of the Spirt and seasoned, willing to lay their life down for Jesus and their friends for God to join with us. All of us, not just Donna and I!

We need those God has trained and equipped with mature love in them who have gifts and talents that connect, strengthen us together to be one unit and army of God.

God must add to us all those who are generous and kind givers who have resources to give. Those who can love us like Priscilla and Aquila and the church at Philippi loved and served Paul together to advance the Kingdom work.

They loved him enough to sow financially in covenant to make sure his needs were are met so he could go to those God was sending him to. They were one in hear and purpose to laboring together for God’s purposes through Paul and their own lives.

Beloved, The day of playing church and doing as we want has ended a long time ago for his remnant people. The day of the one man show is over. The day of the one man ministry is over. We are the Body of Christ, The temple of the living God.

Now is the time to joined and be connected by the Holy Spirit in the pure holy love of God with the right body parts with no string attached but bonds of love.

This divine connection is not about self seeking, self building, church building, gift building, ministry building unity as we have had in the past as work bonds relationships built in the wisdom of men.

This coming together is by Gods pure holy love alone, laying your life down for one another, esteeming others better than yourself and being divinely placed together as joints and marrow for God’s purposes to unfold upon the earth.

God is uniting us together in holy covenant love bonds. No greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends will be their only business card or title.

A disciples is like his master. God is bringing forth his true foot washing servants and leaders to wash each other’s feet in unity and love.

He is uniting us together for one purpose, one plan, one work, one desire of his heart advancement the Kingdom of God to transform the earth until the kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of our God in Christ.

He is uniting us together to form a wheel within a wheel upon the earth. We are to become one mature functioning body of Christ of full grown sons and daughters connected to our full grown head, Jesus Christ to be seen and glorified on the earth.

In this covenant love bond relationship, the heart of convent love will be truly seen. My life is your life, my family is your family. Your needs are my need, if your hurt I hurt, if you rejoice, I rejoice. We are one body! One people of God knitted together by God Himself.

It is God who arranges the body parts not men. It is God that fits them together not men. It is God that give each part the supply the other needs.

No more taking, no more one way relationship, it is a two way street! It is not about building your vision, your church or ministry but about God building his house of living stones into a spiritual house on the earth.

We are to be His royal priesthood and holy nation on the earth. are you ready for this beloved of the Lord?

Beloved I am writing this today because of the urgency that is in my heart about God bringing us together to advance the Kingdom of God. Something has to change today. The new God promised us for September must come forth.

God’s passion on the earth right now is about us becoming one united in him and one another. His passion is to form us now on the earth, in this nation as wheel within a wheel as Ezekiel saw.

He is bringing forth his true disciples, his true mature sons and daughter, his true generals and leaders for the advancement of the Kingdom like we have never seen before or ever will again. His calling card, his business card we will give to one another is this, “No greater love then this than a man lay down his life for his friends.

I know personally and this is for other called to the front lines, that our love work God has given us has to change and grow into what God desires.

God has removed people from us, so he can add new ones for to connect with, and removed us so we can be connected with the right body parts. Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.

For the change to come for us all, God is requiring us to connect us with the right people. He must add to each of us those he has called to help us, pray with us, support us.

Hs is adding us to others to do the very same for them. The difference is that we are not coming together to “do a work for God,” but to BECOME THE WORK OF GOD ON THE EARTH AS ONE MATURE BRIDE OF THE LORD FOLLOWING HIS LEADING AND DIRECTIONS ALONE!


Beloved, I am praying everyday day not just for us but for all of us and for all the generation of hidden kingdom leaders for those divine connections we all need including our youth who are a vital part of God’s is gong to do on the earth.

They are to be connected with us and us with them. They are the omega generation of warriors that will be the front line city shaking, state shaking, nation shaking fire and glory bringers of God that will transform the earth.

What I am seeing that even the new connections we are now going to connect with is just a small part of the greater whole God is going to bring together to form that wheel within a wheel.

Beloved, what we may do together will be added to other parts and groups of people for Gods greater purposes on the earth. Are you ready for that?

We can’t put God in a box. I feel Gods presence this morning. I know it is burning in me this morning. The fire of God is here to bring divine change.

It is burning in me today, that we can’t function in the new this year is bringing without the new divine connections, and peoples, and supplies God must add to us.

We can’t function without the right body parts we are called to labor with, to pray with us, work with us, help us and support this love work.

We can’t function without each other. We must also be supplying the part we have to those joined with us in their call, their function, and their live being all God has either.

Beloved, God has ordained that each part of his body is to supply what the other needs to advance the kingdom and it is now time for that to happen.

We can’t stay where we are? We can’t advance without the new. We have to take the plunge and risk allowing God to put us where he wants us.

We must dive in now to connect us in holy love bond covenant relationships with the new saints he desires to connect us with or none of us can advance


We need your prayers diligently. We need seasoned apostolic, prophetic men and women, praying warriors, financial givers God has placed in the body in to be added to us and us to them and so do many of you reading this post.

This need is not just for us, but all the emerging kingdom of God full grown sons and daughters of the lord now being sent forth to advance the kingdom.

We need God! We need each other. We need to be connected with the right body parts. We need to lay our lives down for one another. We need to be filled with the fire of the spirit of pure holy love so their is no lack between any of us.

It is time to change. I know we need God’s divine connections now and his divine appointments to come forth today on earth as it is heaven.

We all need to be connected to whom God has for us to connect with. Jesus said, no one can say to the eye I have no need of you, or the foot has no need of you.

We need God and we need his divine arrangement of his body now to come forth geographically and locally. We all have a place to be and connect with may we find it.

I didn’t know I was writing all this. I was only asking for serious prayer today cause we need it big time and Gods hand to move today for us.

Yet God is showing me our bigger need. Him! And to be connected with the right body parts. Who will God join to us and us to them to truly labor in unity and love to advance the kingdom? That is what I seek and hope for all of us.

Our life work is to just simply be wholly Gods and do his will on earth as it in heaven. We have a mandate, a mission to do, but not alone or isolated, lacking the tools and power, people, resource God as for us.

We have gone as far as we can go as we were. It is a new day. A new advancement of king of God life on the earth.

It is time for us to receive the new and the new divine connections and appointments, resources, supplies God has for us as we become one with him and each other.

If you feel God’ connection with us In doing our part of his work check out our website, pray over it and see if God gives you a witness.

Our work is not build a church. Or a ministry but to establish the Kingdom of God in men’s heart.

Our work is to be sent forth as God’s awakening Kingdom messengers to teach, preach. and impart the Gospel of the kingdom as a witness of Jesus Christ in the earth.

We are praying apostolic and prophetic intercessors, and laborers of God kingdom for the nations together with his full grown sons and daughters.

Beloved ask God where you fit? There is a place for each of us to be divinely placed. May the Holy Spirit show us where that is and what our part is to be to build up His body and advance His Kingdom on earth.

Be open to move geographically if needed. Be ready to trust again, love again and set out on the water into Gods divine placements.

Their are people waiting for the beautiful gift you are to be added to them to supply what God made you to be in their life and their our people who will be gifts to you in return to supply what you need.

Be it unto us Lord even as you have spoken.

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