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A divine pivotal change and choice is here

Word of the Day: October 15, 2020: A divine pivotal change and choice is here


As I waited on the Lord today, I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me that today being the 15th day of the month a divine pivot is being released in our nation and to His people.

To pivot means to modify a policy, opinion, or direction while retaining some continuity with its previous version, especially as part of a strategy to appeal to a different people or audience.

I was reminded of Luke chapter 14 when the Lord sent out the invitation to the invited guest to come to his banquet, “because all things are now ready.”

The response from the invited ones had three excuses why they could not come when the Lord called. The three reasons paraphrased are these.

1. I have a house 2. I have a job 3. I have a family.

All of these three reasons represent value and ownership. What can be more important to us than our family, where we live and where we work?

These are the three most important issues of life outside of our relationship to God. Yet, these invited ones had a relationship with God and put the “blessings” and their care of them above the “Blesser” who gave them these gifts and His call to come.

This is an important truth for this hour we are living in. The Gospel in these last days has been so watered down.

The church services and our works are so man centered instead of God centered, that we have tried to fit God into our lives.

The religious spirit works through those who are born again and only desire a sprinkle of religious salt to be upon their lives while they can keep the rest of their life almost like it was before they were saved.

An interesting note is what Jesus says what are the requirements to be his disciple.

He asks us to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow him. If we hold onto our life we will loose it, but if we loose our life for him we will gain it.

If we love our mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, kids, more than Him we can’t be his disciples. We can be saved, but not a disciple. These are but a few.

As I listen to the Lord say Divine Pivot, Luke 14 is a type of God’s changing direction, to modify who he is reaching out to and desires to enter into the feast he prepared.

He first invites those he saved and healed, and all of them make excuses of why they can’t come now. The cost was too much to pay. What they owned was more valuable to them then the one that “owns” them, the Lord.

When the servant of the Lord brings back their answers to the master of the feast, he is angry and upset that they did not come when he called.

So the Master “pivots.” He changes his course direction on to whom he is going to invite, the message to come will be the same, but to whom it is going to be sent to, a different audience is released.

This is a divine “pivotal change.” Just as the Gospel message was first sent to the Jews, the Lord pivots and shares it with the Gentiles.

The message is the same, but the pivot caused the message to be sent to another people who will be open to hear it.

I believe today a spiritual pivot has happened in the heavenly realm that is going to effect His people on the earth in this nation.

To those God has been calling to come, separate themselves from the old ways, put away the old wine skin and get the new wine skin will no longer hear that call into the fullness of God because of their choices.

I believe today that spiritual pivot to our nation to repent and change, and for the church to repent and change that has been sent to the invited time is now over.

God is going to raise up shepherds, people after his own heart that will now say yes to come, because all things are now ready.

The Holy Spirit is now being released into the highways and byways with a compelling voice that is going to reach people you would never think would enter the Kingdom of God reality.

God is going to reach people from every social and economic background, even those in great sin, counter culture, cancel culture, and those who have opposed God to repent and come into the kingdom of God.

There is a harvest of end time Kingdom souls that are now going to receive and experience the fullness of that invitation to come to the feast and all things are now ready where many in the church will not or ever experience because of the excuses.

The American Dream church life was too much to give up where God can fit nicely into our life and family was chosen over to come when God calls when all things are now ready.

A divine pivot has come. Many leaders are going to continue on in their church age ministry and vision but are going to see soon, they missed their moment to get the new wineskin and drink the new wine.

What they said was going to happen with God’s glory they will not drink or taste of it, because they refused to come and gave God excuses of why they did not want to change and burn the ships of the church age for the new of the Kingdom age.

A divine pivot has come and the message of the fullness of the Kingdom of God and our complete salvation is going be preached to the lame, blind, and the deaf, and they are going to come and fill God’s house.

In Luke 14 God swears in His wrath that those who were invited and rejected that call will never, NEVER ENTER HIS FINISHED WORK, HIS SUPPER, NOR WILL THEY FILL HIS HOUSE OF BEING NEAR HIIM.

A Pivot is here today October 15, 2020 where the focus of the Gospel of the Kingdom work and message is going to be given to others who seem the least likely ones to receive it and walk in it.

Let us pray today that we are not found in the company of those who made or are making excuses why they can’t give the Lord the totality of their being.

Let us pray that we are not found as ones making excuses to God why we won’t obey him and become everything he wants us to be and do.

Let us pray we are found with extra oil in our lamps today so at this midnight hour we can go out and meet the bridegroom and enter into that marriage supper of the Lamb with Him.

We can cling to our old wineskin of religious life that fits into our life where we choose how much to do, give to fit our life, or we can surrender with the totality of our being to Jesus and come under his complete headship as Lord of Lords.

We can lay down our lives fully to gain it, or keep them and loose our place as overcomers and full grown sons and daughters of God.

The time to chose for the invited ones has come to an end. Please ask God that you choose Him above all things and come when you hear, Come now, all things are now ready.

The divine pivot has come to the church in this nation to choose.

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