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A personal word for someone (s) LOOK UP! LOOK UP! I Am Here, Your Season of Change Has Come!

Word For Today: August 9,2019 A personal word for someone (s) LOOR UP! LOOK UP! I am here, your season of change has come!


This morning as I prepare for our “mini boot camp” gathering, I feel such an overwhelming love from the Lord our God. I feel his miracle power being released for his remnant people.

Since last August from time to time, He gives me a personal word for someone (s) that needs to hear from him on a specific day and time, so I write them out and trust God to test and prove if they are from Him.

This morning, As I wait in his presence, God is giving me a word of deliverance for someone(s) that needs to hear it today. This person has gone through “Hell” sort of speak and has been waiting patiently for God to perform his words and reveal his promises.

This word is not for everyone, but it is for someone today or perhaps someone (s) that need to hear what God has for them today.

If this is from the Lord to you, you will surely witness in your heart that it is from the Lord to you.

Much love and blessings always,

My Beloved child,

I am here! I am here! Look up. Look up, I am here!

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. Dwell in me and I will dwell in you. I am shifting things today as you need me to do. I am changing things and working all things together for your good.

Come up here! Come up higher! Put everything down that is around you and come to me! I have so much I need to show you of my kingdom advancement. Look up, look up, your season of change is here!

I need you to be smack dab in the center of what I am doing upon the earth. The enemy has tried to bombard you with stuff and tried to hinder you in every step you take forward, but today I have come to remove you out of the debris field.

I am supernaturally lifting you up and over what has tried to delay you from your destiny. The things that tried to stop you will not hinder you anymore. I have brought you above them.

I am bringing to you to the place of revelation, understanding, wisdom, and strength so you will now know how to advance in my kingdom purposes.

I am cutting the cords that tried to keep your focus on the natural things. I am cutting the cords of the things that have tried to keep you earth bound instead of Spirit bound with me.

I have heard your prayers and I am answering you this very day. I am moving things for you. I am rearranging things and bringing things that seems to be in chaos into divine order.

I am removing the hard hearted ones that have tried to keep you from me and my purposes. I am shutting the mouths of the lions that have raged against you.

Those who have touched you, have touched the apple of my eye and in this I am not pleased. Place them in my hands.

Bless those who curse you, do good to those who despitefully use you and love your enemies in this manner I will put heaping coals upon their heads.

I am removing their words and curses against you. I am condemning every single word that has tried to rise up against you. Not one, not one weapon formed against you shall prosper.

I am jealous over you my child. I am vindicating you and those who have lied about you, those who have condemned you wrongly, those who have evil intentions in their heart I will show forth their folly.

I lift up their skirts and show them their own nakedness and that I the lord have chosen you for my purposes.

I will cause them to repent of their listening to and heeding the lies of the enemy against you.

I will rebuke them openly for the words and actions they have done to you to bring harm instead of love, strife instead of peace, accusations instead of encouragement, hatred instead of love, anger instead of peace.

They will surely see today that man has not chosen you, but I the Lord your God have chosen you for myself and for my purposes. These enemies you have seen today, you shall see no more. I am with you, says the Lord.

Trust me my child, I have your family in my hands. Trust me with them. Don’t let the “drama” in their lives keep you from my purposes. Trust me with their lives, I am answering your prayers for them, but you, but you, be about my business.

I have much to show you. I have much to teach you. I have much for us to do together to advance my kingdom upon the earth.

I have deeper mysteries and secrets to reveal to you in this hour. I am delivering you this day from the storm that has been around you. I have changed things. I have picked you up and I am placing you in new fertile ground of my purposes.

I have heard you. I have seen the tears you shed before me and I have answered you speedily. Things have changed. Believe me my love, things are different.

The change is going to manifest now and you will see and know how much I truly love you. It is a new day. It is a new hour for you and your family.

So arise my love, and come away with me, it is time for you to come with me and leap upon my mountain of spices.

I am changing the aroma around you and filling you with my sweetness. The aroma of bitter days, hardship and war that has been tried to be put on you and surround you is over.

You will walk in the aroma of my heaven upon you. They will smell my fragrance come forth from your life that this suffering has produced.

They will see my glory in your face. They will smell my sweetness upon you. They will be filled with my presence as my words come forth from your mouth.

I have intervened for you. I have changed things today for you. Start looking for the new that is all around you. Start seeing the cracking of the eggshell that the enemy thought he could box you in.

For it is for freedom, I have come to set you free. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. The Spirit of the Lord is in you. Let freedom reign today in you, your heart and in your family and throughout your land.

It is a new day. It is a new season, arise my child and come up the mountain with me so I can now show you specifically the things that are to come for you and your family.

For I know the thoughts and the plans I have for you, thoughts of welfare and peace, and NOT EVIL, and that you would have hope in your final outcome.

This day that scripture is fulfilled in your ears. I have come. I am here. Today you are being place in the new ground, the new soil that I promised you I would do. The time is here!


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