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A test for His body: Election 2020

Word For Today November 8, 2020: A test for His body: Election 2020


I would like to write to you tonight to once again share with you what God has put on my heart concerning this 2020 election.

I realize many people are emotional about the outcome on both sides of the camp.

Most ministers will probably chose not to comment much on it, or perhaps give you some indications of how they see things.

Some people have said that the Lord has allowed me to operate in the office of a prophet sometimes, and perhaps an Apostle. I will let others discern if that is true.

I look for not title or to be labeled as that or even as a Pastor. Most people still address me as Pastor since we were blessed to Pastor a few churches over the past 35 years.

This election I call the “perfect storm” because in it we can either rise up to clearly hear the Lord, or stay and see things from the flesh and emotions.

The one thing I am grateful to the Lord for is taking me out of a political party. I am not Republican or Democrat.

I could easily vote for any candidate that aligns themselves with God and His word, His desires and plans. I will not vote for those who do not or are against them. It is that simple for me.

To the degree they believe in God, His word, and their policies are rooted as close to God as possible are those I could support., R or D or I.

Let me make this perfectly clear, I have said this, posted this, that no one, no minister has the right to tell you who or how to vote. Voting is personal, it is should be between you and God.

I did not one time tell anyone how to vote. I have family members who voted differently then me.

What God had me to do is to “reveal what is behind the scenes’ of the one world order system, it’s effect on the parties and their platforms for people to pray about and truly seek God on who to vote for. Go back and read my posts to see if that is true or not.

I believe that God gave me His word and wisdom to write and bring things in darkness into the light. Because of the enemies strong delusion falling over this nation and over many saints.

I am not writing from being from one party against the other. Nor I tell anyone who to vote for. Now God is speaking to me about the choice we made.

There are ministers who only like the “prophetic” from their own understanding and not God's. When the prophecies are nice they like them, and when they bring true conviction they often gnash their teeth and persecute the very ones that had given them accurate words in the past.

That just comes with the territory, and if God uses you prophetically you have to realize that is going to happen. It has happened to me too many times to count so I don’t take it personally anymore.

Those of you who truly know me and have heard me minister know I try my best by of the grace of God to speak and share only what I hear from the Lord.

I never try to force what I hear on others, but encourage every single saint of God to pray over what I believe I hear from God for themselves to discern if it is from God or not.

I realize some may say it is from God, some may say it is not. For me unless God proves it otherwise, I know I heard the Lord, yet I trust he will confirm it out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses. Yet I stay open to the Lord’s correction if I miss it.

Beloved, Jeremiah when he prophesied in Jerusalem got totally rejected and persecuted, but there was a remnant that bore witness with the word of the Lord in it.

God proved who His prophet was who heard Him against the false prophets who gave ungodly and demonic counsel to the King of Israel causing them to sin against God. That is my concern and that is why I am writing.

All of Israel knew there was a prophet amongst them because God proved His word that He gave Jeremiah to speak.

The Bible says, we know in part, we prophesy in part, and to let the spirit of the prophets be subject to the prophets to be discerned and judged.

All prophesy should be. Now it is possible that the Word of God is true and people will reject it, persecute the messenger and even gnash their teeth at them. That happens a lot.

The Key to being a Prophetic minister is to understand that some will not receive it, some will hate you, some will throw stones at you and even want you dead.

Some will receive and welcome the word and welcome you as a messenger of God.

For as True Prophets and Apostles we must be ready to face that persecution and still overcome evil with good and love our enemies.

I have learned I don’t have to “prove the word” God gave me, or try to make people accept it. That is not my job. My job is only to deliver the word of God exactly as He gives to me by word, vision, picture or revelation.

It is God’s job to bear witness to in the hearts he sends it to. We can not take things personally. With that said, there are times you have to stand up righteously and declare things over and over again because people can be rebellious and stiff necked.

That is not trying to get them to believe your word. The repetition of the word is God pleading with His people hoping their eyes can be opened to see and their ears to hear.

Now, this election! Honestly, I have no ‘skin in the game” except the new wineskin of the Lord. I have no animus toward who the Lord chooses to lead this nation.

What I do have is an ear to listen and I pray and a heart that desires to understand the mind and will of God on who that choice is.

The 2020 Election is becoming clearer and clearer to me for it’s purpose in God’s house. For over a few weeks He keeps telling me “who is on the Lords side” in My house and in this election.

You don’t have to believe that, I do. He told me, so I believe Him. This election is going to prove what is truly in the hearts of his people. The choice we made was a critical one personally and for our nation.

The choice was this would we come up in the Spirit to hear God, get his heart and find the one of His choice? Or, would we choose on our own “what we think was the right choice” for president?

Would we make that choice because of our race, social position, religious opinions, social justice or no social justice, or our own biases?

This election is exposing the many prejudices in God’s peoples hearts not so much against the color of each other skins, but the ideology and religious beliefs rooted in our world view.

I hear it when I read so many Facebook posts and I understand it. I truly do. My heart breaks for the suffering so many minorities, and all people have faced by the works of the devil.

I can appreciate how wonderful it must be in our nation that we finally had the First African American President. I can understand the great joy so many had that this nation could vote for a Black President and he could serve two terms.

I can appreciate today that Karmala Harris has the possibility of being the first woman, and woman of color that could be the Vice President of the USA. That is a great achievement.

I can see how many of the Body of Christ who desire a different result are not looking at skin color or even the people running but the policies that they want to bring to our nation of socialism and communism. They are right in that concern.

That is the goal of the Democratic party so we can come under the one world order system. May I add there are many Republicans as well who want that including Mitt Romney, George Bush, Jeb Bush. John McCain and others. They are Globalist.

So the election for many people was either about race, hatred for Trump, policies they believed helped others, social and other kind of justice, communism, socialism or whatever.

These are important things that can surely effect a nation. The battle in this election was not about people, personalities, but policies that are rooted in darkness or light.

This election is about the darkness of the one world order trying to take over prematurely in this nation to be a goat nation against God instead of one nation under God.

I could give you 10,000 examples and exerts of statements even up today that prove that one side is siding with the one world governmental order and against God, but so many of my brothers and sisters just refuse to believe it.

Others will want to debate me and give me 10,000 examples against Trump and those who support him. That is what Satan wants, to divide us so we won’t become united.

I ask you a question, when President Obama was elected almost half of America rejected that choice. Did the losing side, riot and loot because they lost?

Did the other side do what AOC and Mayor Pete and many Democrats to make a black list of all those who supported Trump so they can never work again or target them? Read todays news about this, and if you have a conscious, that should shake you to your core. That is like Germany in world war 2.

That is why the Lord had me sound the alarm about. In the next few days you are going to hear and see the true colors and hidden agenda of what the party leadership wants to do this nation and by your vote made agreement with.

You must ask yourselves do you agree with punishing your political opponents and black list them? Do you believe in packing the Supreme Court?

Removing the filibuster to have ultimate power? Do you believe the media can sensor and shut down your Facebook and twitter accounts because you stand for God?

When you see these things spoken, or policies that are not by God, remember you agreed with it, including their desire to kill the unborn. That is sobering, I know, and hard to hear.

But a vote is a spiritual agreement, and that is why God is slowing things down to give us time to break any ungodly agreements with the devil if these candidates assume power. This is not a light thing.

I don’t even want to write about it, but I told you what I saw the other day shook me at my core and I am not going to have anyone’s blood on my hands for not warning them. It was so severe I had to look away, it was to overwhelming to see.

If you know me, I would never say that lightly if I was not convinced by what God is showing me. Look at the divide this has caused in the church?

How do we overcome this divide? I believe God spoke to me about that, and I had to blow the shofar on a Live Facebook video on this topic. I encourage you to listen to it.

If we could just step out of the natural mindsets of this election and allow the Lord to lift us up into the Spirit God would give us wisdom, understanding, revelation, and knowledge of what His will is concerning this election.

What I felt the Lord tell me, was that many in His body voted from their head and not the Spirit of God. He told me they did not ask him. They made a choice by what was a pleasing to their eyes and ears instead of the spirit of God.

You may disagree. You may say I did not do that. I just ask you, could you ask him again to make sure? Could you be open to hear perhaps you made the wrong choice?

Why does this matter? Because the choice was a spiritual release. It was an act of agreement of being for the Lord or against him.

Throughout the Bible, God always brings his people to places where their faith and who their faith will be in is tested. For most of us it is easy to see that choice when it is a personal or family choice.

There it is easier to stand on God’s word and believe, but how about on a national level?

The faith on a national level requires the “whole body of Christ” not just you and your family. If the majority of believers voted as God has shown me from their head and not the Spirit it effects every single one of us.

God has to judge us by “how his people go, how his nation goes, and on how we choose.” That is why God said, if I did not leave a remnant of my people in my house you would be like another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yes beloved, what the church does collectively matters. The choice we make collectively matters! If we chose the candidate and party that God did not choose, is God just going to say, “oh well?”

No Beloved, he does not. Matter of fact when the people of God make a corporate wrong choice, it brings judgments to their land and to the house of God.

If you study the book of Jeremiah, you will see he was sent to “expose the sin in the entire nation.” He exposed the demonic seduction in the house of God that was causing them to MAKE CHOICES AS A PEOPLE, AS A NATION, THAT WAS GOING TO RELEASE SWIFT JUDGMENTS IF THEY DIDN’T REPENT.

Jesus Christ, is the same, yesterday and forever. 2020 election is more about the Body of Christ in our nation than politics. God has used this election to expose our heart motives. He is using this election to find out “who is on the Lord’s side.”

Who would have eyes to see this? Who would have ears to hear this? Who would even have an open heart to consider God was testing us as His people to let Him show us His choice for this election.

When I have talked to other Christians that may have voted against Trump, they speak of his character, his vocabulary, sowing division, his past mistakes and errors, and many times give me the democratic talking points about him.

Some precious ones even though they could never see God picking Donald Trump at least said they asked God about it, and recognized God put him there for a reason. They can’t see it, but they trust God. That is maturity in the spirit to at least acknowledge this was God’s will.

Concerning this election the body of Christ had a choice to seek God and ask the same question. Who do you want to lead us? You put Donald Trump as our President is his time up?

But too many of my brothers and sisters have already in their hearts, without seeking God, came to that conclusion and that hurt God’s heart.

Many of my brothers and sisters in Christ automatically assumed God wants President Trump for 4 more years. Prophets of God said he was going to have two terms and they stand upon that word and probably voted for him.

My question to them as well, did you ask God about it? Well the prophets said so, that is correct and it is a great point to stand on, but did we at least give God the opportunity to speak to your heart to affirm it?

For many it seemed a no brainer with all Trump has accomplished and never to have America to be a socialist nation was an easy witness to. That itself may have been witness enough for them, yet God will still confirm it if we ask.

Those on the other side may not even have considered what it would be like for America to be a socialist nation. They could only see color, gender, policies the Democrats once held for the working people they no longer have.

Do you see how we can go on and on with this, each side justifying themselves?

The issue is not to justify your vote. The issues is WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE! The fate of this nation is in the balance.

The fate is will the church in this nation be found reprobate, backslidden, lukewarm and apostate? How will that be proved by a choice for President? Because there is a way that seems right to a man but the end leads to destruction.

This election will speak and prove the true condition of the church in America. Did we stand with and for God or against him?

If you read the story where Dathan and Korah rise up to usurp the authority of Moses and Aaron, they found fault with them and said, "you take to much authority over us". They questioned their leadership and judgment.

Dathan and Korah did not want God’s will or the people to choose God’s will. They wanted to lead a majority of Israelites back to the good old days of eating leaks and cucumbers. They opposed Moses and Aaron openly.

Could the Dathan and Korah, Jezebel, and Ahab spirits of our day lead many in the church back in the wrong direction we were in 4 years ago? Will they lead this nation into the bondage under the one world order?

What was the judgments against Korah and Dathan? Does anyone remember? God was so angry he was going to destroy all of Israel for AGREEING WITH THEM!!!!!, but Moses cried out for the people.






Beloved, I said last night, Donald Trump is a whirlwind and many Christians were tired of the noise and consider chaos the whirlwind brought us. The enemy came to say if you vote for the other guy it will bring peace, harmony, love and unity.

What if God still wanted a whirlwind to bring this nation to it’s knees and return to God where a harvest of our love ones and family members could find and return to God?

Emotions are a strong thing, it is where the enemy or God can write on your imagination to paint the right or wrong picture in your mind.

That is why we are not to be led by the flesh or the dictates of the flesh or mind of it, but by the mind and dictates of the Spirit. Romans 8.

Again, I will write that this election was and is about “more time or less time” to prepare for what is coming. If there is less time, millions of Christians will not be ready, your family members may not be ready.

For if God judges this nation because of our wrong choice now, what will happen to them in that moment? Will they bow their knee to God or shake their fist at Him and curse Him to His face?

In my postings on my personal Facebook page, God had me find “what was behind the scenes and post them. I did over and over again put this on my Facebook page.

For me it was not political but spiritual of “what is behind the scenes, but even some of my own family members, cousins, wanted to make it about politics and not spiritual.

But I did not shut up or back down. I loved them and still do and they are entitled to think differently.

Even last night on my broadcast, the enemy tried to come and make it about politics or the flesh when this is about the things of the Spirit and the Kingdom of God.

When I comment on someone else's post, I usually give a thumbs up and not much more. Where I hear the spirit of God bearing witness to what God has spoken to my heart, I will comment if God wants me to. Others will see it differently I am sure, but different doesn’t make the choice right! It could be wrong!

What am I not going to do is make it a debate about our choice to who we vote for where the enemy can separate or divide us. I am speaking about the consequences of whether that choice was right or wrong in the sight of God not men.

No matter what, I am going to boldly declare what I hear and see as God allows me to. I am not going to shut up for the sake of fake peace.

If what God tells me to say causes someone pain or hurt because it does not fit the narrative they believe? I trust God to make all things plain and love them no less and for God to fix things.

It is not my job to convince anyone by natural means, but I pray that I speak God’s word with a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.

The rich young ruler heard the truth out of Jesus mouth, “one thing thou lack, go sell all you have and give it to the poor, then you will inherit the true riches of the Kingdom.

That was a spiritual word of direction that this rich ruler needed to hear to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus spoke it without reservation.

That word was not welcomed or received and the Rich ruler went away sorrowful.

The amazing thing to me is that Jesus did not go after him. He did not plead with him, beg him to reconsider. He allowed the word of the Father to be spoken to the man and allowed the man to choose to accept or reject it.

That is how I view the prophetic gift and office. Others see it differently and that is fine with me.

Let me close with that the Word God has given me and others to share is not a personal word alone to believers, but to the collective body of believers in this nation.

It was a word that this election was about a divine choice. It was about adding agreement and choosing between the candidate and party that was for the Lord and the other party and candidate that was not for the Lord and His words.

The enemy wants to blind the eyes of many in the church to say the other party wants God and his will, when their platform, policies and their affiliation with the one world order says differently.

Yet, many did not want to hear that, and chose another way. How serious is that to God? How serious on both sides if we did not ask the Lord who was His choice? QUITE SERIOUS.

I will end now sharing with you that on Friday night around 10:45 pm I felt the Lord call me and He wanted to talk with me. As I waited on the Lord I had a vision that shook me to my core how serious this choice is and was.

Do you think I would make this up? Do you think I have pleasure in even writing these things?

So serious was this choice if it stands, and if God’s people don’t bring this choice back to Him to make sure they made His choice and not their own the consequences could be devastating.

Our testimony should have been in this election, “not my will, but thy will be done.” That would have kept us safe if we let Him choose and voted as he wanted.

We are in a new age, the kingdom age. We are in the dawning of that day or when the sun has risen. Because of that spiritual time this choice has greater consequences then we have ever known.

This election choice was about time. This election choice was to test our hearts to see who was truly on the Lord's side or not. This election is now going to bring a speedy separation of the wheat from the chaff in God’s house and the wheat from the tares.

This election's choices are going to reveal the counterfeits from the genuine, the false prophets from the true ones, the false apostles from the true ones, and the hirelings from the true shepherds of God.

This election is a “test” to see who is truly on the Lords’ side or not as a nation of believers. If the majority have chosen wrongly and don’t repent, then judgments are going to be expedited.

That is why we are at a stand still. The media and even many Christians believe this election is over and that Biden and Harris are President and VP President elect.

They are not. They are not legally. Just because the media says so does not mean it is. Just because people are congratulating them doesn’t mean they are.

Every state must finish their counting. Many states are going to have to do a recount. There are lawsuits in court that could literally change the results if the proof shows cheating.

Only when all the votes are counted, given to the Secretaries of State and then to the state legislator as a final step, do they become “elect.” I know that is not how it perceived, but this is the law.

Also until the electors actually cast their votes are they legally President and Vice President elect. So please don’t be deceived by the news media.

I wonder if you know that the state houses and the parties that control them have the final say on who they send as electors. In each state constitution is a provision if fraud has been found and proven and state courts don’t change the results because of politics, the state legislator can send the other state of electors for the state to vote for the candidate who the election was stolen from.

I am not making this up. I was a history and political science major in college. I am not saying any of this would happen, but it can happen, so please be careful to say for certain that Joe Biden has won.

He has not legally, only projected to win, not actually won. Much of this is going up to the Supreme Court to decide and that could put our nation on edge.

Beloved, we must be prepared, positioned and battle ready for what the Lord allows to come forth one way or the other.

Beloved elections are determined by the results of the voters and the total of legal votes that determine the winner, not the media, not wishful thinking and we are not there yet.

In reality, the news projected him to win enough states to be president. That vote is not verified as of yet, and could change.

I mention this because while that process unfolds we have time to search our hearts.

We as a nation of believers have one more chance to seek God, ask Him who He has chosen, and if you find you never asked him, never considered their platforms we still have time to repent as a national body of Christ. Then we can come in agreement with God.

Who you voted for is over. That can never change. You had the right to chose and you did. The question now is did we all choose correctly the one God wants in office?

Tonight that is where we are at. So I will ask you another time what God kept speaking to me over and over, WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE?

I put this out for the Holy Spirit to discern and witness to. If this is post is the truth then all whose hearts are open to at least seek God about it will once again give us time to make sure we have made God's choice.

If I have heard wrong God will make it plain and I will repent, but if it is right and we don’t do this, what God showed me what is coming, I do not even want to write.

I would rather be wrong and hear incorrectly in my flesh and repent because of what is coming, in comparison to be right by God’s word. That is how serious this is.

I just pray you will be open one more time to seek God as to whether the choice we made individually and in our nation with our vote was His choice and right before His eyes.

Is that too much to ask? It should threaten no one if you have an open heart to God just to ask a simple question.

Remember God gave Jezebel and her followers time to repent and she would not, so God gave her over to a bed of affliction and all those who agreed with her. I would consider that a serious thing to ponder when it comes to our agreement with light or darkness.

May our God bless you and thank you for reading this with an open heart.

Much love and blessings always,

Your brother in Christ,

Henry Falcone

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