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A testimony of Love Bond Giving 2: A little boys Gift!

Word For Today: December 13, 2019: A testimony of Love Bond Giving 2: A little boys Gift!


As I wait in the presence of the Lord I felt the Lord prompt me again to share a testimony of pure holy love giving.

A few years ago I was invited to minister in Piedra's Negras Mexico. I was invited to go with two other ministers. I was not asked to preach at these meetings but to pray for them.

On Saturday, the two Pastors that had invited me came and shared the Word of God and ministered to the people and I prayed for them and the meeting.

During the time of worship, I saw a tug of war going on between what God desired for worship to His heart and what I called the “canned” religious worship of the fast, medium and slow songs in a set period of time.

I did not at first know what God was showing me, but I got a sense that this church had a “heart of David” in many of the people including the Pastor, but something was blocking that from happening.

As I prayed more, I saw the spirit of religion and Jezebel greatly at work through some key people that were near the pastor and on the worship team. I did not feel God wanted me to say anything or even address it, but just to pray.

At the end of the meeting on Saturday, the Pastor of the church did not even acknowledge the two pastors I was with for some reason and came to me and said, “will you please stay and minister here at the church tomorrow.” I felt the Lord wants us to have a special Sunday night service with you.

The other Pastors could not stay, so I would be all alone in Mexico, and I hardly can speak Spanish at all, but I felt the Lord say, yes stay. I called Donna and asked her to pray and see what she thought. She got a witness for me to stay.

I have to tell you that was not an easy choice for me, specially being alone, not speaking the language and having to be able to get out of the country on my own.

I had heard so many things like they stop Americans and force you to pay enormous fees, which are really bribes” to get out of the country.

I just had to keep telling myself, God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

When I got back to the hotel, I had to pray about what I was seeing in the worship and what God wanted to tell me or do about it.

On a funny note, I stayed at the Hotel California in Piedra's Negras, really! I woke in the morning and I wanted something light to eat like Toast and coffee. When I went to the dining room my server didn’t understand any English. I kept asking for coffee with milk and toast.

I had to make hand jesters of bread being in the toaster, and also coffee with milk, like saying cafe, with moo.... It was so laughable not because of the server but because of lack of knowing the language. This is part of what missionary life can bring, the “unexpected of God.”

Finally, the server went to get another server, and I kind of made the toaster motion again He said, you want Pan tostada, with montiqua and marmalade, I said yes, that is it, and Café Con Leche. Yes that is what I want. We all laughed about it.

The time came to iron my clothes, and I went to ask the front desk for an iron and they didn’t understand me so I had to use my shirt and my hand to press on it like an iron, and then they understood. God has such a sense of humor.

Here I am in a country, a city I had never been alone in, and we wants to use this Italian boy to minister to His Mexican people. I want you to know that God has put a love in my heart for His people.

But when you go to that nation God pours his pure holy love in you beyond measure for his people. He truly reveals his love to show us we are one family of God.

Now to the point of this testimony post. I had prayed all night and also in the morning how God could reveal the true and pure worship He desired and to make a way.

The same team came up from Saturday nights service, but the Lord had me focus on the keyboard player. He was just 14 years old and he played that keyboard like a pro. I was kind of nudged by God to notice in on Saturday night.

On Sunday night, It was like God was shining a light from heaven on him that I physically saw on him. He was glowing. So at the end of the worship time when I was invited to go up, I stopped and talked with the Pastor.

I asked him if I could have the young man stay and minister at least one song to the Lord. He agreed to let me do this. I went to the young man and I said, “young man, you are truly a psalmist of the Lord like King David. “God has put many new songs in you to sing.”

I have to tell you the older people on the worship team were not happy. I could see them even gnashing their teeth at the boy and what God had asked me to do. In that God shower me where the tug of war was and how it was operating.

I asked him, “do you write songs for the lord, do you sing your own songs to God? He said, “yes I do.” I said would you do that now before I minister God’s word. Just close your eyes and sing your love to the Lord from your heart.”

Brothers and Sisters, I can’t even put in words what happened. When He put his hands on the keyboard and began to sing His song to God, the power and glory of the Lord fell upon that place.

As He worshipped, God told me to have the people come and repent from falling away from their first love Jesus. Those who wanted to burn with the fire of God in them to love him and return to Him to come to alter and ask him to fill them with his fire and restore the first love for him in their heart.

Beloved, there was about 300 people there and 275 ran to the alter. I never preached, I just went out and prayed the fire of God upon people as God wanted me do to. I didn’t have to do much at all, because God was doing it on his own.

God was using his shepherd boy David, His name was Jose, I believe to release heaven on earth as pure worship to God. God was doing it all by himself and needed very little of me being used.

I was able to share at the end some things about how “to cultivate” the true relationships with the Lord and how to build a life of devotion to the Lord.”

The Pastor came up to me and thanked me over and over again. He said, “we have never experienced the presence of God like this. I was able to share the spiritual battle with him that I saw and where it was coming from.

He was so grateful for God for showing him this and was going to make the changes necessary to have a free flow of worship to God. Bless the name of the Lord.

This is the work that prayer missionaries are sent out to do beloved. Sometimes it is just to pray like on Saturday night.

Then God made a way for me to put into action what He had me pray for by having the Pastor ask me to minister on Sunday. How good is God?

When we were done talking, the Holy Spirit so came on me, He said, I want you to give him the gold cross Donna had given me for my Birthday. I admit, I struggled some, because this was a very special gift my wife worked hard to give me for my birthday.

I was thinking she is gong to be so mad at me, because God had often tell me to give things away that were valuable to me because of who gave it to me and why. I only hesitated a few moments but seemed like forever.

I said, Lord this gift given to me is yours, it was never mine, you own my life and everything I have so I will give it the boy. I had to pray for God to make a way for that to happen privately and not do it as a spectacle.

So as I stood outside and people were coming up to me and praising God for what he did in the meeting, here comes Jose. He had tears in his eyes and thanked me over and over again.

It was them I took the cross of my neck and said, the Lord wants me to give this to you. I said it is 24 carrot gold, and a special gift my wife gave me and from the Lord for my birthday.

I told him, “God is giving this to you to wear if you want, to remember this day. This cross is to remind you of your calling. You are like King David, a man after God’s own heart. You too will be know as the sweet psalmist of God for his church and his people.

Beloved, He was so overwhelmed. He had never in his life received a gift like this and hugged me over and over again. I told him to worship God because the Lord was giving Him that gift.

If this is where I would end this post, perhaps you would be blessed, but there is more to this testimony.

About a half hour later, Jose come back to find me. He says, Pastor Henry, I have something for you, and he give me to Mexican brand tootsie pops and says, I have to give these to you as a gift.

He said, I bought two of them thinking one would be for you and one be for me. These pops cost me my whole month allowance. As I was walking up to you, the Lord spoke to me to give you both of them, so these are for you.

Now, I was in tears, what a gift beloved. What a heart of love from God and from this precious young man. That God would touch him to sow into my life his month’s allowance and that he had worked hard to get.

To me, beloved this is True Kingdom Giving rooted in True Kingdom love. I was overwhelmed.

Do you know what I did with those tootsie pops. I put them right on my desk when I had an office to remind me of what “Gods’ pure holy love giving looked like.

Often people would ask me why I had them on my desk, and I told them why and many came to tears by the presence of the Lord. I also used them when we had our missionary training schools and classes to teach about what God’s love giving looks like.

To me, that gift far exceeded mine, because that boy put in his two widow mites to God and to me! It was overwhelming, and that boy also received a precious gift from God to remind him how special He was to God and his gift of song and worship was to God.

I got my gift to remind me how special I was to the Lord that God would touch a little boy to sow a gift like that to me as well.

These last two post I have posted are testimonies of pure holy love giving from God through us to others, and others giving back to us, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

The gift given to me of these tootsie pops from Jose was just as valuable to me as all the Pastor and church did for us in South Africa. God blessed me so much with these two tootsie pops, because Jose had given to God and to me an “all offering.”

Somehow by the Spirit of God, God revealed to them and in them the value of giving a special love bond gift to “the gift God had sent them.” This is another example of pure heart kind of giving the church had for Paul at Philippi, or the love and care giving Pricilla and Aquila had for Paul as well.

It is true beloved, that the world is going to know we are His disciples by the pure holy love we have for one another. No greater love than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

These tootsie pops were like receiving pure gold. It help me understand more fully why the Pastor in Africa when they brought the 8 packs of gum, the case of soda of why he valued it like gold before the Lord.

Each of these people brought “the all they had” offering to the Lord and to the man of God, and God answered their prayers speedily. How awesome is God?

Beloved, Since we are in the Christmas season, I feel God is having me share some miracle working giving that touches the heart of God and how much he truly loves us.

I pray that this post encourages you, strengthens you, and empowers us all to be cheerful prompt to do it gives that God loves. I pray that we would give God our “all offering” as this little Jose did to the Lord and I.

Much love and blessings to you all!

P.S. This does not diminish any other love seed or gift God has given us through His people. Each prayer given, each financial gift, resource and personal gifts we receive from the Lord are such a great blessing to us.

They show us God loves us and the love he has for us through his people as well. We thank God for his love and all those He has touched over these years to sow sacrificially and lovingly into our lives. May our God supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory!

These testimonies are to show the “supernatural blessings” God releases and wants to bring into all our lives and how to obtain them in this very special way.


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