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A Word for the pioneers of the Kingdom advancement and those called to the Front Line!

Note for tonight: September 18, 2019 A Word for the pioneers of the Kingdom advancement and those called to the Front Line!

Beloved in my time with the Lord this morning, I had a burden of prayer to pray for the Spiritual intercessory praying warriors that each of us on the front lines need to have in this new season of the Lord. I had to pray for true spiritual mature praying warriors, armor bearers we need to advance the Kingdom of God.

The Lord spoke to my heart, Henry, may have people praying for you, but who are those who are praying WITH YOU! The difference is as night is from day!

Then I heard Him say, “ Who are those who will LIFT UP ARMS IN PROPHETIC WATCHMAN INTERCESSORY PRAYER THAT WILL BE A SPIRITUAL ARMOR BEARER THAT I HAVE ASSIGNED TO YOU? Henry, “Anyone can pray for you, not every one can cover you in intercession.”

Beloved, that wrecked me today and caused me to pray and travail in the spirit, I immediately felt the burden from the Lord for us on what we truly need. So the Holy Spirit began to have me pray for God to release the army of intercessory watchman, armor bearers to come along side of us sent to the front line. I prayed that God send these praying warriors as He did for David to be our mighty men and women.

Beloved these seasoned praying warriors now how to pray for miracles that need to be released now for so those in great need. These ones we are praying for need their answers to be manifested and released on the earth.

As they did back in the day, these praying warriors didn’t stop intercession until the Holy Spirit released the victory and answer in them. Shortly after the release came that it was done, the answers would manifest on the earth.

We have lost that praying through until we win in the body. We have replaced real intercession with petitions, declaring and decreeing (in the human mind realm) not from the position of being seated with Jesus in heavenly places hoping God will answer us.

Sometimes when the needs are so great, it takes much labor in prayer and a continuous seeking the Lord as our vital need to get his instructions, directions, strategies on what and how to pray and get the miracle release on the earth.

What tools and weapons does God want to use to win the war through true intercession? Will He use the weapons of Travail, songs of deliverance, worship and praise, prophetic releases with understanding, tongues and interpretations, prophetic acts or all of the above to set us free? WE need WARRIORS NOT WIMPS. WE NEED ENLISTED MEN.

When people say “they will pray for you” what does that mean? Does that mean they make a request a petition, or are the true intercessor armor bearers who know how to fight, battle and win under the direction of King Jesus our chief intercessor?

Any one can pray for you, but not everyone can intercede for you. Today specially all you front line ministers who are in the battle field you need worshipping warriors, trained by God in the calling of Intercession.

Beloved, You do not need just people who pray for you, you need true armor bearing intercessors who know how to seek God, find God who love God and you enough to give their life work to stand in the gap with and for you as intercessors.

These type of intercessors are true watchman and spiritual body guards who know how to keep their life right before God, know how to pray for themselves and not get knocked off the wall, so they can truly lift up your hands in prayers and protect you in the spirit.

It takes a deep work of the Spirit, a deep work of love, in a believers heart to give their live to God and intercession for him to release them to you as His assignment.

Those God assigns as intercessors to you must flow where you flow, go where you go, and be able to move in the spirit with you. They should not need constant instruction, directions, and ministry from you.

If the intercessors around you need constant ministry they are not “ready” to be thrust into battle with and for you. The praying warriors God will assign to you should be mature, humble, battle trained and not drain you spiritually, emotionally as always being needy, recognized, need acceptance.

They should so function with God and you in a stealth way like a stealth bomber hitting the target in advance for you miles away. They should see the enemies plots and plans in advance and be used by God to thwart them.

They should be able to rise up a team of “covert watchman prayer warriors” with you and for you on their own and to rise up a praying army with the Lord and for you.

They must be open to what God has placed in you. They must be totally submitted to the work of the Holy Spirit and remain teachable, correctable and adaptable.

They must be trustworthy not to share everything they see or hear or tell you everything they see or hear because they know they see things “that could happen” not necessarily “will happen” if they pray effectively.

They have wisdom to share only when the Lord tells them too. They have wisdom to realize that they only see in part and prophesy in part and look to other intercessors for more details and understanding.

Those God is assigning to you are not working in other ministries in the church. They are not looking for title or position. They are not doing a million other things being busied by working for God. They are not giving you leftovers. They have their family’s understanding their calling to pray at any time or moment God needs them.

If you are a Pastor of a church, their first desire is not to be fed, but to watch, stand in the gap seeing God’s need first. They maintain their own walk with the Lord in daily and continues fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

They are assigned to you, to lift up your arms, strengthen you, see your needs, and minister to them as they receive from the Lord. They see what you need and pray it through with others to get it from God.

They will never accept any lack in your life, spiritually, physically, emotionally or financially for you and your family. They are called to pray, activate and demonstrate what God tells them and gives them even to encouraging the rest of the body of Christ, other laborers to step up pray, do, give to release the breaker work of the Lord that you need.

These are true armor bearers, watchman, prophetic intercessors, stealth covert prayer warriors that God must put by the forerunners, pioneers, frontliners side if we are going to advance the kingdom.

We don’t need more people praying for us, petition and request, we need praying intercessory prophetic, apostolic intercessors that can flow where God is taking you and moving you into.

They are to form a hedge of protection through real and living intercession from the heart of Jesus. They flow with Him, hear him, and our lead by him and they are sent to be a blessing to you.

I truly believe God has these praying warriors for us all. I also believe part of our work is train them in that calling and specially how to flow with those God is using on the front line.

A wondering, chaotic prayer ministry is not what we need right now. I don’t care how long they have been with you, what their title may be in your church, praying warriors function and win.

Today let us agree together that God would release and bring into our lives those praying warriors who are true spiritual armor bearers that God has assigned to us. Let him bring those who are seasoned, those who are willing to learn and be trained to form a mighty praying army of the Lord.

I think we have to stop settling for less then what God has for us. Just because some says they are praying for you does not provide you spiritual cover. They may be petitioning on your behalf and thank God for that, but do not be content with that being your only prayer cover.

God hears our petitions and requests, but his word doesn’t say God is searching over all the earth for someone to make petitions or request, but he is looking for someone ‘WHO WILL STAND IN THE GAP’ but he found none.

May this change today and the Lord or rise up and bring forth His armor bearing apostolic and prophetic praying army who are called on the earth to be a royal priesthood and holy nation in Jesus name.

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