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alone with god does not make you a lone ranger

Word for Today February 6, 2021 Alone with God does not make you a lone ranger! Beloved,

I want to address this to those of you in the Body of Christ set apart for the Lord himself, and alone with the Lord. God knows your call and purpose is for him like the Sons of Zadok to stay ministering to him.

Don't let terms from the church age be put upon you as rebellious or a lone ranger. You are where God wants you to be with Him to minister to His heart. You are not rebellious or a lone ranger ministry, you are a handmaiden and manservant of God!

The term "lone ranger" to ministries is very grieving to the Lord when used out of context. How would you describe John the Baptist? How about Noah? How about Abraham? God has his "own ones" called to be alone with him, to minister to his heart, that doesn't fit the "religious church age wisdom."

Please ministers of God do not try to lump every body together out of church age theology and bring it with Kingdom truth. God has "alone ones" that are not rebellious. He has alone ones that are called as handmaidens and men servants just to minister to him.

They connect to the body but not as the church would think? Their ministry is to the Lord and if God wants that to be their life what is that to us? Can't God arrange the body parts as He wills?

I know that I was guilty of having a lot of religious beliefs in me as God was giving me more Kingdom light, we all do. If I have any more, I want it fully out of me.

I don't want to "crush God's sheep" by putting them in a "box of church age understanding mixed with Kingdom" by the grace of God. I hope that would be my brothers and sisters heart as well.

In the desire for unity, don't allow a driving lying spirit in the name of God speak and taint the beautiful work of the Spirit of God revealing that truth in you.

The true kingdom of God Apostles and Prophets will lay the foundation of Christ. They will be underneath God's people next to the cornerstone Jesus themselves.

They will be the foundation of a completely poured out life for God and HIs people the church can stand upon. Leadership in the kingdom of God is "not over anyone" it is completely under the headship of Jesus as the leader.

All the leading that functions through 5 fold ministers and the saints comes from under his headship completely and when that leadership is executed by God it serves from underneath to lift the others up so they can function as a mature body of Christ.

The key to see what is of the church age and what is of the kingdom age will be by the "manifest presence of God's glory" in the those who God is using to make a way and that presence will be seen in them and upon them.

They will have a deep spiritual substance and quality of the Lord in them, that those who hear them can easily submit to that Jesus in them.

The other key is these mature ones of the Kingdom age will never have to demand submission, or even speak about it, because they walk in it.

That walking in complete submission to Jesus will be evident in their words and deeds, that is the true gift the maturing saints will submit too freely and without demanding it.

We all need to step back and let the Lord do this, teach this, impart this and stay humble before the Lord. Revelation without God's understanding is a disaster waiting to happen. The Word must become flesh in us. It has to become our life experience before we can truly walk in it. That is why personally, I hear the Lord saying "slow down" and let me work this into your life.

What is worked in you is what the Holy Spirit draws from to impart to His people. If we are not careful we may build apostolic and prophetic unity in a revelation of God with the understanding of man.

When we do it with man's understanding then we are going to use mans hand's to try to build it as we did in the church age. We must learn and experience the true rest of God. The true place where we cease from our efforts and only walk in His.

The Body of Christ remnant will be unified, they will love each other as Christ love us. God is at work right now producing that in the hearts that are open, ears that can hear, and eyes that can see.

We will come together as a "wheel within a wheel, a royal priesthood and a holy nation. None of us knows yet what that will look at. It has never been on planet earth before. We can't look back into the old testament or new for a "mode" it is not there?

A new Jerusalem city as a Bride has never been on the earth. The army of Joel has never been seen before or ever seen again.

I am treading lightly before the Lord in getting it so set in me, that what God is building must look like this or that under this or that leader or model?

I am resting in the fact that He is building his house. He is forming a kingdom people, priests and kings that will rule and reign with him.

I am resting in how he is doing it. He is building it by an unceasing supply of oil in Zachariah 4, IT IS NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD. 1st Corinthians 12: * But now God has arranged the parts, each one of them in the body, just as He ... our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it."

If God wants someone alone in the wilderness to preach the gospel of the kingdom He can do it. If God wants to call one man Abraham alone to leave everything behind and follow him, he can do it.

If God tells one man that he is going to wipe out the earth and to build an ark, he can do it. God arranges the body parts as He wills. We will connect together and become one glory filled people of full grown sons and daughters but not through the work of the flesh, not through a mixture of flesh and spirit, but by the pure holy love of God being poured in us as His glory.

To all those of you who are "alone with God" and in a "set apart" season or you called to minister to the heart of God as your life and calling, don't let the pressures to become a cookie cutter christian form you into what you are not.

Be all God created you to be and He will connect you with the right body parts in the the right place at the right time. You are not rebellious or a lone ranger, you are an obedient son or daughter set apart for the Master's use as He wills.


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