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September 23, 2019 Word For Today: Jeremiah what do you see? Apostolic/Prophetic Travailing Intercession

The Lord asked Jeremiah often, “what do you see? That is heart questions of the travailing intercession God is sending us by waves. He wants us to see what he sees. He wants us to release the answers he has from heaven to manifest on the earth. This deep travailing intercession work is in repentance by truly exposing the condition of the hearts of his people including his “remnant ones” as well.

His desire is to fill us and flood us with the deepest measure of his love and spirit with our roots going down deeply in love, founded securely in love. He wants us to experience what that pure holy love is, the breath, the height, the width and length of it so we can truly love one another as He loves us.

Beloved, yesterday was a very different and deeper level of travailing intercession focused on the “flesh and blood” of Jesus and the power of that blood. All I can say. is to encourage each one of us to wait upon the Lord and seek Him as our vital need. WE MUST TRULY GET FULLY CONNECTED TO OUR VINE, JESUS CHRIST!

I feel we must let him take us deeper into his heart so His Spirit, His intercession can truly be released in us and through us so that His will can manifest on the earth as He desires.

I believe that this new level of Apostolic/prophetic travailing intercession God is bringing in waves must be entered into if we are all going to go forth into the next level of His movement upon the earth.

The reason we are facing so much thrown against us is to keep us from that next level of pure holy love, and truly becoming a wheel within a wheel. I believe there is still much that has to be broken down in our hearts to see what it really means for “each part to supply what the other needs, and to love one another as He loves us.”

All I could do is weep before him yesterday over where we have not seen or experienced the power of his body and blood which is the work of his love. Yesterday in the spirit I had to stand in the gap and eat his flesh and drink his blood in that power.

What power? The power to do miracles, healings, signs and wonders? No those can be done through the gifts of the Spirit. The power of his flesh and blood is the power to love perfectly as God Jesus loves us. No greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Love one another as I have loved you.

What powerful words these are and the only way we can ever do it is to eat his flesh and drink his blood in intimate communion and fellowship with him until we are transfigured with his glory and filled with his love and fire.


Right now beloved in our present state, we “help each other” to the best way we know how from our heart, but there is a deeper love, a deeper covenant love bond relationships that must come forth so the world will truly know we are His disciples, not by signs and wonders, not by our work, not by our gatherings, but by the LOVE WE HAVE ONE FOR THE OTHER.

This is one of the key places of intercession needed to break down the true barriers of love between us. You see as God allows us to go through the fire of facing severe difficulties there is another side of the coin we must see.

Most of us see the side where we must learn to be dependent upon the Lord himself, to rest and trust him in. We see we must stay focused and about the Lord’s business no matter what. Matthew 6:33.

But what we may not see is the “brother and sister” side of the picture. When God asked Cain where his brother was, (though He already knew) He said, “am I my brother’s keeper?”

Sometimes the suffering God is allowing in your life is not just for you to trust God, but for those who say they love you to TRUST GOD! Why do I say that, because LOVE IS COSTLY. NO GREATER LOVE THAN THIS THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS.

Beloved, as the Lord is having me intercede for us, his body, and the desire of his heart for us to be a wheel within a wheel, He is revealing the “cost of love.” Our love and faith is going to be tested not just in the one suffering, but those who are watching their brother or sister suffering.

The Lord gave us the parable of the good Samaritan for a reason when the Pharisee asked, “who is my neighbor? That is the same question Cain asked, “Am I my brother’s keeper".

There is still a religious mindset that has to be removed even in those coming out of the church age into the Kingdom age of what love looks like, or the cost of love. If we just keep everyone in perspective of our “ministry or our calling” we will so limit the love of God.

Because then we live and move from “our ministry” mindset instead of the “kingdom mindset.” Acts 2:42-46 I mention a lot because we see here that they did not have a ministry mindset of help and love, but God’s heart of love when all those who had possession didn’t consider what they had as their own, but for the “common good of all.”

What could ever get a hold of someone’s heart to see what they “had” not to be their own? Could that even include our work, our labor, our ministry? Those who had lands, possession sold what they had? Why did they do that? Because they “BECAME THEIR BROTHERS KEEPER IN THE PURE HOLY LOVE OF GOD!

They “saw the needs of their brothers and sisters” and they did what Jesus said love was. “NO GREATER LOVE THAN THIS THAT A MAN LAY HIS LIFE DOWN FOR HIS FRIEND.”

They all sold what they had? Where did they put the money? Apostles and Prophets God is rising up. I ask you this question again, where did they put the money? AT THE APOSTLES FEET! To do what with it? Give to all that had need.


Now I am writing this because of the prophetic/apostolic intercession waves of travail that are now here. These are going to be transformational intercessory travailing waves that are going to cry out of in repentance’s for the selfishness, the ownership of our lives that truly should have belonged to God until we can see each other as God see us.

These travailing prayers are going to shift us out of the “last vestiges of the church age understanding of God’s love into the pure holy love of God from the Kingdom age mindset where we become our Brother’s keeper as God wants us to be.

We will “stop trying to help each other” and begin to “love each other” no matter the cost or the price. This will remove the need for people to ask for funds, support their work, because love sees that already. Love already has a Philippian people ready to send and love those being sent.

It has a Macedonian church ready to give to the Jerusalem church the funds needed to care for the brethren there in a time of famine not only once but twice. It has many Cornelius type of people that will love and care for God’s people out of that pure holy love.

The world must know we are his disciples by our love for one another, the laying down of our lives for each other in covenant love bonds not just “helping each other” work bond relationships we find in the church age.

The Holy Spirit is weeping in us over the true lack of that sacrificial love needed to transform the earth at this point.

The blood of Jesus is the most powerful force in creation and it is pure holy love. Love that forgives, love that heals, love that restores, love that delivers and love that provides.... My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.

As I was led into intercession yesterday, I felt the Lord’s heart to do all those works in peoples lives was overwhelming. He has given us the power to walk in the miraculous and we will. Yet the greater work of the Lord He desires to do first is for our hearts to be adjusted to the “deeper glory of God, which is rooted in the deeper love of God.”

We no longer can stay on the sidelines to “help people” we must roll up our sleeves and get to work of “loving people” as Christ loves us. He gave his all didn’t he.

Beloved we must see each other through “pure holy loves eyes.” Do any of us truly understand the part God has given us to supply to the parts we are connected to and what that is? Do we truly understand what it means to supply fully what God has given us to give the other parts? Are we willing to pay the price of love, the cost of love?

I know the “religious noise” of the enemy will say, “you just want my stuff, why don’t you help yourself or trust God.” But I ask you did those in the book of Acts chapter 2 say that to their brethren that were in need?

What if God ask you as busy as you may be doing the work of the ministry God gave you to stay up all night, give up your sleep to pray for one of us on this page?

What if God told you to empty your bank account to give to one of us on this page because of their needs? What if God said, I want you to get a jet ticket and go personally pray for your brother or sister on this page today? Would we? Could we?

This is what was breaking the heart of the Lord, because we have limited him by limiting the understanding and cost of true and holy love. The Good Samaritan went the distance will we? YES WE WILL! God is changing all our hearts through this prophetic/apostolic travailing.

God is going to have a wheel within a wheel completely filled with his love and each parts supplying fully what the other needs so we can function as God’s ambassadors, his army, his full grown sons and daughters on the earth.

It is being birthed right now and God is going to truly convict us of where we have limited loves price and cost, where we have limited through religious understanding “who is my brother, and who is my mother? When the Lord asks us “where is your brother” We will be honest and say where they are, because we loved them with our own life and can say Lord, “we are our brothers keeper.”

In the travailing prayer yesterday, God released a supernatural power of his love to fill us. He desires to answer everyone of our prayers and for them to manifest on the earth and at the same time form us into that wheel, a royal priesthood and holy nation.

I can’t explain in words the operation of the spirit, and travailing intercession that came forth, but His glory was in it. His love for us filled it. His identification with our needs was in it and His answering us was in it.

So I am expecting to hear the changes God is bringing to our lives, the testimonies of answered prayer, but more that we will begin to see each other differently through the eyes of his pure holy love.

If you know someone is in desperate, desperate need today, as the prayer requests come in ask yourself one question? How seriously will I pray for them? How seriously am I willing for God to use me as part of the answer that prayer? Am I willing to lay my life down for them as Jesus did for me.. in reality?’’

This is not to condemn anyone, but to encourage everyone, including me to go deeper into his heart, be changed in his glory, and get filled more and more with his pure holy love. We must abide in it, live in it, dwell in it, until we are truly broken bread and poured out wine.

I saw a little bit of this when I went to visit a spiritual Father who ministered to different groups. There was one group of people on one side of the state that heard a sister who ran a business needed help or she could loose the business. So the Lord touched them to come and help her.

They came and helped remodel the building, help her get the supplies, and reorganize the business to make it look so beautiful. They didn’t stop or hold back anything until the business was in a position to thrive. I got to see the finished product and to pray over the business. It was a living demonstration on the “cost of love.”

They didn’t “help her”, they loved her all the way through until the business could thrive? Would we do that for each other personally If someone had a personal need like this, or for the church next to us, or even just a member in our own body? Could we do it?

This is the deep work of the waves of prophetic/intercessory travail that God is birthing, “the removal of every thought, intention and root of "unlove" or "self centered love” with the pure holy love that will lay its life fully down for their friends as they did for this sister. Expect to see it.

Expect to be changed by it. Expect to do it. That is why the travailing intercession is coming as waves so we can love one another as Jesus loves us. The world is going to know we are His disciples. You can believe it!

Beloved in the giving our life as an act of love for one another, all our needs are met for each part will be filled fully with God to supply what the other needs no matter the cost, prices, time it takes.

For we are our brothers keepers. I felt God’s love for each of you in prayer and intercession. He has answered your prayers, his love for us is overwhelming. Change has come!

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