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Are You Ready For What Is Coming!

February 13, 2022, Word For The Day: Are you ready for what is coming!


Are you really ready for what God is about to do in this nation? It is not like anything you could ever expect or know about. The religious leaders of today's church are going to be empty, null and void of true discernment and revelation of what is coming,

They will be blind guides leading the blind into a ditch because they neither know the day, time and season we have now entered into God's time clock.

They will be clueless as how God is about to intervene in the affairs of men upon this earth or in the nations.

They will not understandGod's hand revealing His end time purposes in a people prepared for his glory, the manifestation of the sons of God.

They have put all their eggs in one basket called the "wisdom of man" instead of the foolishness of God that is wiser than all the wisdom of men.

They have trusted in chariots and horses, but the remnant of God is trusting in the Lord Himself.

Most of the present day church leaders have said, we are rich and in need of nothing, but did not understand the true spiritual condition of the last days church is that it is lukewarm readied to be spewed out of God's mouth?

Many have not heard the Trumpet call of Revelation chapter 1 or understand the importance of the revelation of Jesus as the King of Glory in Revelation chapters 1-5 and his end time purposes of preparing an overcoming people that can rule and reign with him with a rod of iron, eating from the tree of life in the midst of the Garden.

They can't see God's end time plan to prepare, position to propel his army, his sons and daughter being filled with His glory to be seen upon them.

They can't see that the religious structure of the last 1000 years must come down and has come to and end in 2020. They have not received the revelation of the new wine skin of the Kingdom age or drank of the new wine for this hour, day and time.

The day of the Lord is going to come upon them and much of the church they instruct like a thief in the night and it will come upon them unawares in what is about to unfold upon the earth.

Who is there that is making themselves ready like a Bride for her bridegroom. Where are the over-comers God is calling out in Revelation chapters 1-3 that will repent, change and overcome and be ready to sing the New song in Revelation 5:6-10?

The tribe of Issachar had the understanding to know the times and seasons of the Lord, but today's modern church leader has lost its discernment and lost the Issachar understanding to truly know God's end time plans that are unfolding upon the earth.

They do not see the arising sons of God, the deliverers, the burning ones, the glory bringers, the fire of God bringers, becoming the the wheel within a wheel, Joels' end time army arising on the earth filled with the glory of God for God's end time plans to unfold.

Don't let this day come upon you unawares? Don't let this day come upon you like a thief in the night. The word of the Lord to you today is Revelation chapter 4:1 and then I saw door standing open in heaven, and a voice like I heard the first time like a war trumpet calling me "to come up here, so I can show you the things that are to come hereafter."He that has an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit of God says to the church.

Don't be fooled by the wisdom of men and their understanding of end time events. The religious leaders had it all figured out how the Messiah was to come the first time and they missed him, and the religious leaders of our time have it all figured out and they will miss His coming the second time.

Behold the midnight hour has come upon the earth! Go forth and meet the Bridegroom. The transformational marriage supper of the Lamb is here!


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