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Arising Trumpets of the Lord!

Updated: Feb 26

Word for Today May 15, 2022: Arising Trumpets of the Lord

Beloved, we are in a "new visitation" season of the Lord preparing us for the end time events are upon the earth.

In December 2020, the Lord told me He was releasing me to go out again to meet with Him in His people in Divine Convergences. The new visitation begins with Hearing and Responding to Jesus as the Omega God not just the Alpha.

He said Henry, "There is no agenda but seeking my face, and no guest speakers. He said, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the guest speakers ministering to and through His body."

Since April 2020 we have no Converged in 6 cities throughout the USA and each gathering brings us deeper into the true the kingdom of God manifestation of His Glory upon the earth.

It is truly a new wineskin and we are drinking the new wine of the Kingdom age as the Lord prepares and positions an overcoming people for the coming millennial reign of Jesus Christ with His people upon the earth.

A New Jerusalem city all adorned as a Bride will be His governmental resting place upon the earth. He will rule and reign with and in His overcoming Bride, Full grown sons, Man-child company, and Over-comers.

From 2020 to the present we have been in a very "invisible time of visitation of His Glory in His Parousia, (Presencing with His overcoming people) to be prepared, positioned to be be propelled with His glory for what is coming on the earth.

2020 was the Lord calling us to prepare, (burn the ships) of the way we have lived as Christians, did our churches and ministries, to give up the old wineskin of the church age understanding of things to enter the new of the Kingdom wineskin and drink the new wine of the kingdom age dawning upon the earth.

Those who have heard the knock of Rev. 3:20 have opened the door to fellowship with Jesus in supping with him in the season of the marriage supper of the Lamb and are being changed by His glory.

2021 was the Lord's calling us to get positioned in Him and with that began the fulfillment of Ezekiel chapter 1 vision of a wheel within a wheel.

A remnant body of Christ is now being repositioned and divinely placed with the right body parts to do the right work, with the right people, at the right time for God's purposes to manifest on the earth.

Those who have been prepared and now positioned are now connecting with brand new divine appointments, connections and are ready to relocate, move, go to anywhere and everywhere God sends them. They have no earthly attachments any more, they live only to do do God's will and obey Him.

2022: Those who have been prepared and positioned are now being filled with the Glory of the Lord and learning how to live behind the veil continually in the Glory realm of God.

They are learning the very functionality of heaven through Jesus Christ as the King of Glory and the Lord of Host. This group of over-comers are receiving the prophetic word of Isaiah 60:1-3.

As they separate further unto God, His purposes, they now are aligned with the right body parts they are supposed to be with, as the come together in Divine Convergences they are able to function in true love and unity. For our God is filling them with His glory to be seen risen upon them for His end time purposes.

God asked Ezekiel, "can these dry bones lives." Yes, they can, and Jesus the Breath of Life is now breathing upon them. They are shaking right now, rattling right now, and coming together by the Spirit of God to form an end time army that Joel prophesied in chapter 2.

A new breed of leadership of David's is rising up and the old order of Saul leadership in the house of God is coming down. A new breed of young people are arising as fire bringers, glory bringers and the voice of many waters is now being heard in the nations. 2023: Will bring the dry bones into a full living breathing mature body of Christ that is ready, positioned and propelled with His Glory as a full company of people that will bring the message of the Kingdom of God as WITNESSES to every single nation as Jesus said they would do.

We are in a time of visitation of the Lord no different then the day of Pentecost, but it is not being revealed in the same way as it was then.

Only those who have purchased the extra oil for their lambs and are making themselves ready as a bride, and becoming an overcoming people, a man-child company will be walking in the new level of Kingdom power, authority and dominion that comes from being filled with the glory of the lord.

We are in a new day and a new hour and a door standing open in heaven is awaiting us individually and corporately to come up through. Revelation 4:1

After this, I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in Heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, "Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."

"After this, I looked." The result of John's response to the manifestation of the presence of the Lord was an opening into the realm of the Spirit.

He heard the Lord's voice a second time but from a higher place in the Kingdom of God as it were of a trumpet talking with me."

We have been hearing this trumpet voice loudly since 2020. This "voice as a trumpet" is a call to action, and speaks of spiritual direction and authority that can only be found from "Up here." Notice that the door opened when John looked up.

What God does at the divine convergences is teach us to respond as John responded to the lord.

The coming up here results in an empowering that has to do with "dominion authority" that is being imparted at this present time from His glory realm. We won't make it with what is coming without this up here reality with Jesus in our lives.

When this verse was quickened to me, I began asking the Lord to "show me things which must be hereafter. He told us in our Philadelphia Convergence as the door standing open in heaven to hear what shall come after and it has happened." This prayer is being answered right before our eyes.

The key to experience the new God is revealing is to understand the spiritual time we are in. Revelation 3:20 is the key for us to enter this divine intervention of the Lord within His people.

There is a remnant in the body that is literally hearing that knock upon their heart and seeing Jesus standing at the door waiting for us to let Him in to sup with Him and Him with us in His glory realm.

At the divine convergences and in our personal time, The Lord is knocking. Our part is to hear and respond. My spiritual Father taught me that when He prayed concerning his ability to "hear" spiritually.

He was never satisfied that he was hearing clearly enough, as no matter how well he was hearing, he could hear better. Like him, I pray, Lord, I hear you, but I must hear you better. I see you, but I must see you better. I know you, but I must know you better. Why? Because there is always more of God to see, hear and know!

Beloved, in this hour, The Lord is Calling Us to Become an Apostolic, Prophetic People ready for His end time purposes.

This "voice as a trumpet" is a corporate voice that will function in all those who will be saying and doing the same thing. This happens at the divine convergences. We truly become one with him, one with one another, and come under His complete headship as the Lord Jesus Christ.

Notice that the promise to the overcomer is to sit with the Lord in His throne. This seating has to do with spiritual authority.

To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with My Father in His throne. Revelation 3:21

His voice that sounds like the "sound of many waters" is the voice of the Lord going before His army and that voice being executed on the earth through this end time army of overcoming people of God.

This speaking and releasing comes with Kingdom dominion authority , as the "sound of many waters," and it is an end time function of those who are "over-comers," who will receive and walk in true Kingdom apostolic authority.

The sound of many waters relates to our being able to speak and release a creative word from the glory realm of God, which will have "authority with consequence" that will dramatically transform the earth.

At this present time, the Lord is calling us to become an apostolic, prophetic people, not apostles or prophets, as that is a ministry office. This is very hard for the church age 5 fold ministers to understand.

Much of the "new apostolic and prophetic ministry" being established is still under the church age understanding of the 1 and 2nd prophetic day of the church age.

Many good minded Kingdom men and woman of God are still trying to establish the apostles and prophets as gifts to the body instead of functioning in Kingdom understanding where that gift is taken into a higher realm in His glory to PRODUCE AN APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC PEOPLE FILLED WITH THE GLORY OF GOD TO TRANSFORM THE EARTH.

It is critical for the present 5 fold ministers to understand the change of prophetic day, prophetic hour that is now being revealed upon the earth.

2020 brought a cry from the Lord to "burn the ships" as He allowed the whole church on the earth to be shut down" to take time to hear His voice and discern that everything has changed.

We are not where we were in 2019 and before and we will never be again. Behold, I do a new thing says the Lord, can you not perceive it.

At this time only a small remnant of God's leaders have caught and seen the change of day. Why?

Because we are so familiar with what we have done living in the outer courts ministry of salvation, the holy place ministry of gifts of the spirit, baptism of the Holy Spirit and 5 fold ministry we have stopped seeking God for more.

We are satisfied with ministries, works, signs and wonders, miracles and what God does instead of being satisfied with the God of the work. We have abandoned our first love and replaced it with "loving working for him" more than in love with God of the work.

But to those who have repented and returned to their first love, or have been like the Sons of Zadok, a different word and message is being spoken to them from the very throne room of God.

At once, they looked up and a door stands open in heaven. They hear the sound of the war trumpet saying, "come up here" so I can show you the things that are to come hereafter.

Beloved, again, at this present prophetic hour and time, the Lord is calling us to become an apostolic, prophetic people not apostles or prophets, as that is a ministry office. He is calling us to become over-comers, full grown sons of God, a Bride who has made herself ready, a man-child people where Jesus can now inhabit and come to.

We are in the moment 2Thes. 1:10 is being fulfilled, "In that day, Jesus WILL COME TO BE SEEN... GLORIFIED IN HIS SAINTS...

We are in a new day, new season, new wineskin age where a Kingdom impartation and supernatural visitation of the Lord is here.

It is in this new day we are being brought up before the throne of God, as over-comers we have been dealt with by God all these years to be totally emptied so now we will not use this authority for any personal gain ever.

The overcoming sons of God have been prepared, positioned and now propelled with that glory to accomplish the end-time purposes of the Lord.

This is now happening as the Lord increasingly takes His place as the Head of those to whom He is being joined: those who are hearing and responding to His knocking.

Those who are being "caught up" into a higher realm of His glory will now walk in a deeper spiritual life and authority, prepared, positioned and now released with his propelling glory to be seen risen upon them.

This is what God is "presently speaking, presently working, and presently doing in those who have ear to hear what the Spirit of God says to the churches.

This is why God has asked us to converge with Him and His people at the very spiritual "hot spots" God has for this hour to meet with us for His end time purposes.

Will you hear that call today? Will you hear the knock on the door of your heart? Will you hear the clarion call to come, "all things are now ready?" If you do, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOURSELF READY!

At this last convergence in the greater New York Area, God brought us to the statue of Moses to seek His face in downtown Albany.

It was a statue of Moses striking the rock and water coming out to care for the Israelites. Concerning Moses, Acts tells us that he was "mighty in words and in deeds." That is the position and heart of the last days church here in America. There is a Laodecian spirit in it that is lukewarm ready to be spewed out of the mouth of God.


But after being in the wilderness, where he came to the end of all human ability, his response was, "Lord, when I spoke my mind, it got me in a lot of trouble; now I have nothing to say, unless You speak."

That it heart posture God needs for him to trust anyone with end time kingdom power, authority and dominion. He will trust those who have surrendered to his scourging, his corrections, his discipline correctly so like Moses they will never rely upon their own strength or ability to do anything for God. They will live to do everything WITH GOD!

So also, those whom the Lord is preparing in this season of visitation are being "scourged" that all human ambition, might, power of their own strength might be removed.

Beloved, it is NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD. The word of God tells us in Hebrews 12:6

For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives." Beloved it is critical during this time or preparing and positioning by God Himself we yield to this process and overcome, then we will become a part of this end-time prophetic voice, his end-time overcoming army, for, "His wife hath made herself ready" (Revelation 19:7).

The Lord is preparing a people for "that day, and that day is now! We have entered into the very finishing 3rd day work of Jesus. We must cooperate with him fully giving him the totality of our being for His purposes.

Beloved, this can only come about as we wait upon the Lord, asking that we will better hear His voice, see better His face, and know better His heart, then He will release the enabling grace to rightly respond to him.

Then we will be positioned and propelled with His glory to become a part of this prophetic trumpet, and begin to move in corporate harmony, as the "sound of many waters."

It is imperative that we individually spend time, waiting in the presence of the Lord, that we can become a part of the Body that will function directly under the dictate of the Head.

It is imperative corporately we spend quality time, waiting in the presence of the Lord, so we can be become part of a corporate expression of His body directly under the headship of King Jesus, the King of Glory.

Well done, good and faithful servant does not mean "Much done." Well done is about the quality of the work we have done in His name.

When whatever we do is in His power and authority alone and for His glory, then Jesus will say, " thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. Matthew 25:23

The Lord is getting a people ready. May each one of us be found among these, in that day. That day is now! BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!

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