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August 28,2021: Apostolic and Prophetic releasing word for today: UNUSUAL FAVOR!


Today I am feeling such a release of God's unusual favor for those who have been diligently seeking the face of God.

Today God is pouring out new degrees of favor upon you, upon your family. He is intervening in your situations with his unusual favor.

The Lord is going to be extending unusual favor to bring about the answers to your prayers you have inquired him for. He is going to move in ways you have never seen or expected before.

Don't give up now. Don't give in now. The Lord is releasing unusual favor to break down walls that need to be broken,

He is opening news door you need for your life, your health, family and ministry where the former doors have slammed shut.

God is releasing His unusual favor is going to change everything as He promised you. You were looking one way for things to change, but the Lord is coming from a way that is totally different than what you expected.

Yet, this unexpected way is going bring a greater deliverance, help, restoration, door opening and healing than you could ever dreamed about.

I hear the Lord remind me, "eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it even entered into the heart of man, the things God has in store for those who love him."

God is giving you unusual favor from His heart to show and prove to you that He has not forsaken you, let you go, forgotten you.

The miracles, healing, provision and all that you have cried out to God for are here and coming in a way that only God will get the glory.

No flesh shall glory in His sight. Truly this unusual favor is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit says the Lord. You are about to be broken out of the place you have been.

You are about to be released from the situations in your life, family and health that has tried to delay, hinder and stop you from God's divine plan for you and your family.

God's unusual favor is being released today. It is outpouring down from heaven and making a way for you where there was no way. Be expecting, and don't try to figure it out.

Just Bless the Lord for His unusual favor and fear not, stand still and see the salvation and miracles of the Lord your God who is in the midst of you.

Blessing and love to all of you!

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