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BAM, BAM, now another thing Lord?

August 22,2019 Word for Today: BAM, BAM, now another thing Lord?

Beloved, have you ever been in the place where you just get some relief from the trials and suffering you are enduring, and then BAM BAM another thing seems to come out of nowhere to hit you smack in the face?

I call them BAM BAM moments. Beloved, Have you wondered , “why is this happening now, where are you God in all this? How could this be happening, I just got out of the last trial?

Even as you try not to focus on the circumstances and put your eyes upon the Lord again, It seems like you are all alone and where are you God?

It seem people give you sympathy, I will pray for you brother, but that is it, when you really need help. It seem no one really cares about the suffering you are going through.

You begin to wonder out loud, “Lord, don’t you have someone who can encourage us, comfort us, or even love us enough to help us? Yet, you know that in these things you can’t look to people but have to look fully on the Lord for his work and answer.

You know there may even be some people God wants to help you, but they don’t or wont. That is part of the suffering. You say in your heart, Lord, I would help them in this situation if you asked me to. Even a few may help you, but the real and full help you need does not come.

Yet it seems like those who could, should or would help you have spiritual blinders on, or they are caught up in their own stuff, how can they help you they say?

So goes our life if we continue to live in the emotional realm and if we focus only through our natural realm with our natural eyes.

Beloved, it is not easy to walk by faith, see by faith, when everything around you seems to be a disaster. Yet we are commanded to do so. The just shall live by faith!

In these moments our fist natural instinct is to look for someone who will love you enough, care for you enough, to truly help you in your needs.


Not every trial we face is for us to have God work something in us. Some are out front attacks of the enemy and God expects his other body parts to come to our aid and help us defeat them.

That is what covenants were supposed to be about, my life for your life. If you are attacked, I am attacked, my family is your family, your needs are my needs, and each enter a covenant love, care and support as God would desire.

Can we tell the difference of when we are called to help someone under attack, or when God is dealing with us like Job?

It is critical we do, because we could let someone suffer needlessly because of lack of love and laying our life down for them.

Many don’t even feel they would even offer to share their burden with another brother or sister because they will be looked down upon as Job’s friends did to him.

So it seems like you are truly alone and you wonder, will the Lord help us? Does he have any human beings on the planet that would hear him and send them to help you in your time of need? Will he send a raven to supply for you? Will he send his angels to help?

Have you been in the place where with all your heart you are trying to keep your eyes on God, yet you know God desires to use people to help, love and serve others but they won’t help you? You say to yourself, where are they Lord? Why are they not hearing You?

The question we ask is does God have any more widow woman? Does He have any more good samaritans?

We ask, God do you have any people that are sensitive to your Spirit and filled with your love to come along side you and help you through and out of your situation as He would do? As you look around there may be one, maybe 2, or maybe none? BAM, BAM where are you Lord in this?

Beloved, Why didn’t Job’s friends help him instead of talk against him? The Bible never tells us why?

Can you imagine what Job must have felt like? What that man suffered and endured with all his friends saying that he must have sinned and offended God.

What about having a wife like his. I can hardly fathom his wife saying to him, “why don’t you curse God and die?

This man of God could not understand why he was going through his trials. He did not know God allowed Satan to test his character. He lost so much and it wasn’t just one thing at a time.

He would just make it through the first trial, then another, then another, and when that seemed enough, then another. Why was God allowing this to happen to him? That is why you have to read the book to get that answer.

Yet, when Job came to his darkest hour the only words he could utter were, “thou you slay me, yet, I will trust you.

Job came to the end of the road, the end of all hope, his suffering was almost unbearable. The losses he experienced were beyond measure, yet he would not give up his faith in God.

Beloved, either God is or he is not! God is, THE I AM THAT I AM! He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Faith works by love.

The real question that often surfaces in the intensities of the trials is “God’s love? That is what comes under scrutiny.

If Faith works by love, if the enemy can convince us we are alone, God doesn’t care, nor anyone else, that is an attack on the Character of God and His love.

He wants us to believe that the BAM, BAM another thing hits you in a face is a sign God is giving you to much to bear.

His love is not enough for all of this. He may have been enough to get your through the last thing, but this new one, God’s love is not enough or why would you have to go through it again?

Beloved, it is through the intensity of the fire and trial that God can bring to the surface in our heart where His love has not touched us. Everyplace we still have doubt, and unbelief is where fear still live.

Fear that God is not love, and somehow he is like a man and fail us like men do. That is the lie of the enemy but often has been rooted in our hearts from childhood.

There is no fear in love and perfect love cast out all fear. All doubt and unbelief has it’s root in fear. What fear. God who is love is not really enough, you better fix things on your own. You are really alone.

That is what the root of fear does. It provides the spiritually wrong soil or ground where doubt and unbelief can gain their roots in our hearts.

The good ground of the soil of heaven is God’s pure holy love which is full of faith. We are called to get our roots deeply in and be founded securely in the depth of His love. This is the soil faith can grow in!

There is no fear in love. Love never fails. Nothing in all creation can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus.

Most of us have that love worked in our heart to a measure as we have allowed the Holy Spirit of Love to change us.

Beloved, but there may be still parts of our hearts that have lived under the pattern of doubt and unbelief because they are rooted in the old root soil of fear. It has to go!

Beloved, God brings us all to the “turning point.” The turning point of removing every single ounce of demonic ground of fear in us, so doubt and unbelief can live no more in our body, soul and spirit.

Perfect love cast out all fear, and there is no fear in love. The Bam, Bam of another thing to hit you is not that God hates you, the devil hates you and wants you to surrender your faith and trust in no one but yourself.

He wants you to abandon your complete faith and trust in God. There may be moments where you fail the test, and you give into the lie but you haven’t lost the war.

God is still with us keeping us when we can’t keep ourselves. Even when we become faithless for the moment, He remains faithful.

Even in that moment of stumbling He is still there. He gave us a promise did he not? He that has begun this good work in you will be FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE IN YOU, even up to the day of Christ.

When we finally get to this place again, we let go, we give up, and we finally put all... all... all our trust and faith in him in spite of all that is screaming all around us.

This is where the Holy Spirit will pick you up, forgive you, and carry you as the one set of footprints in the sand.

Job had to learn and experience this for himself. God had some adjustments to make in his heart like in us.

Job finally allowed God to do it. He gave up fully into God’s hands in spite of everything he thought and said, and could not understand.

Job’s testimony rings true today into our day as the work the Lord must do in our BAM, BAM moments. He had to say again, “thou you slay me, yet I will trust you.

That is when a deeper transformation of his heart soil changed so the seed of Kingdom life could now arise, heal and restore him and it will in us as well.

Job’s testimony of knowing God changes at the end of the book of His life. His testimony of God, His witness of who God was this, “before I knew you with the hearing of the ear, but now I have met you face to face.”

That is the fruit that must come forth in another “BAM BAM moment". Now I know you face to face as your friend like Moses, Abraham, Job, David, Paul!

It is the face to face relationship with God that allows His glory to be seen in us and upon us. One dimensions of God’s process of changing us from glory to glory can be seen in the book of Job.

The Lord said, “if you suffer with me, you will be glorified with me.” James writes the same thing in a different way concerning the life of Job as our example.

In His Epistle in chapter 5:11-12:

11 “We give great honor to those who endure under suffering. For instance, you know about Job, a man of great endurance.

12 You can see how the Lord was kind to him at the end, for the Lord is full of tenderness and mercy.”

Beloved, God allowed Job to face the fear issue in his heart. Job’s testimony when the BAM, BAM came was, “the thing I feared the most has come upon me.”

That fear gave the enemy to accuse Job before God. In His great love for Job and for us, God had to remove it. God had to get it out from his heart and replace it with love’s patient endurance.

Job was transformed through the BAM, BAM, and gained a new life through the suffering of His BAM, BAM moments.

God brought Job out of his trials and sufferings a changed and different man, and so is God doing that in all of you who can identify with me in another BAM, BAM moment.

There are no words to say, often very little comfort, because the trial purpose is to empty us fully until we are completely free from fear, doubt and unbelief as we put our life fully in emptiness and weakness in the hands of the Lord.

When Job allowed the Lord to bring him into that place in his heart God was ready to restore him. It was in this absolute death place where he said, “thou you slay me yet I will trust you God was ready to restore and heal him.

God didn’t just restore him to where he was, but to a greater place in life and God’s kingdom then he had before the test.

God gave Job a double portion upon him and his life and restored him beyond all that it looked like he lost.

I don’t think anyone really likes the book of Job much because of the suffering he endured and all it cost him, but we are to “learn the lessons” of Job. We don’t have to go through what he went through, our own trials are more then enough to do the job.

What about all those who have abandoned you in your time of suffering? What about your friends who should have prayed and stood with you but instead thought they knew Gods’ will for your life, like Job’s friends thought of him? Have you ever been there? YES SIR, SURE HAVE!

They thought they knew God’s will and they were so self righteous? God was not happy with them. Job had to pray for mercy for them.

God could not bless Job until he forgave them and prayed for them, then God restored his fortunes.

Beloved, the “heat is on” for sure. The pressure and circumstances we are facing seem hard to deal with and hard to bear. I sure have said, “God I can’t take one more thing? Have you?

Yet, it is in those moments, sometime even when my faith get tested and I may even fail for a moment, I remember the words of Job, “thou you slay me, Yet!!!! I will trust you.” Those words are the “spiritual rope” we must hang unto in another BAM, BAM moment.

In these moments we know what we should do and how we should be great men and women of faith and act like nothing is happening so many religious people tell us. God forbid we become transparent as Jesus was before us.

Beloved, suffering is real, it hurts, it is hard, and sometimes you get numb as God is working his hottest refining fire in you. Emptying us of our self life and to be crucified with Christ is not painless.

Jesus suffering was real. Jesus even cried out, “Father is there a way you can take this cup from me? Isn’t that what we are really saying in the time of BAM, BAM suffering. Jesus sweat great drops of blood, yet the religious people say, we need sing hallelujah.

Not here, not at our personal Gethsemane moments. We too are sweating great drops of blood on the inside.

The suffering is doing it’s work of removing fear, doubt and unbelief until only the love of God is left as our heart soil. For perfect love cast out all fear!

Beloved, the scripture that says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s word will never pass away must become our life experience in the depth of our being so we can stand and overcome all BAM, BAM moments.

You and I may not understand today all that the Lord has allowed to come into our life. But He is with us and in us as a refining fire and fuller soap. He will bring us out of the BAM, BAM, as overcoming priests and kings of the most high God.

As we cling to our rope of the word of God, “thou you slay me, Yet I will trust you, we fully surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit.

It is here, we give the Holy Spirit the right to burn up everything that is not love and faith in our heart. The suffering time is transformed to a glory that will be seen upon us as we endure to the end like Job!

This morning as I am here with the Lord, letting His spirit do that very work in me, I hear the song they sang at Upper room in Dallas Texas going through me today. I believe God is singing this song of deliverence over all those who can relate to this post.

The spontaneous songs lyrics are simple: So High His love, So wide His love, So deep His love, So long His love. It‘s your love, love, love, its your love!

Another song they sang was, “even though it seems I surrounded, I am surrounded by YOU!” Nothing is impossible with God. We are going to come out of these BAM, BAM moments like pure gold and silver made by our Master’s hand.

May God strengthen each of you today that find themselves in the place where all hope seem gone, and their seems to be no way out, but like Job, you are hanging on to God and His word.

May the Lord reveal his heart desires to you and the work He must do in you to bring you through this final travailing birth pains that are bringing you and us into our destinies as full grown mature sons and daughter.

Father pour out of your Spirit today and renew us in our inner man with your inner strength as we wait upon you today. Let us mount up close to you on eagles wings where we can run and not grow weary and walk and not faint.

Lord you are our only hope. You are only answer. You are our vital need. Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, they shall never be put to shame.

God you restored and doubly blessed Job, may all those who find themselves in these dire straights today receive their way out, their restoration and double portion as you did for Job. I ask this in Jesus name.

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