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Blessed are those invited to the marriage supper of the lamb

Word for today April 19, 2021 : Blessed are those invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb!

Beloved of the Lord, I was wondering what changed yesterday in all the services held around this nation and the world? I guess my underlying question is was the manifest presence of the Lord, His Glory, in each gathering?

Did people leave seeing and meeting Jesus, falling in love with him? Was His heart ministered to? Was He blessed by our gatherings to seek His face and not his hand?

Was the tangible glory of God in our gatherings? Did the saints of God leave saying, "wasn't worship good, or bad? Did they leave saying "great message" Pastor or minister? Did they leave with good notes? Or did they leave saying, "surely God was in the place?"

Did the Body of believers build itself up in love? Did each have a song, him, teaching, prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues? Were the Prophets able to speak?

Was the Lord able to use whom he will yesterday? Did we limit him by a time frame and agenda to get people out in time? Did we stay and minister to him, love him, until His glory came in our midst?

Did the saints leave loving church, their minister, or loving God more? Did the ministers bring people to God's presence behind the veil torn in two, or another Sunday message given.

Was the high point of gathering getting the message from the preacher or being with God so powerfully the saints could say, surely the presence of the Lord was here.

Did we leave the gatherings saying how on fire our minister was, how powerful he was ministering, or that Jesus was truly in the midst of the 2 or 3 who gather together in His name.

Who received the glory yesterday? Was it a man, a minister, a church or ministry or was it God? Did the saints leaved changed in that glory? Did they leave with a deep reverential fear of the Lord, on fire to seek his face? Or did they leave with another nice message?

Did the preacher have to fire everybody up? Or did the fire of God come down in our midst? Was there a place for true and pure worship of God until the Holy Spirit led the gathering to where He wanted it to be, or was their time limits and pre-canned worship like we did last week?

Did the youth and young people leave wanting to come back to be with God, or did they leave board and going was only a religious exercise to them?

Just some questions I am pondering this afternoon. Was yesterday the "old wine skin services" of the church age method and style or was the worship and ministry to the Lord as David's Tabernacle ministry to God?

Did we tell people they needed a new wineskin when we offered then a different color old one we called new? What is the new wineskin of the kingdom age? What is the new wineskin of Kingdom gatherings of the saints? Do we think it looks like what we have done in the past?

That would be an old wineskin.. But we changed a few things around and let a few more people do something. That is not a new wineskin it is a recycled old one.

You can't put new wine in an old wine skin. My last question who was front and center of the services? Who was seen? Was it the minister of Jesus? Just asking?

I know many really dislike me writing this, and there is persecution for doing so, but I am not writing against or speaking to one person, but about a religious 2nd day church structure of gatherings that will not work in the kingdom age.

Unfortunately at this time many 5 fold ministers don't want to hear it, or upset the applecart of yesterdays way of ministering. That is each ones choice.

I am writing too those I know God is stirring in to bring the true change of Kingdom life to the body of Christ. I am writing to those minister who are tired of the same oh, same oh! Yet, may not know what God wants to change?

I am writing to the saints who are hungry to find their place in the body of Christ as coming out of the church religious system to be alone with God and fellowshipping with the other remnant parts of the body God has prepared for this day.

Beloved, God will have a people that will gather together in His name where He will be seen, known, and stand in the midst of them. He will be.. He will be in the midst of the 2-3 or more who have gathered together for Him alone and to lift up His name.

2 Thes 1:10 is a now word, "in that day, Jesus will come, to be seen glorified in His saints.

God is raising up a new breed of leaders that have the heart of David, a man after God's own heart. He is raising up a leadership that will decrease, so He can increase, and the rest of the body can function to build itself up in love.

New Leadership is coming to the house of God and it will look llke nothing of the 5 fold ministry work, act, and actions we have seen in the church age.

It will be totally different because they will flow from the deep relationship to Jesus in them and through them that Jesus can use to build up his body.

The new leaders will live and dwell in the glory realm. They will be trained and taught by the Lord himself to bring others to live in that same place until they can be formed into a Kingdom of King and Priest unto our God where they can rule and reign with him.

The new leaders will understand the function of God's wheel within a wheel and Joels end-time army. The new leaders will not be over the church, but under it as stones laid next to Jesus the corner stone and Jesus the finishing stone.

They will not be seen, but Christ will be seen in them and amongst them for they have no desire to do anything that is not God's will or please him. They are his full grown sons and daughters under the complete headship of Jesus Christ alone.

A wheel within a wheel is arising. A people prepared for His glory are coming forth. An army of end time saints is arising the likes that have never been seen before or will be after.

A man-child company is being fully birthed. The bride is finishing making herself ready to meet the bridegroom. The over-comers are about to become everything Revelation 2 and 3 says they will be.

God's hand is moving where we can not see. The church age has ended and is going to fade away with all its man made forms and rituals.

The New Kingdom of God age is arising in our midst with the form of a New Jerusalem city ready to be placed on planet earth to transform the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of our God in Christ.

David's Tabernacle is going to be rebuilt in this day and true and pure worship and ministry to God will be restored to His house and in it a wheel within a wheel will be formed to work in complete harmony with heaven on earth.

You may not see it yet, but it is happening. The embers of the flame of God is burning in the hearts God is preparing for such a time as this.

Soon the whole world will see the knowledge and glory of the Lord revealed everywhere. Soon the manifested sons of God will be walking on this earth as one body of Christ under His headship alone, then the end will come.

I started this post with some questions and I end it with one question? Who is on the Lord's side?

Revelation 19:9 And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.”

Blessings of the Lord upon each and everyone of you.

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