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blow the trumpet in zion: The great divide

Word for the Day 2: January 5, 2021: BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION: The great divide of the Presidential election of 2020

This morning as I got up to spend time with the Lord, I know there is much angst over this nation, about the election, covid-19 and so much darkness covering the earth today.

A great divide is even happening in the Body of Christ concerning those things. I have written that I am neither a democrat or republican, I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, saved by his precious blood. I have no skin in this political game some want to play.

I was born into a Democratic party household and was a Democrat for many years. As I grew up more I found that they had changed, their policies had changed, their beliefs had changed and they did not line up with what I believed.

I became a Republican around the time of Ronald Regan and felt much more in line with his views and the Republican party and voted more in line with them over the years.

It was not long after that with George H.W. Bush that I left being affiliated with the Republican party. When I heard him speak as the first president as wanting and establishing a New World Order, I was done with that party to this day.

In 2016 as I prayed about who I would support, my first choice was Dr. Ben Carson. I had heard him many times. I knew he was a man of God, loved God, relied upon God and felt he was the right choice. I was thrilled when President Trump picked him as HUD secretary. When He dropped out, I began to look at Senator Ted Cruz and he seemed to be a strong Christian and one I could support. Then Donald Trump came in the picture.

His style, His past, and his mannerism were not something I would have thought was presidential. Yet, as I prayed about it, I began to see something in him.

What he was saying about our nation? How he saw our nation in light of the world picture including not getting us into more wars. His political philosophy to me was more aligned with Ronald Regan than surely his opponent.

I think the things that woke me up to see God's hand on him, and I know my democratic party Christian brothers and sisters will strongly disagree with that statement was when he spoke to the Christian coalition.

I remember he said these words, "the church has lost it's voice in this nation." The church has lost it's place to be able to speak the truth. I asked why can't they support a political candidate and found out about the Johnson amendment and how it effects your 501C3. He said, a "tax exemption" should never be allowed to shut down your voice. When I heard him speak to that convention, I heard God speaking through him.

The church has lost it's voice in this nation through compromise under the spirit of Jezebel and wokeness and religious political correctness.

God was using this man to speak to the spiritual leaders to have a voice, not back down in the face of adversity. He also said, "you will have no better friend in the White House then Donald Trump.

I know matter what I write and what God told me I will be persecuted and called many names because of the color of my skin and not being empathetic enough to the concerns of minorities how they feel about him, but nothing could be further from the truth.

For me, I have had no desire to write anything about politics and I still don't. I did not write like this in 2016 or before that. The only reason I am writing now about these things that seem political is because God is telling me to.

It would be easier and safer to shut up, not get involved, or not to be misunderstood. I could shut up and please men or I have to risk the rejection and misunderstanding from my brothers and sisters and please God. I chose the later.

I am not a Trump Supporter from a political stand point but from a spiritual one. He has done more for the right to life then any other President in History.

He has done more to stop the persecution of our Christian values then last 5 Presidents combined not just in our nation but in other nations. He was not ashamed to call out the PC crowd about saying Merry Christmas out loud.

He fought for the little sisters of the poor who the last administration took to court to make them give out things that were against their faith and beliefs.

President Trump is far from perfect and there are things I would do much differently or say differently then he does. But God chose him to be a fighter, and a light to shine into the dark abyss of the one world order system trying to change our nation from light to darkness.

I had not intention about writing about these things, until by direct revelation from God months before the election was even going to take place. Months before Joe Biden became the nominee, the Lord showed me the darkness that was going to try to take over this nation through the Democratic party.

He showed me a great black cloud of deception that was going to come over this nation concerning the election. For three months before the election, every day I woke up and heard the Lord say, "who is on the Lord's side."

I did not say these things? I was not looking to speak these things. I had no intention in the flesh to get involved in speaking these things. If you don't believe me pray about it and ask God if this is true or not.

If this is not true, delete me from your friends account and never read or listen to another thing from me. It is quite simple to choose that.

I have no "political skin in the game. I register as an Independent. I have also seen by the Lord that same spirit of the OWO in the Republican party and that is even being more clear since the election.

The globalist elites who want to bring this "reset" to build back better, which is the United Nations slogan and Joe Biden's slogan as well to this nation.


One Sunday, the Lord called me away to be with him and he gave me 9 things that were going to happen just before the election and after. No one told me these things, nor did I read them.

That very night one of them happened and over the next few days every single thing God warned me about came out in the news.

Yet, I am writing these things politically? Really my dear brothers and sisters in Christ? I am not! I am writing and speaking what I hear from the Lord.

You have the right to discern it, reject it, accept it. That is your God given right, but is also my responsibility before God to write and speak what He tells me.

I realize what God has shown me is not going to fit the religious political paradigm many live in. That paradigm that has so harden so many Christians heart to be open to even hear the Lord from a different narrative.

The religious spiritual and cultural demonic power over this nation have merged together to effect the heart of believers to believe a lie like has never happened in this nation before.

Months ago, I saw that cloud of deception come off the east coast Atlantic ocean. I saw it completely come over our nation.

The Lord told me "the great delusion" was it's name. The Lord spoke to me that it would effect so many Christians that they would believe the lie 95% faster than they could ever believe the truth and that this delusion was targeting Christians who had opening in their hearts to be deceived by it.

Now Beloved, who wants to write this? Who wants to speak these things in the flesh? Do you not think I understand how that is going to be received? Do you think I don't understand like Jeremiah that many will reject it, hate it and me too?

But a prophet asked me many years ago this question? Brother Henry God asks you, do you want more of man or more of God? He already knows the answer. I want more of God. If writing what God gives me causes people to unfriend me, hate me, persecute me, then so be it. I will love them always. Many of the people who are not receiving this word are the very ones God has sent me to in the past with accurate words from Him that strengthened them.

Yet, now because this word doesn't fit their political and spiritual narrative they reject it. That is their choice and I love them no less. We can all miss it, including me, and if I do I will surely repent, I hope they will if they are wrong as well.

This election was a "choice election." God has never spoken to me before so directly about an election so in advance. For months I heard, "who is on the Lord's side."

Beloved, why would God tell me this over and over? When I asked him about it after about a week He answered me. This election is about "time" more or less for this nation to be prepared for what I am showing you.

It is about "who is going to be on the Lord's side" and allow him to choose who he wants, or will they pick who they want for President after the flesh." He said, "who is on the Lord's side is about this election and who His people would chose and he was watching."

I understand that is hard to understand without truly knowing the ways of the Lord. The God who gave Israel what they wanted when they wanted another King but him is the same God of today who watched who we chose to be President.

The Lord told me every single power of darkness of a political party, corporate global elites, social media, big tech, the deep state, main stream media, sports, entertainment and witches and the those in the occult were going to band together as one demonic force. Their agenda was to put their man in office by deception, darkness and delusion the likes we have never seen before to bring the one world order fully to our nation.

Was I to be silent about it, pray about it only, NO! The Lord told me to be a trumpet and sound the alarm!

Unfortunately Christians mocked me, persecuted me for what God gave me to share and refuse to believe the one world order elites in the world had come together to win this election.

When the results came in and Trump was ahead it seemed like God's choice would be re-elected but what happened the next few days after to "change that election result" by the global society of darkness was not going to let that happen.

So much they told Joe Biden he didn't even have to campaign they would win this for him, and they have tried to do that. Today they are fighting tooth and nail to keep their evil plot hidden in darkness by that dark cloud of delusion that would even cause Christians to believe the lie 95% faster than the truth.

Right before the election I saw that cloud break up into parts and be sent over cities. Those cities were Atlanta, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit and Las Vegas.

That clouds assignment was to infiltrate and bring delusion and confusion to the election to win it for Biden. I think if you read on line that the cities that had the "election engineering" many of them were these very cities.

Why would God show me this ahead of time? Why we he show me three speed bumps 3 weeks before the election where he was putting the breaks to slow the enemies plan down. In those three weeks we learned Hillary was behind the Russian Hoax to get the attention of her email scandal. The second was the revelation of Hunter Biden's laptop the media tried to bury so no one would hear about it.

The third was Biden's business associate going on national TV saying the Biden family was getting kick backs from China and other nations and Hunter was selling the name of his father to enrich their entire family including Joe.

The media tried to bury that. All of this came to light each week before the election and God used it to slow things down, but the enemy came with his black cloud to try to stop it from being known and seen and cause Christians who are democrats to dismiss it as lies when it was the truth.

If I was trying to be a political hack, or someone who wants to write about politics and society and I wanted my views to be known that would be a whole different perspective concerning these post.

Beloved, I am not doing that. I have written over and over not to see these things politically, but spiritually. The Lord is having me blow the shofar to show "what is behind the scenes", "what is trying to take over our nation spiritually" and our vote mattered to God.

I have good brothers and sister in Christ minister write against what God has given me. They say the election doesn't matter, just go on and pray for Biden and Harris as we have done for every other President.

But beloved of the Lord there has never been an election like this in human history. The is the first election in the light of the dawning of the Kingdom age and it's implications to the church for the next 4 years is going to be drastic.

This election was about "time" more or less to be prepared for what is about to come upon the earth. It was God's intention to give the church in nation and still is more time to prepare, fast and pray that our nation does not become a goat nation that is against God. Today their is an election in GA that is going to make a statement on that choice.

Wednesday when they count the electors there is going to be a statement about that choice of what this nation is going to be a goat nation or a sheep nation.

This choice will be one that will not be reversed if the wrong one is made. That is why God had me call out to pray, fast, and to speak out from His perspective what this election means.

Those who truly know and love me in the Lord, know I am not one to write about political things, but these things that are happening are not just political, they are kingdom things, kingdom of light against the kingdom of darkness.

This election was and is about light and darkness, good and evil and what this direction the church in this nation desires and chooses.

The question that God gave me almost every morning was, Who is on the Lord's side." I have written much about it, but I am writing this post as a last attempt to sound the alarm because of what is coming these next few days.

We must be prepared, sober, vigilant, and discerning so we can be ready at a moments notice for what God allows to unfold in our nation now and after the election.

So let us diligently seek the Lord for his strategies and blueprints for these next 7 days and beyond so that we stay centered in His perfect plan and will.

Please be open to re-think your position about this election. I only ask you to have an open heart to hear things and his voice past your political/spiritual paradigm.

Do not let the enemy deceive you. Pray and ask God about these things with an open heart. If you missed it, repent and turn back to God. If I have missed it, that is what I will do, I pray you would to if you have.

Who is on the Lord's side, is not a question of being a believer, but what we choose as a believer for the direction of this nation by our choice for President.

You have every right to discern this post, reject it, delete it or accept it if the Holy Spirit bares witness to you. That is the gift of free will God has given each of us.

Test all things, try all things, let the Spirit of the Prophets be subject to the prophets. That is God's will and His word to keep us safe and in His boundaries.

But through it all, let us keep the bond of love and spirit of peace between each other if possible. God Bless each and everyone of you always in His love.

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