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coming proceeds going in the kingdom of God!



We are called to Him before we are to be sent by Him.

To be “called” is to be set apart to the Lord Himself – “that they should be with Him.” If we are faithful in our part, which is “being with Him,” then He will be faithful in His part, which is to “send us forth to preach, and to have power.”

“And He goes up into a mountain, and called to Him whom He would; and they came to Him. And He ordained twelve that they should be with Him, and that He might send them forth to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils.” Mark 3:13-15

In each of these Scriptures, the call is to “come” before there is any sending forth. Our witness, or ministry, is intended to be the result of time spent in intimate fellowship with the Lord.

Then, as He works the qualifying “anointing, grace, love, and power” into our lives, He will faithfully send us forth into a place of ministry.

How many ministers today will take the time to "come and be with the Lord" before they hear the sending of the Lord? The problem with the church age is that we "sent out people" before the "came to be with the Lord" in intimate relationship with Him.

True Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry that is born out of this principle will have lasting results.

When Jesus took Peter, James, and John, up into the Mount of Transfiguration and was manifested before them in visible Glory, His Father spoke and confirmed His relationship with the Son – “…this is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear you Him” (Matthew 17:5).

As you can see, there is always a "calling to come up" before the sending out.

This is the primary importance of being sent is that there should be a deep abiding relationship between God and the one who is sent, as the ministry should flow out from this relationship.

Beloved, Many are called, but few are chosen. The "few" are the ones that will "pay the price" for that intimate relationship with the Lord.

In each of these Scriptures above, is the call is to “come” before there is any sending forth. Our witness, or ministry, is intended to be the result of time spent in intimate fellowship with the Lord. This is of prime importance as we are being set apart for God's end time purposes on the earth.

As we spend quality time in His presence, He works the qualifying “anointing, grace, love, and power” into our lives for us to be sent, and then He will faithfully send us forth into a place of ministry.

The importance of this principle cannot be over-emphasized among the Lord’s people. In the church age idea of ministry, it was all too easy to become so busy “doing” for the Lord, that we do not spend “set-apart” time in developing a quality relationship with Jesus.

Then, not only is the satisfaction and reward of “ministering with” the Lord lost, but our ministry will be far less effective because we are ministering for the Lord instead.

The end-time ministry work of the Kingdom age is "with the Lord" together as one doing His will alone, not ministry "for the Lord" where we are telling the Lord what we are going to do.

This principle is beautifully pictured in the Song of Solomon, where the Lord expresses His desire to go into the places of ministry with His beloved, while enjoying an intimate relationship with her. Once we have tasted ministering with the Lord (let us go forth – together), we will never be satisfied with less.

This is very purpose of the Kingdom age, "to prepare a people to minister as "one with the Lord" upon the earth as a witness, not doing witness, but as a witness of being one with Jesus as Jesus was one with the Father.

“Come, My beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages. Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give you My loves.” Song of Solomon 7:11-12

Before the fall, the Lord walked with Adam in “the cool of the evening.” This was a special atmosphere which was conducive to intimacy in their relationship. This was an open heaven relationship between the Lord and Adam

When Adam sinned, he hid from the presence of the Lord. The first thing that the Lord did was to look for Adam. He called out to Adam and said, “Where are you?” Isn't that beautiful beloved to teach us the heart of God?

The Lord knew where Adam was, but He intensely desired the place of fellowship that He once had with him, and was seeking Adam to repent, so this relationship could be restored.

Beloved, We should not be found in the position where the Lord has to “look for us” in our busy schedule. We must fully understand, and respond to His desire for our fellowship.

All true ministry and especially for Kingdom age apostles and prophets must come from the abiding deep relationship with the Lord to be effective on the earth.

May this principle that we are to first “come” before there is any outworking of ministry, change our daily pattern of activity. COMING ALWAYS PROCEEDS GOING!

If we will become quiet enough to listen, Jesus will be heard saying to us, “come,” that He might have those whom He can send.

This is the whole key to the end time work of the Lord. Revelation 4:1 John hears the war trumpet voice cry, COME.. COME.. COME UP HERE, SO I CAN SHOW YOU THE THINGS TO COME HEREAFTER.

Don't we want to function with the Lord In His ministry work and not our own, beloved leaders of the Lord and people of God?

Are you ready to accept this principle, COMING BEFORE GOING? A word to remember for us this morning is this:

“If we will build the Lord a house of devotion, He will build us a house of ministry.” Selah!

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