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Divine transplant from 2020=2021

Word For Today: December 31 2020. THE DIVINE TRANSPLANT FROM 2020-2021 IS HERE! Beloved of the Lord,

Today and Tomorrow Jan 1, 2021 A Divine Transplanting will begin for those who are prepared, positioned and propelled, battle ready to be planted in new spiritual ground in 2021!

Today, those who made themselves ready in 2020 will find the "lifting" presence of God today and tomorrow as God transplanting you from 2020 Transitional Glory into the new spiritual territory of 2021 called Unprecedented Glory!

I know many are speaking that the whole body of Christ is going to walk in this new power, authority and dominion, but they are not.

Only those who are found in the 5 wise virgin company, full grown sons, a bride who has made herself ready, over-comers, man-child company will be placed in this new ground of unprecedented glory today and tomorrow.

There is still time for people to "catch" the change of the prophetic day out of the 2nd day church age into the 3rd prophetic day of the Kingdom age, but not a lot of time.

This election was a " winnowing fork" in the Lord's hand in his church separating the wheat from the tares, sheep from the goats, false from the genuine.

The Lord gave a call to His people, "who is on the lord's side" for this nation was and still is caught in a spiritual tug of war because of the condition of the church here in America. Whatever way this works out, I am trusting for God's intervention in our nation to unfold this week beyond anything we have ever seen or known.

This is why it is critical for the Lord to not just have us crossover into the new year of 2021 in our own strength or power, but to be picked up and transplanted by God Himself and put into the new spiritual ground of accelerated kingdom growth and activity for the New Year. God has and is, preparing, positioning and ready to propel his remnant full grown sons and daughters to come together and form a wheel within a wheel by his divine convergences that is going to happen this year.

The Body of Christ is going to come together. The dry bones are going to live and now connect together by a supernatural intervention of God that the enemy will not know what hit him. A remnant of mature sons and daughter are now going to learn how to live, function and be released from the very throne room of God upon the earth.

They have matured in their intimate relationship with the Lord as His Bride, His Priest as they learned how to minister to His needs and hear and obey His voice.

These matured ones are now going to function as Sons and Kings to release THE UNPRECEDENTED GLORY OF GOD upon the earth.

They are the "fire bringers, glory bringers" God has spoken of manifesting on the earth for 3 decades now. Their time to arise and shine for their light, (the King of Glory) has come. Now the Glory of Jesus is going to be seen risen upon them as Jesus comes to be glorified in his saints.

"on the day He comes to be glorified in His saints and regarded with wonder by all who have believed, including you who have believed our testimony. 2Thes: 1:10. That day is now!

This remnant people have been hidden over these decades. They have not been in the front of Christiandom. They are not household names.

They are the army of the ordinary that God is making his extraordinary end time army Joel prophesied to become a wheel within a wheel under the headship of King Jesus Christ, the Commander in chief of his army.

The King of Glory in 2021 is uttering His voice before his army to bring them together from the 4 corners of the earth to form a people set in battle array. A people strong and mighty that have never been seen before and never will be seen again.

Joel spoke of this army and in 2021 this army is now going to come together in an accelerated work of God to bring it together as a wheel within a wheel.

God's divine convergences are coming rapidly in 2021. Those convergence will be a supernatural calling to come together in cities, places, nations that no one would even think of to meet with the Lord Himself in the restoration of David's Tabernacle place of pure worship.

As each person of this remnant army hears the voice of the Lord personally, by vision, by intimation they are going to know where they need to go, when they need to go there, and with whom to unite with for these divine convergences of God.

These are not conferences. These are not pre-planned agenda meetings like we have done in the church age. This is a remnant army hearing where God wants to meet, when He wants them to meet, and come together just to seek the face of God.

In 2021, these supernatural gatherings God is going to release his unprecedented glory in ways we have never known or seen before.

These "glory gatherings" will position His 5 fold ministers, full grown sons and daughter to hear the plans and strategies of the Lord for this moment in history and to execute them upon the earth.

Each "glory gathering" divine convergence will have a different work to do with a different part of the army. They will be not one gathering that will be the same.

What these "glory gatherings" will produce is the knitting of the Body of Christ together perfectly arranged by God Himself. There will not be "super apostles and prophets" over them as we have tried to build in the church age.

These "glory gatherings" will be led by King Jesus in our midst and the true end time apostles and prophets will walk in a greater dimension of the third heaven glory realm and understanding to work with the Lord for the placement and function of this army under the Lord's directions and instructions.

The 5 fold ministry in this kingdom age will have understanding from God to walk as Joshua the High Priest was able to walk in Zachariah chapter 3.

God will have removed their dirty clothes of the mixture of the church age along with his overcoming sons and daughters. They will have royal robes of the priesthood upon them and a new turban of "kingdom understanding from the glory realm" to walk amongst the ones who live before the throne of God.

God is going to give them unprecedented glory, dominion, power and authority along with the full grown sons and daughters to have rule in his courts, access to His presence as the 7 spirits of God.

This will cause them to be able to function with the 4 living creatures in heaven under King Jesus to form God's wheel within a wheel of Joel's army ready to redeem the earth.

Together with full grown sons and daughters of God, they will release the glory plans, the glory strategies in the unprecedented glory realm with power, authority and dominion to execute the words and judgments of God upon the earth.

They will be a great army that executes His words, the like that have never been before or even come again.

Those who have made themselves ready in 2020, burned the ships of their old church age life and ministry who have vowed to God never to return to the old wine skin of the church age or to drink the wine of the church age are now ready today to be transplanted in 2021's Unprecedented glory realm.

Today and Tomorrow is going to now bring the fullness of the "day after that" third day finishing glory of Jesus to be seen risen upon this victorious people. People set in battle array.

A people who are now going to function with their new spiritual armor, new spiritual weapons God has prepared them for to enter the war of all wars and transform the kingdoms of this world into the kingdoms of our God in Christ.

Today and Tomorrow a Spiritual Transplanting is coming to those who have made themselves ready in 2020 to enter 2021.

The word transplanting means: move or transfer something to another place or situation ,typically with some effort and upheaval.

This is not an ordinary crossover into a new year like in the church age for the remnant of God. This is God plucking us up by the roots.

It is God shaking the dirt and ground of the spiritual year of 2020 to place us in a new "dug out hole" in fertile ground in new land.

It is God placing us in 2021 Ground of unprecedented glory so we be made into a royal priesthood, a holy nation, kings and priest to our God filled with glory of God

His desire for 2021 is to bring his army together under his direct headship and lordship to rule and reign in them for his end time purposes on planet earth.

As God plants his remnant army and bring them together to form one wheel within a wheel, they will be filled with unprecedented glory of the 7 spirits of God that are 7 torches before the throne with 7 eyes.

This unprecedented glory will knit them together as one and form them into Joel's army of end time warriors filled with the Spirit of Prophecy.

This army will not minister from the church age gifts of the Spirit. They will not minister from the church age 5 fold ministry.

They will operate in the higher realm of the Glory of the Lord, the third heaven power, anointing and transformation glory to subdue the earth.

This army of God will not be seeking gifts or positions to obtain as the body did in the church age, this army lives as one with God, one another to become a witness of Jesus Christ glory risen upon them.

They will be filled with the higher unprecedented glory, dominion, authority and power as a wheel within a wheel filled with the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY--- THE TESTIMONY-- THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST.

them in the midst of great darkness but their light, the LIGHT OF THE KING OF GLORY, filling them and surrounding them will cause nations to come to the brightness of their arising.

This is what the transplanting of 2020 into 2021 will bring forth. It will begin to manifest secretly for the first three months of Jan, Feb and March2021.

It will begin to be seen in the 2nd three months of April, May and June 2021. It will begin too manifest in power in the next three months of July, August and September 2021.

It will position God's people to become a full functioning army and wheel within a wheel to be seen in every nation in the last three months of Oct, Nov and December 2021.

This is a critical work that God is going to do in 2021 before the seals on the scroll are broken upon the earth.

The finishing of a readied people who can sing the new song of Revelation 5:6-10 will be heard first before the full cleansing judgments are released upon the earth.

I am not writing about when these events after chapter 5 will come, some things are already taking place because we are already in the Day of the Lord, but a prepared army, a restored David's Tabernacle will be formed in 2021 for the glory of God.

The new song that "he has called us and chosen us out of every tongue and nation and purchased us with his own blood and now he has formed us into a kingdom of priest and kings to our God and we shall rule and reign with him forever and ever" will manifest on the earth through his full grown sons and daughters.

The army of God, Joel's army and wheel within a wheel will come together in 2021 through divine convergences.

A people, an army of God, that has never been seen before and will never be seen again is now being made ready to come forth upon the earth.

What will Joe's army look like? What will this divine transplant produce in those who are being transplanted in 2021?

Well, it will come with upheaval in relationship to the rest of the church. They will not understand this work and will even rise up and persecute those God is transplanting.

It will not touch or effect them because of the rich ground of God's pure holy love they are being transplanted in. This ground is rich with the fertilizer of the pure holy love of God that has saturated the ground where they are placed.

God's pure holy love will fill them, surround them, and cause them now to bear fruit and fruit that will remain for eternity.

They will overcome all hatred, persecution and attacks because of the pure holy love they are saturated with. These are a victorious people chosen for such a times as this.

The book of Joel describes this army that God is rising up. It is the fruit of His glory realm. Great are the people, the army that can execute and release His word!

Be ready remnant warriors of God today and tomorrow and be expecting the lifting presence of God's parousia to bring you up and out of 2020 into the divine placement of 2021.

We are being transplanted out of the 2020 transformational glory year to be placed into 2021 year of unprecedented glory. Are you ready?

The terrible day of the Lord's Visitation

1 Blow a trumpet in Zion And sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, For the day of the Lord is coming; indeed, it is near,

2 A day of darkness and gloom, A day of clouds and thick darkness.As dawn is spread over the mountains,So there is a great and mighty people;There has never been anything like it, Nor will there be again after itTo the years of many generations.

3 A fire consumes before them,And behind them a flame devours.The land is like the Garden of Eden before them,But a desolate wilderness behind them,And nothing at all escapes them.

4 Their appearance is like the appearance of horses; And like war horses, so they run.

5 With a noise as of chariots They leap about on the tops of the mountains,Like the crackling of a flame of fire consuming the stubble,Like a mighty people drawn up for battle.

6 Before them the people are in anguish; All faces turn pale.

7 They run like warriors,They climb the wall like soldiers; And each of them marches in line,Nor do they lose their way.

8 They do not crowd each other,Every warrior of them marches in his path;When they burst through the defenses,They do not break ranks.

9 They storm the city, They run on the wall;They climb into the houses,They enter through the windows like a thief.

10 Before them the earth quakes, The heavens tremble, The sun and the moon become dark, And the stars lose their brightness.

11 The Lord utters His voice before His army;His camp is indeed very great, For mighty is this army who(executes) carries out His word. The day of the Lord is indeed great and very awesome,

And who can endure it? Selah!

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