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Word ForToday February 17, 2021 DON'T BE LIKE THE HORSE AND THE MULE! Beloved,

Today, it is critical that we hear the knock of Jesus on our hearts found in Revelation 3:20. We must repent, change and overcome to become full grown sons and daughters of God that He can take up through the door in heaven in Revelation 4:1

This day should not overtake us as a thief in the night or come upon us unawares. The lord desire to take us "up" through the door in heaven to "show" us the things that are coming?

Are you ready to come up into the 3rd heaven realm of Glory to hear the Lord Jesus speak to you as a war trumpet? Are you ready to see Him as the King of Glory seated on His throne?Are you read to spiritually be seated with Him in heavenly places now on the earth?

Then we must stop all our busyness and spend quality time seeking the face of God now.

Today, is the day God wants to reveal to you his end time plans for your life, your family, your church or ministry. Will you take the time to seek Him for them?

In the church age we "guessed' what God wanted us to do. If we heard his voice we often tried to obey him in our fleshly efforts to produce a mixture of flesh and spirit that God can't receive.

We are in the third day Kingdom age. NO flesh shall glory in His sight. This is the season God is pouring out his pure holy love to refine us like gold and silver and complete us as full grown sons and daughters.

Revelation chapters 2 and 3 speak of the true repentance we must bring before the Lord to change and become an overcomer so we can be lifted up to be seated with him on his throne as He sat down on his His Father's throne as an overcomer. Revelation 3:21.

It is in that place Psalm 32:8-9 will become the true kingdom tool of operation for us to live in these last days. We are going to live in a "continuous state of divine intervention under the control of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A continuous state of hearing and seeing as Jesus heard the Fathers and saw what the father was doing. John 5:19.20, 30 AMPC.

The pure holy love of God is being poured out to truly make us one with the Lord. This love is a holy refining fire to finish us, complete us, and change us from water to wine for God's end time purposes.

God is going to have a people so one with him as a bride, a man-child, sons, and over-comers he is going to form them into a wheel within a wheel in complete harmony with His glory realm in the third heaven to manifest on the earth.

He is forming a people prepared for His glory. Isaiah 60:1-3 is becoming a living reality to those who are repenting, changing and overcoming. The light of God's glory shall be seen upon them.

We are in a new day, a new hour, of divine intervention of God in our lives to form us into a Kingdom people, not church people, but a kingdom people who will function as kings and priests with our Lord. A people who are destined to rule the nations with a rod of iron.

2021 is the year of God's unprecedented glory, unprecedented power, authority and dominion in those who are being emptied, completed and risen up with the glory of God filling them.

Our choice is to stay in the noise of the church age with all it's clutter, hold unto offenses, mixture of flesh and spirit, judgmental attitudes and critical spirits, division or strife, or enter into the joy and pure holy love of His true kingdom life.

The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Is that what is coming forth from his people? Is that what the world see in us? Not yet, but it will very soon.

God is finishing a people. He is preparing a people who will have the fullness of His son's victorious life being lived in them. Jesus is going to be seen glorified in His saints. 2 Thes. 1:10 is happening now.

We have to choose whether we will be a wise or foolish virgin. Will we take the time to buy the extra oil we need of God's dealing in our life and allow him to finish us?

Will we be content being saved, gifts of the spirit and being used in ministry yet never coming to maturity?

This is time of "divine choosing!" Who is on the Lord's side? This is the day the Lord has come with his Glory Positioning System GPS of how we are to live and overcome in this day of the Lord.

Psalm 32 requires a hearing ear, seeing eyes, a heart that is open and can be taught in the "new of God" for this day. He says, "I (the Lord) will teach and instruct you.. in the way that should go... (24/7 365) and I will guide you with my own eye.

He gives one condition, DON'T BE LIKE THE HORSE AND MULE THAT LACK UNDERSTANDING. That is the choice we must make now.

Those who can't see this new day, new hour and the new requirements to enter into the fullness of the lord will lack understanding and will be like the horse and mule that has to be led by a bridle and bit. These are immature ones that can't be led by the Spirit of God fully.

Those who are led by the Spirit of God are Sons of God. Jesus is appearing in our midst as the King of Glory to come and take complete headship over our lives and His body so his end time purposes can be released on the earth.

Will you be part of that or left out of that? That is what the choices is before us. Will you stay in the church age American Dream Church life giving God what you want, when you want and how you want to like a horse or mule?

Or will chose to enter the Kingdom age Glory 3rd day where your life becomes a true living sacrifice as one with the Lord, where you will mature as a king and priest to rule and reign with him?

Will you let him form you into a kingdom, a royal priesthood and holy nation? That is the choice we have today?


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