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Don’t stop now, I say, “it is finished.”

Word for Today: September 20, 2020: Don’t stop now, I say, “it is finished.”


Do not be moved by what you see and hear in the natural. The enemy is ratcheting up the noise. He is trying to fill the spiritual atmosphere with clutter to bring diversions to my people to keep them from their destiny.

But I am here. This is the day of the vengeance of the Lord. I am here. I am breathing in the spiritual atmosphere around you. I am breathing in the spiritual atmosphere in you.

I have come to remove the noise and the clutter of the enemy that has tried to cause you to walk where you can’t see clearly. I am intervening for you this very night.

I have come to make the crooked places straight and to shed light into the midst of darkness. I am here to shine the light for where your feet are now to go.

You are not going to miss it. You are not going to be late. All the diversions are being removed and cast into the sea. You are going to see me like never before. I am going to reveal myself to you in my Glory.

Do not be afraid. Do not turn back. Do not look back. Look ahead of you. My sheep hear my voice and they know me, they follow me and the voice of the stranger they shall not follow.

This is what I am doing in your very midst. The clutter you have faced in the atmosphere, the noises of the enemies threatening will touch you no more.

I am lifting your head above your enemies and I am placing you on a high rock tonight so you can see and hear Me clearly with 20/20 eye sight and perfect hearing in the Spirit.

I am lifting you up above your circumstances. I am lifting you up above the situations. I am lifting you up above the noise that is trying to tear this nation apart.

I am lifting you up above the enemies threats against you and your family, your work and ministry. I am here, says the Lord your God. Do not be afraid!

Fear not my Beloveds and remember the words I gave to the Prophet Isaiah:

“But now, this is what the LORD says-- he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”

No one is going to pluck you out of my hand. I have purchased you with my own blood. If God be for you, who can be against you? I am for you. I AM FOR YOU!

My mighty hand is moving for you powerfully tonight to bring kingdom change, kingdom transformation, and kingdom glory in the midst of your heart, your life, your family and all that concerns you.

I am turning things around for you tonight in a brand new way. The clutter you have had to wade through in the spirit realm is removed.

The noises of all those other voices I have silenced in your ears so you only hear my voice speaking to you. You are my sheep, the sheep of my pasture.

I am bringing you the clarity and understanding you have asked of me. I am giving you new wisdom, new guidance, and a new power of maneuverability to overcome the debris field the enemy has thrown at you.

Things are now going to be made plain. I am bringing the pieces of the puzzle together so you can see what I have desired for your life fully. I am not the author of confusion, the enemy is.

The spiritual clutter, noise, and debris the enemy has released against you my people is to try to hinder you, slow you down, and cause you to be fearful, but it has failed.

Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord. He shall never be put to shame. I say to you tonight, your faith has made thee whole. I am removing the debris field.

I am removing the spiritual clutter that has tried to frustrate you and my purposes. I am removing the noise of the “demonic voices” that have been trying to scream in your ears.

Tonight I am taking you higher in me. I am going to cause you to hear the “new sound” of heaven I am releasing on the earth.

I am causing your eyes to see the glory I am filling the spiritual atmosphere over you, around you and in you.

I am causing your heart to be filled with holy divine expectation to believe that the best is yet to come for your life and family. In the midst of this great darkness, I have released my command.

Arise and shine, for your light has come. Yes, My Love’s your light, I am your light and I have come. Because I have come my glory is going to be seen risen upon you.

The time has come. The hour is here for all things to be completed in me. Do not fear. Do not worry. Do not look back. Look up unto the hills from where your help comes from.

You have put your trust in me fully and now you are going to behold my glory to destroy the enemies plots against you and your family. Divine Change has come.

I have moved on your behalf and watch and see my glory displayed on your behalf.

My Love’s come up here with me. Come and leap with me upon the mountain of spices, for there I will give you my love. It is time for us to come forth together as one.

Me in you and you in me so the world will believe the Father loves you as he loves me. The time of our oneness to be revealed on the earth has come. The day of the bride and the bridegroom is here.

Blessed is the bride that has made herself ready, for now she is permitted to wear the gown made of all white. Blessed are all those invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.


Behold, tonight things have changed. When you wake up in the morning you will behold my divine change, my divine movement on your behalf.

I have turned things around for you. The doors that were bolted shut by the enemy are now wide open for you to walk in. It is a new day. It is a new hour, can you not perceive it?

The clutter is removed from you. I have released the breath of my nostrils to blow it all away in one moment.

I have released my voice to remove every voice of the enemy’s noise he has tried to surround you with. My voice alone will you hear and follow says the Lord.

I am giving you new kingdom understanding for this hour. This day is not coming upon you unawares. I am positioning you to win. I am placing you in perfect alignment with me and with one another to win.

I am clearing out the debris field, removing the clutter in the atmosphere.

I am clearing out the noise that has tried to fill your ear. I am replace it with my glory. I am causing my kingdom voice to reverberate in you,

Hear oh heaven, and hear oh earth for I declare over my sons and daughters my word: Christ in you the hope of Glory. I am your hope of glory. You are free to go forward now and not look back.

Do not lose heart. Do not lose faith or hope. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I am pouring out the fire of my pure holy love upon you and your family and all that I said I would do, I am doing right now.

So put on the garment of praise now for the spirit of heaviness. Put on the garment of joy and worship me tonight no matter where you think you are.

I have changed things for you. I have turned things around. The thief will steal from you no more and I have commanded him to restore what was stolen 7 fold for you.

It is happening now. It will happen now. It will continue to keep happening until every thing is completely restored back to you. You are my own ones.

You are my remnant warriors! Tonight, I have heard you and answered your prayers, and they will now manifest on the earth as it is heaven.

I have done it, says the Lord. It is finished! It is finished! It is finished!

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