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Don't take authority, walk in it. Taking is stealing

Word of Today: March 8, 2021 Don't take authority, walk in it. Taking is stealing.

Beloved, I want to share with you tonight something God had to correct me on many years ago.

That correction was I was telling everyone to "take authority, and they were seated in heavenly places with Jesus."

I wasn't trying to deceive them, but what I was doing was telling them "they had a spiritual place, position and power" that was not worked in them yet.

I told them they could do all these things even though they were lukewarm in some cases, cold in others, and religious in other ways.

I told them character did not really matter indirectly. I told them they could do whatever the bible said as the "logos" word but not the "rhema word."

One day the Lord strongly rebuked me about this. I repented and even wept of what I was telling God's people.

I was actually hurting them by trying to get them to walk and do what was not worked or done in them by God because the Bible said so. This so grieved the Holy Spirit.

Because I was taught this and never checked it out for myself, I just assumed that we can just do everything the Bible says we can do no matter what spiritual condition we are in.

I taught that God was going to trust them with all this power and authority when they were not even faithful in seeking the Lord daily. I was undone by that. I so repented and learned a valuable lesson about the word of God.

The word of God is never ours until it is worked within our lives. The word must be personalized or become our life experience for the Lord to speak it and work it out of our life.

For 30 years Jesus was the Son of God. For 30 years he could have healed everyone, saved everyone, fed everyone, and even keep Joseph alive, but he did no such thing.

He had power. He had authority, He was the Son of God, but he laid that authority and power down to become one of us and he had to learn obedience by the things he suffered.

It was not until the Father said, "the Son of God, Son of Man" was ready did Jesus begin his ministry and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Think about this, was not Jesus baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit when John baptized him? Did not the Holy Spirit come down on him like fire and as a dove? Did not the Father speak and say, "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."

Why didn't Jesus just do miracles before that? Why did he not walk in "his authority and take it." He was the Son of God? Yet even after he got filled with the power of the Holy Spirit where did he go?

Did he go to pray with people? Did He go to heal the sick, raise the dead yet? How many miracles did he do right after this baptism of fire? O, none, notta..

The Bible tells us immediately the Spirit led him to the desert to be tempted by the devil for 40 days and nights. Beloved even the the Son of God had to be tested and proven as the Son of Man and overcome the devil before He started his ministry and did one miracle?

It was not until Jesus "overcame the devil in the desert, did he come out of the desert in the POWER OF THE SPIRIT.



I also will not tell people they are seated in heavenly places when their head and thoughts are in the world or earthly things.

Beloved, to be seated with him in heavenly places REQUIRES a "real developed spiritual life of devotion and maturity in Christ. Jesus gives His authority to those who will prove themselves trustworthy with their ministry to Him. Yes, Ministry to Him proceeds Jesus giving you power and authority.

He chose 12 and called them up a high mountain to be "with him." Then he called them and gave them power and sent them out on their work with Him. Coming to God always proceeds going. Without coming to God, there is no true power and authority unless you try to usurp it as Satan did before God.

The come up here in Revelation chapter 4 is for overcomer's only. Revelation 3:21 says,

To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." Revelation 3:21, NASB: "The one who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat with My Father on His throne."

That is to whom and where God gives authority and power to rule and reign.. to he that overcomes.. I will make.. I will give.. I will grant.. Do you see it beloved, God gives it, we can't take it. We are not thieves, we are to be full grown sons.

Why do ministers tell people to do and walk in spiritual places they are not prepared for. What kind of logic is that?

Why do we tell every Christian to "take authority" "walk in this or that of God" when they don't even know Him, spend time with Him or can't be trusted with His power because of the lack of the pure holy love of God in them?

Think about this man and woman of God. A 10 year old could read a driver's manual. They could even take the test and if they were smart enough pass it, but would you let them behind the wheel of your car to drive anywhere at 10 years old?

Why not? They can do all things through Christ that strengthens them? Telling people to "Take their authority" is stealing. Taking is stealing when you don't have permission to do so.

We walk in God's authority as we come under God's authority. The more his pure holy love is worked in us. The more his authority come forth in us and from us.

Because the Logos word of God says to do something, does not give you the authority to do so. The word must become flesh in us experientially.

I wonder if we really even understand what it means to be seated in heavenly places with Jesus? Have we read Revelation chapters 1-3? Do we see that all the spiritual authority given by Jesus for the end time are to “over-comers" not everybody?

Beloved, Why are we teaching people to walk in something they are not ready for? Did not John and James want to use their authority or have Jesus use it to call down fire from heaven to consume people that were speaking against them?

Did Jesus seat them in heavenly places to do that? Did he give them power at that time to do it? Or did He say, "you don't know what manner of spirit you are?"

They did not have the maturity, wisdom or given that place of authority until they were proven faithful to the Lord.

Please, we must stop telling the whole church they can have "authority and power" without character, without proving and testing from God to be trusted with "driving the car."

No matter how much you love that 10 year old, they DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DRIVE IT YET. You can let them. You can even take them on the road and say, "See he can drive."

Yet, Jesus can say too many in that day, "Lord, Lord have we not cast out devil in your name, prophesy in your name? Do we want the 10 year olds to hear these words, "depart from me your worker of iniquity I never knew you.

I guarantee you, you may say your child can drive, they are old enough, capable enough, though they are not, they can not legally drive.

To drive they must past a written test, an eye exam, and take a driving test TO PROVE THEY CAN HAVE THE AUTHORITY AND POWER TO DRIVE THE CAR?

Beloved, if that is just to drive a car, how much authority does someone who is just saved and living their lives for themselves, or may they just go to church and pay their tithes but live their life for their own will.

How much authority and power will they have from God? How much would he trust them with his holy things? Would you trust them with the keys to the kingdom when they are not faithful to the keys of the car?

I have seen God use children powerfully, but when he does, they are under his headship, authority and they come with a pure heart to trust God to do the work. He will move in them and use them as they surrender to him.

But I have never seen one of them "take authority" as if they can command God to do what they say because it is his word. God uses the humble, the meek and those who make themselves willing and yielded vessels to do only His word and speak only what He says.

I will never again tell someone they are seated in heavenly places or they should take their authority. I used to say it because all the other ministers said it, but God rebuked me.

He said, "don't even tell someone to take authority, that is stealing, teach them how to walk in it, show them the way to me so I can work my authority in them."

To be seated with him in "reality" in heavenly places are for his "over-comers, his wise virgins. Remember Beloved there were 10 virgins, 5 wise and 5 foolish. Did the foolish get to enter in behind the door? No? They weren't ready. They did not get the extra oil in time and the door was shut.

So should we teach the whole body of Christ they can walk in authority they have not been given or proven in their life? Do the foolish virgins get the same reward as the wise? Did the man who buried his talent in the sand get the reward of the ones that used their wisely and produced 100 fold what they were given?

No Beloved, the one who had one talent should have put in the bank to make a return or get interest. Because he said the "Lord was hard taskmaster, he buried his in the sand. Did Jesus commend him? No, he rebuked him and took what he had and gave it to the one that had 10.

So let us not be hasty in kingdom advancement and tell people they have authority and power where that authority and power of God was not worked in their lives. Let us teach them how to walk in authority, the ways of the Lord, to be proven faithful and trustworthy of what is holy to God. Amen.

Blessings to you always.

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