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Election 2020 More time or Less time: The choice in your hands!

Word For Today October 11, 2020: Election 2020 More time or Less time: The choice in your hands!

Dear friends, family and brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are at a crossroads as a church and a nation on what is going to happen in the next few years. This election is not going to stop God’s end time plans, judgments and the transformation of the kingdom of this world into the Kingdom of our God.

What God said is going to happen including the end time events that are going to happen. No one can change it. What is important for us is to understand is the times and seasons of the Lord.

Where are we on God’s time clock? Why is this election so important for God’s end time plans?

All mankind is going to face the judgment seat of Christ. Every nation is also going to face the judgment seat.

They are going to be judged as a sheep nation belonging to the Lord, or a goat nation belonging to the enemy. Some may be found in between.

What I believe this election is about is “time.” That is it in a nutshell. I believe many in God’s church are truly repenting for their own sin, the sins in the families and the sin in the church.

I believe God is hearing those prayers. Many true brothers and sisters in Christ are praying with earnest 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

After going to Washington DC last week, I feel God shifted things and he is going to give us more time to bring in His end time harvest.

Not a long time, but enough time for God to do what must be done in our nation and the nations we are connected with.

I know God blesses the nations that support Israel. This President has done more for Israel then any President in history.

He has chosen to take his stand with Israel and because of that God may be giving us more time for his mighty hand to bring in an abundant Kingdom Harvest.

What does this have to do with this election? The last administration was not even close to being a true friend of Israel. In may ways, they sided with those who hated Israel more then those who loved Israel.

Many in Israel still must come to know Christ before the end times unfold, but that time is quite short for us all.

This election is about “time.” If God’s people continue to repent and turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves, God promises to forgive our sins and heal our land.

There is a harvest of youth that must come into the kingdom. There is a harvest of prodigals God is going to bring back home.

There is a forming of God’s wheel within a wheel that must manifest on the earth, God’s royal priesthood and His Holy nation.

God put this present President in power for His purposes to give us “time” and to change the course of a nation from becoming a goat nation and to stay a sheep nation.

That is why this election is critical for God to give us “time, being in the harvest, and what this nation shall become.” I know most people don’t want to hear that.

I know so many hate Donald Trump because of his demeanor, and his coarseness.

As one man billionaire wrote, “ This is a spiritual battle between good and evil, God and the Devil.”

He said, “in this time we don’t need a politician we need a warrior."

In World War 2 it was said General Patton was not a “nice man” and very abrasive, and no one liked him, but he was a brilliant warrior, motivator and knew how to get the job done.

He said, in a time of war, “do you want a sweet talking politician who promises things and never do it, or a business man warrior who knows how to get things done?”

Our President is a warrior. He is like Jehu commissioned by God to destroy Ahab, Jezebel and remove her descendants from the earth.

He was ruthless and merciless on his divine assignment and would have not passed the likeability test. But he had a command from God to do and he did it. So it is with our President.

When this billionaire Christian spoke about General Patton and President Trump chosen for the war of their day, it really witnessed to me.

This truth made much sense to me and I hope that it is for you. This election is about “timing.” Timing to advance the kingdom of God for the Lord’s house to be full as found in Luke 14.

If we can get our eyes off the politics, candidates, and our political and social agendas, we might be able to see what is really at work in this election.

What has been at work against this President since he came down the escalator in 2015 has been unbelievable.

Never has a hatred against the will of God, the will of the people been seen since Hillary lost against a duly elected President.

A whole political party worked a planned plot and cue to remove him from the place God gave him, and they failed. Much of what was done is about to come to light.

Remember this is not about flesh and blood this war, but it is against powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.

Yet the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph. For if God is with us who can be against us. Nay, in all these things we are more then conquerors. So be not afraid.

Beloved we just need to discern the times and seasons of the Lord. In this way we can cooperate with the outworking of His end time plans for our lives, our families, churches and our nation.

Before 2016, Many prophets prophesied Donald Trump becoming President before he even chose to run. God does nothing first without revealing it to his prophets.

Many prophets declared he was going to win when Hillary had the color of the drapes for the Oval Office picked out. He was behind over 10 points in the polls, yet he won.

No one could understand how could this man win the Presidency? They could not understand because they don’t know God or able to discern God’s hand.

I am not justifying Donald Trumps' past, his present, or how he speaks, his tweets or what he does.

I just know whatever God made him to be and how he operates God needs to work his will in our nation and in the world.

Beloved, The bottom line is that he is chosen for such a time as this, and I can see a deep change in him from 4 years ago behind that toughness.

God is touching him and I have never heard a political event where people started chanting we love you President Trump. Have you?

Why are they doing that? What is God saying to us through things like this?

President Trump can not let his guard down for a minute for the enemy has allied every force in hell against him.

He has to stay on the wall and remain in war mode, because it is a war. He can’t give an inch and he wont, just like Jehu.

For this hour He is God’s warrior, our General Patton for us all in the Body of Christ and our nation.

Does God want him there another 4 years? I believe so, but we shall see. It will depend on how we respond and repent and if we turn from our wicked ways as a church and return to our first love.

Has any President done more for our Christian rights? Has any President spoke about God and the rights of the unborn like this President?

Has there ever been such a pro life President as this President? Has any President turn the economy around to benefit all races and income levels? Has any President been so for Israel?

Do you know that a fireman, prophet of God, God told President Trump in 2015 would win the election. People laughed at him.

Yet God told this man that the economy would rebound in a year and be the best it had in years? Did that happen? Yes it did.

I believe there is still unfinished business for our President to do to give us more time.

There is still much to be be done to bring in the end time harvest and the establishment of this nation as a sheep nation and not ever become a goat nation against God.

Yet, God has given us a choice. We have a free will.

We can vote politically out of the hurts of our past, the past generation, the unfairness of life if you want. You can vote because you have always been a D or an R.

Or, we can hear the present word of the Lord and vote for our future and the Kingdom of God to redeem the earth.

We can vote for more time for the harvest of God and the restoration of our nation to be one nation under God.

Or we can continue to turn from God, and allow the enemy to make us a goat nation.

One choice will give us more time and the other which will hasten the judgments of God to be released upon the nation and the world.

If I am wrong in this discernment God will make it plain. If this is from the Lord it may provide a road map for us to see what God desires in the next three weeks for this election.

Let God prove all things. We know in part and we prophesy in part. I have no problem for anyone to test anything I post or write if it is from God or not. That is your God given right to do.

If this is from God it will surely prove itself as understanding we need with this upcoming election. The question is who is on the Lord’s side? That is what we must ask when we vote.

Like Joshua I declare tonight, as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

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