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Every Coin Has Two Sides

Word for Today: September 18, 2019 Every Coin Has Two Sides.


This morning as I wait in His presence, before I can come up into a place where I desire to be with him in prayer, I felt a prompting of the Lord to wait. What am I waiting upon Lord, beside you?

As we seek the Lord’s heart and face, He is in control and sometimes before he takes us higher there are things He may want us to address in our own hearts, in situations, or even for others.

We must learn to follow His leading as we approach Him to go where ever he wants us to go, see whatever we need to see, hear whatever we need to hear and just follow Him in faith. “Those that are led by the Spirit of God, are Sons of God.

I came to seek His face and his heart, but immediately He wanted me to write what he was giving me. I had to write on post on a particular page and I thought I was finished, but I wasn’t it.

He had me read several posts today on Facebook and He began to show me a pattern that he has been showing me over the past month or so in what is being written in His name.

He had me read several posts today on facebook and He began to show me a pattern that he has been showing me over the past month or so in what is being written in His name.

He had me write one post about it already about giving all the Glory to God an not men, but today I felt in my spirit that there is more He wanted me to write about.

So many times, and I may repeat this in this post, I know God is not having me write to everyone, just those he is giving me to write and share to. So not everything may apply to you. So if it does not apply to you who are reading this post, just move on deeper in God.

Also I do not want anyone to believe I am writing to them or against them personally. I am not doing that. What I am doing is to write as He is giving me about a pattern or theme He is showing me in some post and feed I have read.

What He has me share today let me write it again for clarity, is not toward or against anyone one person that writes on Facebook, or against anyone. What I am sharing today is like a yellow caution light, or a foot on the break to slow down to those who may write, minister and post things on social media to teach or instruct the Body of Christ?

What He has me share today let me write it again for clarity, is not toward or against anyone one person that writes on facebook, or against anyone. What I am sharing today is like a yellow caution light, or a foot on the break to slow down to those who may write, minister and post things on social media to teach or instruct the Body of Christ?

Beloved, None of us get it all right or perfect in what we write or share. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t have the fuller picture of God on what He is showing us to write and we may even have to go back and edit what we wrote.

I know I have to do that from time to time. I want to do that. If I missed part of something or don’t see something fully and God gives me fuller light personally or through another I want that and I will change what he gave me to write. Sometimes he will wake me up and say go back and read that post.

When I do reread it, sometimes he has me edit to clarify thoughts, add some things I didn’t see when I first wrote it. Since these are his words, his messages, he wants us to hit the bulls eye not just the outer perimeter of it, and he knows how make the correct adjustment to what we write as needed.

It wasn’t that God was off, but perhaps we didn’t wait long enough for fuller understanding or didn’t give God the time to proofread what He gave us to make sure we got it right.

I know I need that correction from God to learn how to be more accurate in the Lord and to hit the bulls eyes as we grow in maturity of the Lord.

The Lord desires us to hit the bullseye every time. He will help us do that in the apostolic and prophetic the deeper we allow him to train our spiritual senses to the deep sensitivity of his heart and how He sees the condition of His body.

Like I said, I have made plenty of mistakes and this is not to judge anyone’s motives, heart or intention. This post is a word to help us maybe see some boundaries or instructions of the Lord as we write in a new way so that we can get a better picture of the fullness of what He wants us to write or speak.

Again, this word may not be for everyone that is reading this or even writing of Facebook. Yet, it is for those God is having me write it to discern, hear and perhaps gain a greater revelation into his heart. I trust God will show each of you if this word is for you or not. If not, just move on and keep doing what God tells you to do.

Beloved, I am not sure what is going on in the spirit realm, but I feel their is a subtle attack of the Spirit of Pride being released against many that may be on the front lines trying to bring mixture (misunderstandings) instead of the pure flow of the Spirit.

When God is bringing a restoration truth back to His body, He sees all sides of it. He wants us to see all sides of it. We know in part and prophesy in part. None of us has the whole picture. That is why we need each other. Each part of the body should supply what the other needs.

I see many on Facebook making “absolutes” about spiritual things without considering and praying a bit more to get a better understanding of the “bigger picture” God may be speaking in what He has given you. What is the meaning of absolute concerning this post.

The absolute is when we make statements concerning the spiritual condition of a person or a group of peoples heart that God wants to address and we write about it or address it.

In the 2nd day church age because of making a “new or present revelation” a doctrine, denominations were formed to lay hold of that present truth as an absolute. The truth was correct when first received, but men began to bring into their own understanding as an absolute.

That comes when a “spirit of pride” comes in and now there is no more room for the greater light, or greater revelation to the revealed truth they received yesterday.

An example of this is when I first got saved some believed that the proof or initial evidence you got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is that everyone should immediately speak in tongues. If any other gift manifested that didn’t count, only speaking in tongues was considered the initial evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Yet, in reality, people got filled with that Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to prophesy or manifest other gifts of the spirit as their initial evidence of that filling.

One was an 8 year old girl who immediately prophesied to everyone in the room. She didn’t speak in tongues first, it came later, but that demonization would not recognize she got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit cause she did not speak in tongues first. THAT MINDSET IS AN ABSOLUTE.

So you can see how though many got filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues instantly it became a Law or absolute and God could no longer work in any other way. It became a doctrine and that is what my caution is to some of the things people are writing to share what God is saying.

The leadership of the church of that day when the Baptism of the Holy Spirit came again began to build a “something” around that truth through pride. Then a “religious spirit” came to make it a doctrine. When that happens, they make their revelation or experience an “absolute” that can never gain any further light.

An example of this is found in Matthew 23:23 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness; but these are the things you should have done without neglecting the othes.

The scribes and Pharisees, were called hypocrite because they focused their attention on “one part” of the truth, tithing, but they neglected the more important hints to God, like justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Jesus didn’t say they were wrong in their giving tithes and offerings and gifts, but they were wrong “because they become stuck in it” as being the end of all things sort of speak. It hardened their heart to see the greater things God wanted to show them and set their hearts on.

As I read many who write on Facebook, I am beginning to see a small thread of that popping up here and there specially those called to the front lines. All of us, including me must be on guard against that spirit that wants to make “tithing mint, dill and cumin” as our ABSOLUTE or doctrine.

When we share what God is revealing to us, I believe, we should make sure we see the other side of the coin, because our words could be very harmful if not put in right and a more fuller perspective of what God is showing us.

Beloved, the danger may not even be with what was written, but those who comment on what was written after. I have read some comments that were so hurtful and filled with pride lifting themselves up to be better than everyone else with NO consideration that there may two sides to the same coin.

They took what is written by you or others and made an absolute” that was sent by the enemy to wound and hurt those who may have similar circumstances with what they are correcting but not have the wrong heart they are addressing. There is another side of the coin we must find as we continue to write on social media.

Here is an example maybe to help us understand what the Lord is showing me today: I am going to choose a topic that I have seen and read many have posted about and even talked about and it’s influence in the church. That is the entitlement mentality in our youth and in our nation.

Beloved this post is not about “religious correctness” like the “political correctness that is in our nation, that you can’t say anything without offending anyone, or you can’t correct anyone in the church because we have to be “religiously correct.” This is simply for us to see the other side of the coins.

Beloved the living creatures in heaven, the seven spirits of God has eyes all around so they can see from every angle and position with clarity and perfect vision.

God desires us to come up higher so we can write, walk and minister from our heavenly place seated with Jesus from the King and the Kingdoms viewpoint, for our God’s name is all El-Rah, the God who sees. So as we write, minister, may he fill us from the realm of the 7 spirits of God before His throne so we can learn how to hit the bulls eyes.

Example: The entitlement mentality.

Beloved, Someone may feel to write on their page that their is an entitlement mentality in our nation that many young people believe they are owed things and it should just be given to them. This thinking must change by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We suggest to them not to wait for people to do things for you. You may even write to them about working with their own hands and to trust God with their lives so they could be a blessing to others. You may write, no one owes you to give to you anything in this live, you may need to work with your own hands.

You will even give scriptures to back that up. Their lack may be due to their own laziness and slothfulness and God has you address it. Nothing wrong with that. It is what God gave you to share. But was there more for us to see? Is there another side of the coin that must be addressed to hit the bulls eye?

I believe there is, because that same truth we just wrote about could be very hurtful and harmful without the right balance to it. It could be harmful to those truly who are in need not by neglect, not because they want entitlement, but because of life circumstances.

How would it harm it? Well your good buddy, maybe even minister adds to your post by saying things like, “No one handed me anything, I had to work since I was 9 years old and I can bless everyone I can because I wasn’t looking for a handout.”

Why write that in those terms? Did a spirit of pride come and say thank you Lord, I am not like that publican down their breathing their breast in repentance, I am better than that?

Now that comment the person added may be true, but what spirit is speaking those word? We’re they spoken in love or pride? Can we tell the difference? Did we lift ourselves up to put other down? Can we discern the heart of it, or do we just accept their comments to add to our teaching to be “right” instead of “righteous.”

Only God the Holy Spirit can prove what is and isn’t. I am just suggesting we ask him, that is all! Their heart in writing that may be pure, but maybe not, and that is when the enemy will use what you wrote, and what others added to wound, divide and separate the body through this spirit of pride and religions. Just pray about this beloved, that is all we can do, ask Him!

How else could be harmful to those in need. What if the person who commented on your post has much resources, they just boasted they did. Do they now own what they have because they worked for it in their heart?

Did not God give them the job, the strength, the ability to do that work, doesn’t God still own them and all they have to be used as God would want them to? Or are they now exempt from God speaking to them in giving beyond what they “feel others” deserve?

Do they now only give the amount when the “desire to give” comes from their heart so they can keep the rest of it for themselves cause they earned it? Just saying?

Does the Lord own all they are, all that they have, and all they ever will be? Are they willing to be a living sacrifice for God? Will they become broken bread and poured out wine like Oswald Chamber writes?

This is the “hidden harm” that can come without seeing the other side of the coin. The very admonishment we are giving to those with the “entitlement” mentality can “strengthen those who are greedy and selfish” because no everyone who has a need may feel “entitled for them to help them.”

What if God wants to show you the other side of the coin to protect those who have true needs and to correct those that may have greed in their heart or self righteouness or selfishness in their hearts?

Perhaps they too need correction so that when true needs of others come they not view everyone that has a need of wanting “an entitlement” or “wants their stuff” they worked for?

Without the other side of the coin the enemy can take those words to justify why they don’t have to give up “what is theirs” to help another. Now everyone in need wants an entitlement.

Beloved, if we don’t get the fuller picture or ask him to show us the other side of the coin, we may present a truth not from the right spiritual position to bring the proper balance from God. The enemy could now use the words written to justify those who are greedy and hurt those who have a true need.

Those words can now strengthen them who don’t want to give to those in need by justifying their position of not giving by the words we wrote.

They could comment something like this, “I had to work 3 jobs when I grew up and I even did ministry, and no one helped me, nor was I looking for anyone to help me. Why did they feel the need to say that? Was it out of the pure holy love of God?

Maybe, but maybe not? What if the spirit of pride wrote those words to condemn anyone that is suffering a need to condemn them and pushes them further away from the body that God may want to use to help them?

You may say, that is the persons own fault who took it that way. I did not write or say that in my writing, someone else’s made those comments.

But their comments are on your post, so you now own it as your position if you don’t discern it, correct it, address it, or remove it and it could hurt and hinder others in ways you can’t see.

There is truth that you didn’t say that or write their comments, but your post gave an open door to both the Lord and the enemy to use in that as well. So the Lord wants to teach us how to hit the bullseye and shut the door of the enemy to try to use what God has given us to write for the wrong end.

I had someone write a comment on one my post and it was dead wrong, and harmful to the body of Christ. I prayed God what do you want me to do? He said delete it and block that person from further writing on it.

Then go back and add to what I gave you these things to say. With a further clarity and a wisdom to write against what the enemy tried to say to add to the post I wrote more. That additional clarity post caused the original post to even be read more with comments saying “spot on.” So I am sharing this from experience with you.

Beloved, is not God wise to give us a more fuller picture so that he can deal with both conditions of the hearts of those who may read our post if we wait a bit more for clarity and wisdom and to make sure both sides of the coin are shown.

Facebook is a medium to present what you hear from God, but I felt to share a warning and a little check against the spirit of pride and religion that may want to bring things out of balance and out true spiritual context.

Beloved, If I just write about the entitlement mentality in the young people, or even in the church, and I don’t share about those who have true needs and how God wants us to lay down our lives for those in need, could I not harm the work of God to those in need?

Beloved, What about those with true needs? What about those who have much supply but are greedy who say, “I worked for this, why should I help you.” What about the Pharisee, the Lawyer who walked by the man bleeding and dying on the Jericho road?

Why did they walk right by him and not want to get involved. Why did Jesus use a Samaritan to show what a true neighbor is and the cost he had to spend to help that one in need.

Perhaps as God is showing us what need to be taught or addressed he may want to show us the other side of the coin sort of speak so that his heart can be seen in a more fuller way.

If I write about God needing to remove that “entitlement mindset” which is real, it is in the youth and it is in the church, he may have me hit head on. He may again have me teach the value of working and not waiting for a handout.

Beloved with that, He may also may caution me to warn those who are rich not to lay up treasures for themselves, and not to neglect those in need. Why would he have me write about it?

Because he does not want to legitimize greed and selfishness so that people can “keep their stuff” because they believe everyone in need believes they are entitled to it.

The Lord may have me speak on both sides of the coin that we not neglect true giving to those in need. He may have me use the illustration of the rich young ruler who Jesus said, If you want to inherit eternal life, go sell all you have and give to the poor.”

Is Jesus schizophrenic? When should we give help? Is everyone in need under the spirit of entitlement? To whom shall we give help? To whom should we tell not to have an entitlement mentality but work with their hands?

These are things the Lord would have consider if we wait a bit longer to get the deeper understanding of why he wants to show us both sides of the coin.

In dealing with one side of the coin we can’t embolden the other side of the coin where people have hardened and selfish and greedy hearts who have substance that God would want them to give to those in need.

God may want them like this rich your ruler to sell all they have and give to the poor? Who are we to say God would not ask those who have substance to give like that.

Luke 6:30-31 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what is yours, do not demand it back. 31Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Beloved these scriptures are part of the sermon of the mount teaching of true Kingdom life. Did not Jesus say these words? Isn’t the real issue is for us to discern what God wants? He may say “go sell” or “if a man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat? Which one is correct? Both!

If I just hit one side of the coin for those with the entitlement mentality, those who are greedy, selfish and hoarding their possession for themselves could get a license not to give to those in need and stay in their sin mentality as well.

So presenting both sides of the coin, God may have me write to both sides so those who feel entitled can get set free, and those who have possession will not see them as their own.

I would present to the those who may be greedy and selfish Acts 2: 42-46 to show the heart of true love giving:

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.

44 All the believers were together and had everything in common.

45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.

46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.

God may have me share what John wrote as well to those who have supply but withhold it from those in need.

1 John 3: 17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?

James 2:14-17 14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?

15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food,

16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

Beloved which is worse before God, someone who has an entitlement mentality and thinks everyone owes them everything, or the one that has substance but does not help those truly in need because they see everyone now just wants their stuff?

Which one needs the admonition more? What if it is both? Would we ever consider that when God gives us a revelation to write about? Perhaps not, and maybe why I need to write this today.

Why am I writing this today? Can we see the other side of the coin in my illustration and why it may be needed to include in what I am sharing?

Why am I writing this? Because of the strong check I have in my spirit from Him to address it and perhaps be a help to us as we write, teach and share on social media.

I an writing this I believe to bring a Holy Spirit caution and awareness how the enemy may try to come with a spirit of pride and religion to try to make “absolutes” out of partial revelations from God and use that as a weapon against other parts of the body.

I am just asking us all to pray about this and see if it bears witness to your heart and if the Holy Spirit might want to guide us in a more fuller way. Bottom line, each one of us must write and speak what God gives us.

I am just encouraging us to wait a bit longer, ask God if we have the fullest picture that me may give us today in sharing what God gives us and how will this effect the greater body of Christ.

Inadvertently by trying to reach those the word is for, we could be hurting others by drawing conclusions, absolutes, without a more fuller picture. Not everyone in need has an entitlement mentality. They just have a need.

They may be in dire straights and need to be loved and cared for. If they were to read our one sided coin writing, they may be pushed away to seek love, help and care they need from the very church that should be caring for them. It requires a very delicate balance but one the Holy Spirit wants to teach us and reveal to us.

I don’t get it always right, and often God will tell me go back over a post, change this, change the way that is worded for that very reason. So I am sharing from experience, failure and success when I get it right from the Holy Spirit.

May the Holy Spirit help us, guide us and lead us in all we write and share. May He give us a more fuller picture to see both sides of the coin so we can present the truth of the Lord and hit the bulls eye where the enemy can’t touch it.

Lord increase our spirit of discernment. Forgive us Lord if we yielded in anyway to the spirit of pride or religion. Forgive us if we didn’t see the other side of the coin and may have hurt others in the process.

Lord give us clarity and wisdom to know what to say, what to write, and what to do in all things. May we never touch your glory, or be boastful or vain glorious, judgmental over others in any way.

Please work a deeper love and humility in all of us and help us get underneath your body to lift them up to be all you created them to be. In Jesus name.

Much love and blessings to all!

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