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Expanding our spiritual capacity for His manifest presence.

Word For Today: August 19,2019 Expanding our spiritual capacity for His manifest presence.


I was going to just post a picture of write a quick word to encourage his precious ones today, but as I started to write, the Holy Spirit began to pull on my spirit to write on the “process of expanding our capacity for God.”

I may haves some more to write about this in the future, but this is what the Lord has me to write for this moment.

This word is a prophetic teaching in a way and it may not be for everyone, but it is for those God is having me write if for, including ME!!!

May the Lord breath upon his words and strengthen all of us in his love and grace.

Much love and blessings to all of you.

August 19, 2019 Expanding our spiritual capacity for His manifest presence.


Gods’ love is perfect is it not! They that wait upon the Lord (shall change) and renew their strength, they shall mount on the wings of eagles. They will run and not grow weary and walk and not faint.

Like many of you I have faced some tremendous situations and had some great needs. I do even now only God knows about.

In my flesh I so want to “try to find” the answers to get out of these places, but I am learning how important it is not to let the enemy brew impatience in my heart.

Impatience in Abraham and Sarahs heart produced an Ishmael, and I have produced to many of them through my impatience over the years. Thank God for his forgiveness and mercy.

Impatience in Abraham and Sarah's heart produced an Ishmael, and I have produced to many of them through my impatience over the years. Thank God for his forgiveness and mercy.

I am truly learning how to “find the Lord” in the midst of the circumstances is more important that finding my way out. What is it that the Lord desires for me to see, change, and work in my heart through this pressure.

Beloved, usually it is the pressure of these severe difficulties that reveal the areas of our lives that may not truly be under the submission of the Holy Spirit in our mind and emotions.

This is critical for us to see, if we want build a deeper intimacy with the Lord. The word of God says, “no flesh shall glory in his sight.

Often beloved we face these things for us to grow in our capacity in seeing and knowing God as the person He is. He desires us to behold His manifest presence and to teach us His ways.

He knows as creatures of habit on our own we slack off and get lazy in our pursuit of him and because of this the enemy comes to try to take us out from the will of the Lord.

It is here that the tactics take their toll and we find ourselves in situations that are hard to deal with and hard to bear.

But in the midst of these intense trials is our God waiting for us to see him, know him, love him like we never have before. He intends to use what the enemy has planned to harm us to work together for our good.

In the storms that are around us, we must learn not to sweat, or “use the works of our hand and head” to make our own way out.

The Holy Spirit is in us to remove that old nature and thinking completely out of us until we gain the full mind of Christ to live out His Kingdom life in us.

Even when the high priest entered into the Holy of Holies he had to wear a linen ephod lest he sweat in the presence of the Lord and die. Sweat represents the works of our hands by leaning upon our own understanding.

In the midst of the trials you may be facing today, Proverbs 3:4-6 becomes a rock to stand on. We are to “trust in the Lord with all our heart.”

Beloved it does not say some of our heart, but all of our heart. This is often what the Lord is after when we find ourselves in fiery circumstances. We find where we may not be fully trusting him.

In his love and grace when we see this, He will gently correct this in us by showing us where we are in doubt, fear and unbelief.

Then by his love and manifested presence come and remove that from us and heal us to fill us with a new measure of faith, trust and love for Him.

It is usually after God reveals to us what He is working in the midst of the circumstances then he brings us out or through them.

I don’t know about you, but how long did I have to stay in that trial beyond what the Lord desired because I was trying to find a way out instead of finding him.

God often uses these things to expand our capacity of love, our capacity for faith and to increase our hunger for Him above all else.

Finally after we find what the Lord is after in us, He truly becomes the Lord Jesus Christ in our life more then we have ever known before.

The Holy Spirit came to refine us like pure silver and gold so we can bring the Lord true offerings of righteousness.

That righteousness is often a deeper surrender to the Lord. For me those words often are the words Job prayed, “thou you slay me, yet I will trust you.”

Where else could I go? I could not change one thing around me, if God didn’t come I would surely perish.

Like Esther we must say, “if I perish, I perish, I will still come to the Lord and seek his outstretched scepter when everything inside me says, “run or fix it yourself.”

She had to trust the Lord was guiding her in the midst of the trial and so must we if we desire to learn the heart of God in the midst of the storms.

I am not saying this that we should not fight against the enemy or just let things go. What I am saying we must come to the Lord and seek His face to gain His vision, his understanding of what is really happening around us and in us.

We must seek his counsel on what to do, what he desires to do it and his timing for everything. The fruit of this will be a life intertwined in a deeper way with our Lord’s life in us.

The fruit of this will be a deeper dependence upon the Lord and to rely upon him for everything. The fruit of this will be that we learn not to lean upon our own understanding because now we trust in the Lord with all our heart.

When the Holy Spirit can deliver us from our “strength and our trying to fix things” we give up in absolute surrender to God.

This allows us to come up into a higher identification with our Lord as our Bridegroom. We now become one with him in his purpose and plans in spite of what is all around us.

He now can breath his words in our heart and guide us with his own eyes. Now we will not longer be like the horse and the mule that has to be led about with a bit in their mouth.

The fruit is that we have been trained in the ways of the Lord and we dare not move unless he moves, we dare not speak unless he speaks. This is what oneness with the Lord is as true Kingdom life.

In this place, we learn in all our ways to acknowledge, “wait upon him, wait for his instructions and plans, and THEN HE WILL DIRECT OUR PATH. THE LORD ORDERS THE STEPS OR THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS DOES HE NOT?

I am writing this today because this is a very present work of the Holy Spirit in all those who are being made ready and preparing themselves to be a bride for the Lord.

Jesus prayed, Father, if it be possible, take this cup from me. Oh beloved, how many times I have prayed that with tears of travail.

Oh beloved, the dealing of the work of the cross that puts my will to death. In tears and wrestling and in the process of death to what our flesh desires, we then cry out, nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done.

These very places of surrender become alters of worship of God and a deeper work of Kingdom overcoming life is worked in us to overcome the world.

I pray we will cooperate with the Lord more quickly so we don’t have to bear the sufferings longer then needed, and that we can come out of them in the overcoming power and love of Jesus manifested in our life.

Beloved, we can never become an over-comer in the Lord unless there are things we must overcome.

My flesh does not like that a bit, but the Spirit of God in me embraces it so that I become the will of God on earth instead of trying to do it.

Oswald Chambers writes, “a child of God never has to ask what the will of God is for their life. A child of God is the will of God.” Something to ponder I think?

Today God is the only one who knows what you are going through. He is the only one that knows what i am going through and what our true needs are in his heart.

That is what we need to find as we seek his face. What are your need in this situation in my life, Lord. When we find the answer to that question, we receive his true desires for our lives.

Then he is able to accomplish his work in us and through us. When that happens the answers we needed now will manifest more quickly on the earth. We have overcome and we have a deeper nature of his overcoming quality of Spirit in our lives.

As we come out of that sever trial place we behold that we have changed from glory to glory in the midst of the storm.

He has changed us to truly become a habitation for the increasing manifested presence and glory to be seen upon us.

I pray that this strengthens those today this is intended to reach. I pray our God enables you today with his super abundant grace to stand in the trial.

I pray whatever purpose the Lord has in this trial to work in our lives or in others our eyes would be open to see and our ears open to hear what the Lord’s thought are.

I pray for us today that we would trust in the Lord with all our hearts. I pray that we would right now cease from seeing and doing things in our own understanding.

I pray God to forgive us where we failed in trusting, relying and clinging upon him and where we tried to make our own way out.

I pray today that in all our ways, we surrender them to him before his throne, trusting him today as we get up he is directing our path. I ask this in Jesus name.

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