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Beloved, This morning as I wait upon the Lord, it would be easy for me to get consumed in all that we are facing as a family, and work for the Lord, but I feel the Lord say, “come up higher.”

I know I am not alone in what we are facing. So many of you write to me and tell me the circumstances you are facing and what you need prayer for. Our God is here and He is with us and He is answering us.

This picture below is a tool that I think God is using for me this morning to share his heart with those that may need this very personal and specific work right now.

When you read this picture from the top down, whether you are a seasoned minister or a teen, or a young person, or a seasoned citizen you may truly feel that way.

You may never tell anyone how you really feel, and you may act like everything is ok on the inside, but it is not, and God sees, and He is here to answer you today. He will not leave you in this place!

We need to learn how to truly become an effective prayer army of the Lord so we can become a “standard "God lifts as a flood against the enemies assaults against us. e will not leave you in this place!

For all this is written for, I know that we all need to go to God first, but we sure still need each other more and more in the day we live. We need each other in Him to supply what the other needs.

We need to learn how to truly become an effective prayer army of the Lord so we can become a “standard”God lifts as a flood against the enemies assaults against us.

Our backs may be against the Red Sea, but the Lord still knows how to split them and cause us to walk through the sea on dry ground. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

As I waited in the presence of the Lord, I felt to read my news feed and I came across this post on a minister post. I wasn’t sure I was going to read it, but I felt a prompting to read it.

I wanted to weep when I read it from the top down, because I know so many of God’s own people feel just like that. I have met them, I heard them. I hear the discouragement they have because of the pressures they find themselves in.

Many try to share scriptures, pray for you to try to help. but sometimes that just doesn’t help or comforts our true heart need. I know only God Himself can do that, but we can up gird each other in a much stronger and effective way then we are presently able to.

The Lord is here to change that in us so we truly become God’s weapons in his hands to pray effectively for each other and for the nations. There is a way to unite in prayer together until we win and God manifest his answer for us now on earth as it is heaven.

Beloved, this post kind of wrecked me this morning because I could feel the hurt of so many of God’s people that have broken hearts that have been waiting and waiting for God to come and deliver them. I can feel their heart ache as Job’s friends give them the wrong counsel and wrong advice that only adds to their wounds.

Yet, God is here! God is here! God is working through all of this mess to show us one thing. GOD IS LOVE. LOVE NEVER FAILS. GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE NEVER FAILS!

When I read the picture, I saw the work of the enemy and all his lies, witchcraft and operation of darkness to convince so many of even God’s people they are not worth anything at all.

The enemy has convinced so many in their heart they are worthless and a failure, but when you see the “cool thing” about this picture you will see the work of the Lord that defeats it.

The truth of God is when you read it from the bottom up. That is how God spoke to me about this today and how to pray for so many of us today that may feel like the post from the top down.

For when we truly understand God’s love we see our self so differently and realize God loves us and we are worth loving since He made us for that purpose. This picture below God reminded me of how this world is so upside down verses His kingdom of love!

What we see everyday in this “unsaved” world that is void of true love, and under the god of this world, evil is good, ugly is beautiful. The way God made us is wrong somehow as if he could make a mistake. The spirit of the anti-christ is continually saying something is wrong with you, God made a mistake.

You are not beautiful, you are ugly, you are fat and not skinny, look at you. You should be something other than you are. You need to make yourself into something you like because God failed in making you special or beautiful. What a lie!

Even if we are overweight, that is not the issue of our worth, it can be a fruit of self worth, like anything else, but our identity is found in the one that made us, and we beloved did not make ourselves.


Everything in this world we see is totally upside down and the church is trying to reach that world with an upside down gospel that puts the needs of men above the needs of God.

No wonder so many of God’s people can’t see themselves the way God loves them. Beloved, if most of the church see things and do things from an upside Christian religious system effected by the world, how can people see the true love of God.

Like the church in Galatia many church leaders are teaching people to live better lives and reach perfection in the work of the flesh of being better people instead of the Spirit of God who can transform them by pure holy love. Who has bewitched us?

Why are so many discouraged and depressed in God’s house. How many are in the pews wishing for God to take them home because of what they are facing?

Where is the Glory of God’s love to cause their eyes to see themselves the way God does and how we wants to help them, save them, rescue them, restore them.

Many leaders say the right words, but they are void of the power of God because they are being said from the upside down perspective of a worldly religious system.

They are not speaking them from the right side up kingdom of God power and glory of heaven that can change those who hear those words and set them free.

Beloved, when I read this picture from it top down it made me weep. These words want you to give up on life and end it all, because the enemy has told you there is no real value in your life.

The religious church system often see that need but it tries to replace that hurt and rejection with a “false religious value” based on performance and not relationship with God.

In the religious church age system, to often leaders use “flattering tongues” to build people up in the flesh and not in the spirit so they don’t preach anything is wrong or a need to repent.

Like the Lord is showing me, much of the religious church life is upside down and powerless to change people’s heart and lives and truly set them free.

The Kingdom of God message says lay down your life fully for your friends. But in the religious church system many leaders says just try to feel better about yourself, and do some religious things to make yourself feel better about yourself.

They often preach that religious activity will please God and you helping us build our church or ministry will give you value and make you feel better about yourself.

Beloved, to often this leaves God’s people more empty because working for God can’t replace the love of God they need to establish their true worth and value.

Some leaders under that “religious upside down system, imply that you don’t have to worry about seeking God much or being his disciples, just attend our church, tithe, do your ministry and be faithful then you will feel good about yourself.

Yet the people leave even more empty and often less valued because what they are seeking can’t be found in working hard for God, or attending church serves, it can only be found in God Himself.

Also so many looking for hope and the true love of God, find a “religious church upside down system” has become a war zone between competing factions, denominations fighting over the same people, that leaves many hurt, confused, and even outside the church.

Have you read Facebook lately at how brothers and sisters in Christ are at each other throats over politics in our nation? Why have so many forgot to realize our Kingdom is not of this world. We are supposed to be Citizens of heaven not the earth.

But don’t let that depress you. God is changing things. He is rising up a new breed of leaders called to turn the upside down, right side up by establishing the true Kingdom of God reality first in the hearts of men, then in the nations. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdom of our God in Christ.

Now beloved of the Lord if you have not yet done so, I encourage you to read the post from bottom to top. If you have not yet, please do so now!

Beloved from the bottom to the top, you will see the glory of God as we begin to see our true value in the Lord. He loves you so much. He longs to be with you. He longs to give us today beauty for ashes, hope from despair, joy instead of depression.

He wants you to see yourself the way He sees you from His pure holy loves eyes. He wants you to know how much you are truly loved, not by human beings whose love can be fleeting, but from his love that never fails.

Our hope is in God, our life is in God, the love we so truly need to live is in God alone through Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. God is love, and He is a consuming fire.

Will you let him today cause your eyes to see your true value, your true worth not based on what people think, or the lies of the enemy that tells you, you are worthless?

Will you let him show you how much he loves you that he made you perfectly and wonderfully made in your mothers womb? You are not an accident, you were made by God’s hands himself.

We know what the Word of God says in John 3:16 how much he loves you, but that was just the beginning of us experiencing His love and him establishing our value. Every day you can seek His face and behold Him.

Every day you can sit in his presence and receive that tangible holy love from his presence that anchors your soul and puts you at peace where you no longer need to be filled with love and praise from any man or woman. Why? Because you are filled with Gods love and praise for you.

May the Lord touch those today who are ready to give up on themselves, their families, their life and on God. May the Lord reach those who are hopeless and are in the worst times of their lives.

May His glory come to you know and fill you, deliver you from this depression, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of hopelessness and giving up and fill you with his mighty love and set you free. May he lift you up today on eagles wings and bring you into the arms of his love.

Beloved, God is real. He is love and His love never fails. Don’t give up now. Don’t give in now. Don’t stay in that depression and discouragement your circumstances are keeping you. Arise and shine, the light of God’s love has come, and the Glory of the Lord’s love has risen upon you.

You are beautiful in God’s sight. You are special to God sight. You are valuable to our God who made you, He did not make a mistake in making you. He loves you immensely. He loves you intensely.

Today, God is giving you a miracle. Today His love, His hand is reaching down into your upside down life, upside down family, upside down church or ministry and turning it right side up. Today, is the day of miracles. God is doing a new thing for you. Trust in the Lord beloved.

I can feel the fire of God’s love reaching you today, healing you today, lifting you up today out of that pit, out of that prison cell the enemy tried to keep you in and setting you free to be loved by God fully. It is a new day. It is a new start. His love never fails.

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