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Gods Prophetic FORMING Word Releasing Season is Here!

Word For Today: August 7, 2019. Gods prophetic FORMING word releasing season is here!


There is a new and supernatural release of glory from heaven to empower God’s remnant with a new dimension of authority to walk in.

Mountains are going to be moved by the words God is putting in your mouth.

He is going to fill your minds with fresh revelations from heaven that will form in your heart with assurance that you are going to speak and release upon the earth.

He is releasing supernatural forming words from heaven that will bring those things which God desires that are not yet into existence to become manifested in the earth.

Those you have declared and decreed many promises from God and not seen them manifest in the last season shall now declare Gods forming words of promise to come into existence now.

I hear the lord releasing “forming words” to be released from the heart of God from your mouth to manifest the miracles of God has promised to come forth!

As the earth was without form and substance the Spirit of God was brooding over it, so it is now. Then God said let there be light and there was.

The Spirit has been brooding over your prophetic words, decreed, and utterances for this last season preparing them for the right time and right season to release on earth.

Now, beloved is the time God is filling your mouth with his glory forming words, creative words that will release the creative miracle works of God as He has spoken.

They are “forming words form Gods glory realm that will bring things into existence on the earth as it is heaven.

These forming words are the manifestation of God’s power and glory to bring your promises to be spoken inform and shape to come upon the earth as light did.

They are not being spoken by your natural mind or even by a gift of the spirit or a 5 fold office.

There is a new release of fire filling your beings today by forming Spirit of prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus Christ.

They are manifesting from the glory of God through burning fire in the power of the 7 spirit is of God before the throne.

They are formation words that will bring forth the true power and glory of the reality of Gods kingdom work in his full grown sons and daughter in the earth.

These forming words will cast mountains into the seas, cause storms to cease, do creative miracles, and cause fog trees with no fruit to wither.

It has begun. The new is here. The burning baptism of fire that is within us God is now accelerating that work for his glory.

He is forming his words in you to become a living reality to be spoken through in his multi -membered body on the earth.

He said the works I do you shall also do and even greater works than these shall you do because I go to the Father.

That time is now here in a new and deeper reality of his glory.

God has done a new thing. He has given us new armor and new weapons and new authority to walk in. It is a new moment in history and in time.

Let’s embrace it as the Spirit of God is hovering in us and around us forming the glory of God to fill his temple of living stones into his city and his house.

He is releasing forming prophetic utterances, groanings and words to manifest now on earth as it is heaven.

The long awaited season of harvest has begun as he fulfills his promises you have waited for now to come forth for his glory and honor alone!

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