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A Higher Realm of Glory! Worship in Zion

Word for Today August 13, 2019. A higher realm of glory! Worship in Zion Beloved,

At the end of his post for today is an article by Wade E. Taylor given a few years ago. This word is being fulfilled today. It is called “Worship in Zion.”

That is what we experienced at our mini boot camp this weekend. It was an experience of this very word Brother Taylor taught prophetically that would come and be revealed in us and through in our generation. It happened!!!!

Beloved, This past weekend at our mini boot camp, we experienced the glory of the Lord on a new and deeper way then ever before. It was indescribable!

As we worked in conjunction with the Holy Spirit in true Tabernacle of David ministry and worship of the Lord, we experienced a deep abiding open heaven atmosphere.

In the open heaven over us and in us, the Lord revealed His person, his heart, and plans to us individually and corporately in the deepest realm of glory any of us experienced.

Beloved of the Lord, There is a deep worship and ministry to the Lord that is being restored to a church within a church or people within a people who are hungering and thirsting for the Lord as their passionate first love.

This worship is not a song service. This worship is not preparation to hear the message on Sunday morning. This worship is not praising God for what He has done for us. The worship in the Tabernacle of David is to connect us with the frequency of heaven and to be in divine alignment with the sound, the movements of God’s heartbeat and His will to be released upon the earth.

It is what Jacob experienced in his dream of the heavens opening and seeing a ladder directly from heaven and earth with angels descending and ascending back and forth. Jacob saw the “true access of God” that was to be released upon earth as it was in heaven. He called that place, Bethel, or “house of God.”

This is the first place in the scriptures where the House of God name Bethel is used and got it’s name. Jacob got the name Bethel to describe the place of where heaven touched earth. He saw the ladder from heaven to earth. He saw the angels descending and ascending to reveal to us what the house of God is to be in us and through us. Bethel was to be built upon the revelation of the heart and mind of God, the will of God to be done on earth as it is heaven.

The angels going back and forth from heaven to earth was a prophetic picture of what God is doing in the hearts of men as he reveals His true kingdom in us. Christ in you, the hope of glory! Simon Peter got this same revelation as Jacob, but he got it inwardly. When Jesus asked the disciples who do men say that I am, they said some men say you are Elijah, or a prophet.Then Jesus ask them directly but who do you say I am? Peter answers, “you are the Christ the son of the living God.”

Jesus answers us from the place of true worship gets it’s origin. He said to Peter, “flesh and blood” has not revealed this to you, but my Father in heaven has revealed it you. What a word that we need to hear. In most of our church gatherings we are still picking the songs, how many, what kind and making “worship sets” instead of “setting our hearts’ like David to minister to God’s heart.

Flesh and blood in most of our meetings is what is trying to “reveal God” to us to prepare us for a message.

Beloved, can you find in the Bible anywhere where it says, that worship is to prepare you to hear a Sunday morning or Wednesday night message? Don’t bother looking, it is not there. Worship of God is not a “work” it is a life. Worship of God is not a religious exercise.

Worship of God is heart like a dear that pants after God himself. Worship of God, is psalm 27:4 speaks of seeing, seeking the beauty and person of the Lord for who He is. True pure worship is the pure holy love of God exchanged from God to us and us to God.This is the “rock” Jesus said he would build his church upon. It is the revelation of the person of God revealed in us and to us. That revelation in kingdom reality in us the gates of hell can not prevail over.In this last “mini camp.” I did not play any written songs, I did not play any specific type of spontaneous music. All of us together, just waited upon the Lord. Sometimes I just held a cord and we waited. Other times, I just let the Holy Spirit guide my hands and heart on what would bless his heart.

He had to train us to get connected with the sound and frequency of heaven and it’s activities. When we did, new songs, new sounds came forth, new singing, and the gifts of the spirit flowed like a rive in our midst.

Each note, was a sound, each rhythm aligned us with the frequency of heaven (God’s thoughts and plans) until we could hear only the voice of the Lord reverberate in our being individually and collectively.

In that atmosphere, we flowed in an open heaven and the Lord manifested His person in our midst. I can’t even tell you what happened for these three days, but it was glory. True traveling intercession came forth. True prophetic pictures, revelations, visions, with understanding came forth. The gifts of the spirit operated from the 7 spirits of God realm in power and authority like we have never witnessed.

The ministry gifts of dance, bowing, men servants and made servants was restored to minister to his heart. People who never flowed in the prophetic, or spoke in tongues or gave an utterance in tongues supernaturally were enabled to do so by being in the glory realm. The Lord imparted his glory in us to grow even more, his spirit to burn in us even more, and his presence to saturate our being even more!

There was so much healing, deliverance, and miracles not by seeking them, but by seeking His face, His radiance and all those things we received was an overflow of his glory. The greatest part of this pure worship to the Lord is that it blessed his heart. As we met the desires of his heart he poured more and more love in us and met the desires of our hearts. The more love we gave back to him he gave us more back. This love was to give to each other and even to the lost, our enemies and more.

His kingdom was established in our hearts in a new and deeper way by making him our one and only priority as David did in His tabernacle.

We felt the Lord Jesus become the LORD JESUS CHRIST IN EVERY FIBER OF OUR BEING! We were truly able to seek ye first the kingdom of God as God commanded us to do.

Beloved, We didn’t come to this mini camp seeking God for answers to our problems, or to meet our needs, we came to meet his needs.

I believe we did and we was blessed and at the same time He met all our needs as well. Isn’t that awesome.

The music, the sounds, the flags, the scribe ministry, the prophetic ministry, the gifts of the spirit, the new songs, the pure worship of God expanded each day into new and different realms of glory with different releases from heaven.

We received directly from the throne room of God and what everyone received fit perfectly together like God’s perfect puzzle pieces making a puzzle.

We operated individually to God as we were the only person in the room, but the Holy Spirit united us together as a corporate expression of his glory.

Each one of us supplied what the other needed in divine alignment with God’s will or his frequency. No one knew what the Lord was going to do, but everyone knew it was his face we were seeking. Beloved, we must as leaders and member of the 5 fold ministry get revelation of the restoration of the tabernacle of David in our midst for God to establish his true government in us and on the earth. David’s RULERSHIP began with the pitching of a tent to put the ark of the covenant in. His RULERSHIP began and was established by ministering to God 24/7, 365.

That is where God establishes his kingdom power, glory, dominion and gives us authority to transform the earth in the midst of a living David’s Tabernacle.

Beloved if we desire to enter his glory realms, we must stop bringing “canned” worship to the Lord. I use the word “canned” to mean the style we do every week.

The worship leader picks out the songs we like, (latest one on Joy Fm) who we want to sound like, (Hillsong, Bethel) and trying to make everything professional for the people to enjoy.

The Lord doesn’t inhabit carbon copies or wanna be worship ministry. He inhabits pure true holy love poured upon him with no strings or hidden agendas attached.

Worship is not for men to enjoy, but God to enjoy. When we enjoy our worship time together, then that is what it is “our worship” and not worship of the Lord. We must never “worship” worship. We must never say how good worship was, because if we do, then we enjoyed our worship instead of God being filled with our love and worship. Worship is the heart to become broken bread and poured out wine for the Lord Himself.

Beloved we must enter the realm of His glory. There are sounds to be played we never heard. There are notes to sing that we never have sung.

Remember Paul wrote to us, “eye has not seen, nor ear has not heard, the things God has in store for those who love him.

There are sounds on instruments to be played prophetically that will open heaven as they focus on the Lord, his beauty, his majesty and his glory, His person alone.

Beloved, there is more to worship then just singing songs, and lyrical words. Worship is the place to find Jesus, the Father as a person to pour our love at their feet. It is the place we are called to abide. He told us to abide in his love and his love will abide in us.

Worship is where we live, not what we do. Worshippers are what we are not what we do. Worship of God is not a “task” it is the “breath of God” in us to give back to him in pure holy love.

Worship is the place of abiding continually in him. It is the place we have given our body as a living sacrifice unto the Lord. It is holy and blameless and it is our reasonable worship to God.

Worship is “all that I am, all that I have, and all that I ever will be as exchange from the Godhead to us and us to the Godhead. It is pure holy worship that causes us to become one with them.

That is what Jesus prayed for us in John 17. He prayed the glory of being one with the Father and Him one with Jesus would be our glory. They in us, and us in them, that we would be one.

Beloved, that is the heart and expression of worship in spirit and truth. True worship makes us one in mind, heart, and purpose together on this earth living to do only the Father’s will. When we stop seeing worship as something we do when we feel like it, or give to God on Sunday morning we can now look upward to find God Himself.

When we stop seeing worship as popping in a CD to listen to and understand that pure worship is “the breath of God” filling our being we will be changed.

We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Then we can love another as He loves us. When we do we will enter into the Glory realm of God’s open heavens.

Beloved, as we behold his face as in a mirror we will see our reflection verses his perfection and fall on our face like John did in the book of revelation.

As we behold his face and become changed we are able to give that pure holy worship to God. As we look into his face as a mirror, we will be constantly changed from one degree of glory to another, strength to strength and grace to grace.

This weekend we experienced the Lord in his glory in a way we have never known and seen before. Beloved, this is why we had to go into the pressure cooker last year. God was preparing us to enter the realm of his glory.

His desire for 2018 and the beginning of 2019 was to remove the spots and wrinkles and our past from us to enter the “new day” 2019 has come to bring.

We are still transitioning from 2018-2019, but these next 5 month are going to be the releasing of the miracle working kingdom of God reality in our lives.

This glory “new day” is to bring his mature sons and daughters into the fullness that must be revealed upon the earth. There will be a remnant people on the earth who will truly walk in his kingly dominion authority

This true transition of worship from “canned religious realm” to “the glory of God realm "will bring an acceleration of spiritual growth for his maturing sons and daughters. There is a remnant people coming out of the church age to gain understanding of the kingdom of God age that is now being manifested on the earth.

Let us press in to know the Lord, for knowing Him is what eternal life is according to John 15:3.In the post below, my spiritual Father, Wade E. Taylor teaches about the new order of worship. He wrote this a few years ago, but we are now seeing it being manifested in our midst today.

Our gathering this weekend was a first fruit of this word that is going to increase exponentially upon the earth. May our Lord give us understanding of his kingdom, his glory realm and that we would be true worshippers in spirit and in trusty, for such are the ones the father is seeking.

God Bless you and here is the article.

Worship in Zion by Wade E Taylor

“Zion” relates to worship that ascends in harmony with the choirs of heaven, to the One who sits upon the Throne. Zion speaks of “a set apart place” in which the expression of pure adoration and love flows up to the Lord through spontaneous worship.

Spiritually, Zion resides within us as being “a habitation of His presence.” As we maintain the poise of our spirit in an attitude of worship, we enter Zion. Then, whenever we attend a meeting and blend our personal flow of worship into the flow of corporate worship, the heavens will open and release a manifestation of the presence of the Lord moving through a meeting in waves of glory.

There is an urgent need for us to understand the value of our coming into the atmosphere of Zion, to worship.

“When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory.” Psalm 102:16 Zion is a city within a city. It is located on the highest hill in the southeast area of Jerusalem. It is here that David set up his tent to provide a resting place for the Ark.

In David’s “tent,” there were no partitions. The people and priests were intermingled together on common ground. In contrast, the “temple” was structured and liturgical. It had an outer court for the people, a holy place where a priest came once each day to make a sacrifice, and the Holy of Holies, which the High Priest entered once each year. Ephesians 2:20-22 tells us that “we” become Zion, when we separate and dedicate ourselves to be a vessel to house (the building fitly framed together) His presence (grows into a holy temple).“And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone; In whom all the building, fitly framed together grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In whom you also are built together for a habitation of God through the Spirit.”

All who are saved are the household of God. Within this household is “Zion” – a people within a people, or, a Church within a Church. When Zion is “built up” (a separated people gathered together in a place that is dedicated for worship), the Lord will reveal His presence and glory. It is easy for us to worship in the atmosphere of Zion.

Zion also relates to those within the Church who are being made ready for the end-time purposes of the Lord. These understand the purpose and value of pure worship. Our ability to worship is enhanced by our abiding in His presence. Pure worship requires harmony, which will lift us through the “sound barrier” of the earthly, into the full release and operation of the heavenly realm. The Lord greatly desires to dwell in our worship.

“For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation. This is My rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.” Psalm 132:13-14

Jerusalem relates to praise (our rejoicing for all that He had done for us), while Zion relates to a purity of worship to the Lord, for who He is. As we begin to worship, we enter into a state of rest, for we have come to the end of all that relates to ourselves. We are lifted above our thanking the Lord in praise for all that He has done for us and has given to us; and we ascend into a high level of worship that flows up to the Throne in an expression of pure love to the Lord.

David had a special musical talent and ability to give expression to pure worship. As he worshipped, prophetic revelation flowed, and the Psalms were written.

“There will I make the horn of David to bud: I have ordained a lamp for My anointed.” Psalm 132:17This “lamp” speaks of prophetic anointing and revelation, which flows up to the Lord through our worship. When we worship, and prayerfully wait in His presence, the anointing will be released and a high level of revelation will begin to flow into our spirit.

Few within the early Church could read or write. They did not have a Bible, and yet they turned the world of that day upside down. They did this through prophetic revelation, which flowed as they worshipped.

“But You are holy, O You (Jesus) that inhabits the praises of Israel (His people).” Psalm 22:3The word used here for “praises” should be translated “high worship.” This is the worship that God inhabits. When He moves in, (inhabits), much is accomplished. “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me; because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tiding to the meek; He has sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.”

“To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn. To appoint to them that mourn in Zion, to give to them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.” Isaiah 61:1-3

There is an effective impartation of deliverance and healing that results from pure worship. Because we are touching the Throne through our worship, there is a release of healing, restoration, and encouragement. When God inhabits our worship, through impartation, His very life flows into our lives.

Today is the acceptable year of the Lord. Those who are mourning in Zion – contending for pure worship, are not satisfied with the lesser realms of praise, alone. Walter Beuttler, a man who walked with God said, “I am tremendously satisfied, but I am dissatisfied because there is more.” That which God has for us is inexhaustible.

The Lord is anointing and empowering His Church in these last days. This increase, with a release of authority and power through our worship, will greatly affect the world of our day. When we come into “unity” in the Spirit and in “harmony,” we begin to worship, all that is written in the above Scripture, Isaiah 61:1-3, will be released. Mourning will be turned into joy, and the captive will be set free. Isaiah 6:3 records the seraphim (overcomers) crying, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts.” This is pure worship, which will open the door into heaven. It is a pure acknowledgement of God, with nothing of self seeking.

Especially at this present time, there is much warfare against us. When the Seraphim worshipped, the posts of the door, moved (that which hinders was removed). As we begin to worship, the posts of the door will again move, and the manifest glory of God will be revealed. The hindrances that keep us from all that the Lord has for us will be moved out of the way and Satan will lose his hold. “He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, and none hinders. The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing. Yea, the fir trees rejoice at you, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since you are laid down, no feller is come up against us.” Isaiah 14:6-8

The release of His presence and glory is not so much the result of something that we do, but rather, it is a yielding and willingness on our part to cooperate when the Lord begins to move, and we respond in worship – “when the Lord shall build up Zion.”

We are living in a time of the revelation of His glory, which is to have an expression “through” us that will reflect His Glory.

Today, the Lord is calling those who desire to come into this high level of worship. As we worship, we will receive a powerful manifestation of the glorious presence of our God in our midst, and lives will be changed.

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