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July 27, 2021 encouragement to fellow five fold ministers:


If we keep focusing on the "local church" and everyone having to go to one in their area, we are going to miss the bigger picture of God forming His wheel within a wheel, a royal priesthood and holy nation.

Matter of fact there is a divine rearrangement of the body parts happening. I believe God is moving people around to new geographical areas to connect with the body parts they were made to join with.

I think as ministers, not deliberately, we could focus on the "local church" model of the church age, we are going to miss the Kingdom new breed, new gatherings of the Lord that are going to go beyond just geographic locations as we have known in the past.

A gathering of the saints may happen in one place one way, and another place another way, and also there are "international gathering that are forming on the internet."

I also see as I see other doing going to different regions to gather the saints together, but they are not all from that area, but from other areas to strengthen each other. So it is with the gathering of the saints for the very same reason 5 folds are doing so.

Something much bigger and deeper of God's kingdom is forming and we must be careful not to put the new wine in and old wine skin no matter how effective it was in the church age.

The Book of revelation is written for a purpose. Nothing is the same as the first 2000 years of church history. Everything changes because the Lord is not forming churches or ministries but a Kingdom of Kings of Priest and kings, a holy nation, a New Jerusalem City.

These terms in themselves take on a "new form of Kingdom government and gatherings" that will bring us into the 1000 year reign of Christ.

The old church system model and with all it activities will not fit the kingdom age. It is a new wine skin with new wine, and it is tempting to look back to book of Acts as the model, but that is futile.

Everything about the Book of Revelation is about restoring things back to the original plans of God making all things new. We will continue to send mixed messages if we keep some of the old church mentality of services, gathering and even the old understanding of the local church structure as we have known it.

There will be a continued gathering of the saints in areas. There will be places to teach, train, pray and equip and effect and change cities and nations as well.

Yet, the emphasis will not be on the "local area" as we known in the church age and function, but those living and called to an area to advance the kingdom of God as kings and priest of the God in brand new ways.

If we pressure people who God is birthing the new in and "put a label" upon them as "not being right with God" I believe that will hinder the development of the "new wine skin" and God forming a wheel within a wheel.

I realize everyone is at different place in Kingdom understanding and we can only walk in the light of what God has revealed to us. There are many more men of God seasoned and further down the road than me that can further light.

Yet, I am only suggesting we be careful about the terms and the "nicely" telling everyone that they need to be in a local church, for that term is changing even with the advent of gatherings on the internet.

They can be a "local gathering" of the saints on the internet just as powerful in ways as being face to face, not perfect as face to face, but just as fruitful in tangible ways.

Some of those gathering on the net will be released to move to new areas to join in with those God has there as that body part and to function. If not careful we could push them away by using terms and structures that God is dissolving and replacing.

No matter how much you look back to the book of Acts, what happened then is lesser than what God is about to unfold. The lesser has to go into the greater not the other way around.

1 John 3:2 Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

This is a key verses, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. WE have never been a wheel within a wheel, a royal priesthood and holy nation.

We have never ruled and reigned with him, so the old wineskin of the church age structure, purposes and plans. We have never been a Bride, a new Jerusalem City before.

Beloved, let us be mindful that there is a real change happening, and some of the saints already know this and they can never fit into the old wineskin system.

They love God and they are called and ready to be placed where God wants them and they were never rebellious, they were called out of the old structure perhaps before you or I were.

Just some things to ponder as we move ahead in the Lord.

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