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Beloved, on May 20, 2020 I had a vision/prophetic word released in my spirit for the next three months. Last Sunday I read it on The Road Map: Daily Alert.

Today, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to post it. Today something has shifted again. There is a spiritual shifting happening today for these next three months.

The Lord does not want this NEW SEASON OF CHANGE to come upon us unawares.

Things are not going to get better or back to normal. We need to face it. The world is going to be covered with dense darkness as Isaiah 60 tells us.

Yet this is not time to fear. It is the greatest moment in History where the Lord is here in our midst. He is has been revealing himself powerfully to those who are diligently seeking him as the King of Glory.

This pandemic started a seismic shift and the dawning of the revelation of the 3rd day, 7th Day Kingdom age. What was hidden by the darkness of the early morning hours of the Kingdom age is now being revealed in full bloom.

Because of the dawn of this day, Satan knows his time is short. So he is unleashing through people who are godless these evil plots unfolding in our nation.

Yet, these things God knew in advance. While the enemy seems to be releasing more and more evil and hatred, God is releasing the power of his pure holy love in a remnant people that are about to arise and shine, for their light has come, and the Glory of the Lord shall be seen upon them.

We must not react during this unleashing of darkness, but we must come up higher into the glory realm, the fire of His pure holy love to be filled with that glory.

We must now be formed into His kingdom overcoming sons and daughters, a wheel within a wheel, that Jesus will be seen in because of their oneness with them as a bridegroom with His bride.

Through these overcoming full grown sons, bride, overcomers, man-child remnant God is going to transform the whole earth with the power of His pure Holy love.

Everything the enemy turned upside down in this world is going to be cleansed by Gods cleansing judgment through his remnant wheel within a wheel and turned right side up in Kingdom power and glory.

Gods full grown sons are being released in their restored dominion, power and authority to subdue the earth through Jesus Christ who lives in them, with them and one with them.

The will of the Father is going to be done through a multi-membered body of Christ fully one with the “full grown head” Jesus Christ as the commander in chief Gods end time warriors.

With that said, I want to share with you what God spoke to me for the next three months.

These next three months will be a time of great transition of God relalignment, reassignments and repositioning His body parts as he pleases to form his wheel within a wheel upon the earth.

Here is what the Lord spoke to me on May 20, 2020. I have a few comments of interpretation God gave me for it, but let the Holy Spirit reveal to each of you who read this what the Spirit of God says to His people.

Transition: Transition: Transition. Summer Basket of Fruit

I just completed a time of training prayer warriors for the new day and new hour we are living in, and I felt the Lord prompting to write what he was telling me. Here I am listening and here is what the Lord is speaking to me.

Transition, transition, transition, I am releasing transition, transition, transition. Then the Lord spoke to me and said: June, July and August. June, July and August. He said, “I am bringing forth my summer basket of fruit. June July August, 2020 Transition, Transition, Transition.

(Summer basket of fruit is usually the last fruit and sometimes can be overripe and must be eaten quickly and can speak of judgments coming. It can also speak of harvest)

There is coming in the next three month seismic changes in our nation and upon the earth. As I write this I see three doors standing open in heaven in the clouds with gold writing on the door.

As I look closer at the door I see June, July and August in gold letters on each of the door individually but the letters are melting as I see they are made of pure liquids gold.

Somehow they are still formed as letters.. but if someone were to touch those letters with their hand they would get 3rd degree burns. That gold is so hot it would melt the skin off your bones.

At first when I saw the 3 doors they all looked the same size, but as I drew nearer to them the doors were of different sizes all stacked together. August was the biggest door with the biggest burning gold letters upon them.

As I was able to look at them from the side view I saw there was space between each three of the doors. The space between the first door and the second was shorter then the space between the second door and the third.

Then I stood before door number 1 and it opened and behind it was the greenest grass and pasture I have ever seen. As I began to walk toward the entrance of the door I could see word written in the grass which said, “for an appointed time.”

I got the understanding that this first door is going to open in June and it would be a door of great transition where God is going to bring much “growth and maturity” to them who will find this door and enter in. This door is only going to stay open a very short time to do a quick accelerated work.

As I came right up to the door I noticed the first door had an “ordinary” knob on it that you had to turn to enter in. I walked through it.




As soon as that revelation was revealed to me that first door disappeared and no longer existed. Now I am standing in front of the second door which is bigger then the first door and the word July were burning as hot liquid gold but the word kept it form so you could easily read it.

This second door had no nob on it, but a solid pure silver plate where the handle is that had to be pushed to open the door. This door plate was of the finest silver refined in the fire.

(Silver means a higher level of spiritual substance and integrity- I got the sense those who enter this door have to have a much developed spiritual integrity and substance of the Spirit of God to enter through this door. That those who enter it must be quite prepared and trained correctly to go through this door which the silver speaks of)

As I pushed open the door before me there was a road of fresh black tar an on it was written, “for an appointed season.”

(This appointed season, means a “longer but specific period of time that was reserved by God to do a certain work in his people, it implies an end date when it must be accomplished and then there is no more “time left in that season.)

The character of this road was made clear to me. It was smooth and had no bumps on it. It was a perfect road. Those who could walk or run on this road would be able to get to their destination perfectly.

On this road there are no hidden bumps, pot holes or delays, It would be the perfect interstate road you would want to travel on to get to another state. The space between this door and the next door was double in length from the length between the first and second door.

This door is the month of July and I saw that to walk on this road God needed to bring strategic time adjustments in the hearts that can go on this road to position them perfectly for the month of August 2020.

I now walked through the door and proceeded down the road, when I noticed a supernatural act took place in me. I had a new kind of footwear on my feet that I had never seen before. It was not a shoe, or a sneaker, or flip flop.

It was something not seen in this world that allowed me to run and walk supernaturally on this road at high speed to get to the destination quickly and efficiently.

These shoes had the power of a jet fighter in them to get to the target beyond the speed of sound. The only ones that could walk on this road were those who came through door one and are now positioned for a supernatural change in their lives that would release accelerated power and strength to run on this rood.

As I started at the new shoes, I was running down the road when I looked at my clothes and they were not the clothes I entered the July door with. They were brand new clothes I had never seen before.

They were a combination of a running outfit and a cyclist outfit. What I noticed was that the clothes were form fitting. They fit perfectly there didn’t hang on me. They were like skin, but they were skin of protection and like armor but nothing I have ever seen before.

These new clothes were able to breath with you, they will filled with the air or breath of God in them. As you ran faster then the speed of sound, you would not sweat one drop, overheat or dehydrate.

They were the perfect footwear and clothing one would need to travel down this road.

(What I was seeing in July was the end of “human effort or strength” fully manifesting in his “trained and equipped people.”

They were made for this “appointed time” on the earth and they are able to run with the Lord at warp speed and not sweat one drop because they were filled with the breath of God and his efforts alone.

The Lord had provided them the ways, the means and the perfected road to run on to get them to the destination of door number 3)

As I ran near the third door, I was running at warp speed effortlessly. I got near to the third door and I heard a voice spoke from heaven: “Now the power and glory and dominion of His kingdom and glory will be seen throughout the land.”

With that word released from heaven a powerful wind came from my back and pushed me right to front of door number 3.

( I would say I was to run to up to a mile before door number 3 and made supernatural great time, but I took a moment to breath and look at the door when I heard the voice from heaven speak and as it spoke, the wind pushed me supernaturally to be right before door number 3.

Now I am standing at the third door. When I first saw this door, all the doors seemed exactly the same from that distance. The only way you could understand what these doors are and what they mean was to get closer to them.

If anyone stayed where they were far away from them, they just look like any other ordinary door that you could pick and choose to go through by your own choice. It was not until you get to the first door, can you see the reality of what the others doors were.

(I got a sense at this third door that the Lord was saying, “all things are now ready, come, and enter into all I have prepared for you.)

My heart was broken because I did not see anyone else at this door until I realized I could not see anyone, that these are personal doors for each believer to pick and go through if they can see them and hear the call of the Lord to come)

As I stood before this 3 door, the word August was not seen upon it. Because on this door there could be no “writing” upon it because this was the door called “royalty.”

(This was a door to enter the “royalty of the Lord” and those who entered it would be his “royal ones, his royal priesthood.” This door was entrance into the “holy nation” of the Lord.)

As I looked through the door, I saw that it led to the kings throne room. The only way you could ever see this door was a royal door was by passing through the first two doors. As I stood before this third door the second door completely disappears.

This third door is called the majestic door. On the right side of the door was a majestic pure gold handle. It was the purest gold because it was so blinding bright as a metal that reflect the natural sun.

(The word majestic means: having or showing impressive beauty or dignity, stately) The Hebrew word meaning “majestic” originally began with this character .

It represents a person standing with arms raised and outstretched. It meant “behold”, or "pay attention". It also depicts a human head in profile, and means “chief "or “authority”. One layer of meaning in this word picture could be “Pay attention to the chief door.”

So when the Psalmist talks about God’s voice being majestic, he’s saying God’s voice points me to a door, and this door is a person.

His majesty may accentuate my smallness, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s the door that ushers me into His presence. The point isn’t to intimidate me for the sake of intimidation, but to bring me near. This is what I felt standing at such a door, it was like a huge magnet pulling the metal in me to go through it because it where I belonged)

As I gazed upon this majestic door, I had never seen such a beautiful door. I remembered when I saw the three doors at first, they all looked the same except by size.

But now I can see each door is so different and each has a different purpose, but it is hidden to the naked eye. To see what these doors are you had to stand before them and walk through them to get to the destination that is behind door number 3.

When I looked at the height of third door it reached into the heavens and into the very throne room of God.

I also noticed I did not see the word August on this door anymore because in this door was transcending time and space as we have known them to be. It was like an “eternal majestic door with an eternal majestic doorway.

This was a divine position God wanted his own ones to be in by the end of August.

When I looked again at the door I saw something that I did not see the first time. This door had a centurion before it as a guard.

This spiritual centurion had the authority to let in and stop anyone the one behind the door said could enter or not enter. As I continued to look I knew I could not just go up and grab this handle.

That I had to show this centurion the “badge of authority” I had been given to enter through this door.

With the change of clothing, and shoes, a badge was placed in my pocket to go through this door. I don't know how it got there, it was just there by running down this road at warp speed.

The key is that No one who did not have the “badge of authority” could enter behind this door. It was by invitation only.

Up to this time I didn’t notice that my appearance had changed because of the new clothing I was wearing, but my appearance changed so that I could enter through this door.

The centurion had something in his hand and when I looked he had a new turban, a turban of the purest purple, gold and silver. This turban had to be placed on your head to enter through that door.

The centurion was positioned to give those who are allowed through the door this new turban. He said, to me,, “you, Henry Falcone” come here. I instantly obeyed.

He said, bow your head, so I did and he put this new turban on my head, and all of sudden my clothes changed into royal robes with royal shoes. It was like that this whole process of the two doors was to change my appearance to be fitted with this new royal clothes.

He looked at me and said, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.”

I fell to my knees and wept, and wept and wept. I was undone, the centurion came over to me and said, “don't cry” Look and see the Lamb upon the Throne, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, he is worthy to open the scrolls.

When those words were said, immediately the third door opened automatically and I heard the sound of singing, voices from every tribe and nations.

Their song was so glorious, I did not see anyone singing, but then the song became so Intense that I knew the angels had joined in with the other voices singing.

The centurion said to me, “don't you understand the song they are singing? He said to me, “God has been preparing you to hear this song before you were even made in your mothers womb.

This is the song of the Lamb, the Song of the bridegroom, the song of the bride, The song of His glory revealed.

I could hardly move as I stood before this door, I saw in the distance, a curtain being torn in two.

(I know what that means scriptural, but this was like a veil was being removed so I could see His the throne like never before)

I saw Jesus standing there all dressed in his finest clothing of the richest apparel in heaven and earth and his hand was extended to me and I heard him say, Come, Henry Come.

As I began to get up and walk through the door, I heard the words of the song and this is what they were, The Spirit and the Bride, The Spirt and the Bride, The Spirit and the Bride say come Lord Jesus come.

As I entered through the doorway there were myriads of angels, the great cloud of witnesses, the souls of just men, the 24 elders, the 24 thrones were now before me, and I heard Jesus say, Come all things are now ready, come and take my hand.


AS I looked at the roadway between where I was and where the Lord was, it was a road made out of transparent glass it had two hews in it of blue and purple. When you looked right at it, it was clear, but from the side you could see the blue and purple color in it.

(Purple mean rich, royal and authority as possessing true riche)

I thought of Proverbs 8:17,21)“I love those who love me; And those who seek me early and diligently will find me. That I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth and true riches, and that I may fill their treasuries.)

(Blue: Blue in the Bible represents the heavens and the Word of God. In Exodus, when Moses, his sons, and 70 elders of Israel went up to Mount Sinai to worship God, they saw God and described the pavement under His feet as being bright as the blue sky (Exodus 24:10). Following this encounter, Moses received the 10 commandments.

Blue is translated in Hebrew as tekelet. It is also found in the Bible to mean purple (Ezekiel 23:6) or violet (Jeremiah 10:9). Tekelet was the color assigned for priest’s clothing, in particular, their hems (Exodus 28:5-6). In Luke 8:40-48, the woman with the issue of blood was healed by our High Priest, Jesus Christ, when she touched the hem of His garment. Therefore, blue is also accredited with being the color of God’s healing and grace.)

As I stared at this road, the centurion came up from behind me he said,”dont you know what this road is? I said, no sir, what is this road. He said the “highway of holiness” only the royal ones can walk on this road. That is why the “hews of purple royalty were mixed with the blue of Gods royal priesthood)

Only those who are invited to the marriage supper of the lamb can walk on this road. For it is the royal road that leads to His chambers of perfect love.

Only those who have made themselves ready by his pure holy love can walk on this highway of holiness, for it is the road of his completed love, his completed work. Look at the street sign.

As I turned my head to the right I looked up and I saw the street name for this highways of holiness and it is called “IT IS FINISHED!"

I was undone, the centurion bends over to me and says, “Perfect love has cast out all fear, there is no fear in love.”

I wondered to myself what am I seeing? What are you showing me Lord? Why did you say. Transition, Transition, Transition, June, July and August, and the centurion said to me, “do you not know what this means. I said, “no my lord, I do not.”

For it is then I knew who this centurion really was. He was the Holy Spirit in a form of authority was given the task of who can be let in and who can not. I said what is the meaning of the three doors and the months upon them my Lord.

He said, this is the accelerate work I have come to do in those who hear my masters trumpet call. For my Lord is uttering His voice before his army, yet many have not heard and many will not hear. Blessed are they who are invited to the marriage supper of the land.

The tree doors represent three end time shifts that are coming in June, July and August, that I am releasing to bring forth the full grown sons and daughters into their divine position for my Lords end time purposes.

Each door is a season in time, one shorter, the next a little longer and then the final door that comes with no end but taking my Masters hand.

I knew that he was calling Jesus His master because the Holy Spirit is in me and he is working in me to submit fully to my master and king of King and Lord of Lords. So the language of the bride was being spoken through the Holy Spirit to me.

He said, the Father has released an outpouring of His Spirit, that is going to accelerate the finishing work of glory in these next three months that will take the kingdom seed he planted in men’s heart to grow from 30 fold to 60 fold to 100 fold. TRANSITION, TRANSITION, TRANSITION.

Never has there been a release of glory upon this earth like what is now going to be released in this next three months.

Many wont see it, many wont experience, you have to be prepared and positioned to enter this supernatural intervention of acceleration that God is releasing in June, July and August.

Yet in those who will hear, see, embrace and except Gods divine intervention they will be able to walk through these first two doors in June and July that will lead them into August where the last door takes on its full nature and majesty.

The centurion asked me again, “do you know what the three months, the three doors, and the summer basket of fruit mean?

I said, “no my Lord” very somberly. He said, “don't look down or be discouraged, blessed are those invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” Blessed are those who have the “badge of authority” from God to enter through that doorway.

Then I looked up and the Centurion was not there and I was back walking down the highway of Holiness on the street called “it is finished. Somehow I was able to reach from where I was to the Lords hand and his hand was able to reach mine.

As soon as I took his hand, accelerated power filled me and I look down and I saw our nation and the nations in such spiritual chaos and confusion.

Though some looked very orderly and back to normal with the naked eye, but in reality they were being bombarded by the enemy from above.

Then as I was standing there with Jesus, I did not see any more of the throne or the road, or anything else, I was just left there with Jesus and me.

He looked at me and said, ”It is time for the summer basket of fruit to come.” I have opened a door for you that no one can shut, there is little time left to me be made ready and prepared for all that I am about to release upon the earth.”

He smiled at me and said, “Henry, why I am showing you three months to get you ready for September: Do you remember my word, that says “ Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest?

Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." now go and bring them to me for my house shall be full and I am going to fill your mouth with my glory.”

Then I was back down here and I heard the Lord say transition, transition, transition, June, July and August, The time of the basket of summer fruit has come.

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