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Kingdom intercession from new dimensions of His Glory!

Word For Today: September 22, 2018: The Apostolic/Prophetic Waves of Intercession: Kingdom intercession from new dimensions of His Glory!

Beloved, it is an honor to pray for each of you today... Today was quite unique and life changing for me in prayer. To God be the Glory. How much our Lord truly love us. It is true beloved, the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

I remember many years ago when I was pastoring a church in CT. I brought in the best intercessory teachers of our day. We implemented everything we were taught and things got worse. I thought we were giving the devil a black eye.

Finally I got to a place where God could correct me. He told me, I want you to stop this prayer ministry, you have no idea of what you are doing. You are going into realms you don’t know about. You can’t take authority Henry, I give authority, I have weapons you don’t even know about, and my greatest weapon is Love.’ He said, ‘you can’t bind the spirit of jezebel when that spirit has roots in those who pray. You can’t bind the spirit of anti-christ when intercessors have rebellion in them.” “There is much I have to teach you!” I found out much later what an understatement that was... ugh and ouch...!

Saints, I disbanded our prayer team, and I stopped praying the way those “regarded intercessors" taught us. I asked God to teach me and over the past 25 years he has taught me much.

But today, what we have learned up to now in prayer is history, compared to the glory that God is now revealing in us and through us even in intercession. God has spiritual bombs and weapons to release on the enemy that will utterly destroy every single molecule of his work against us.

The key is coming to Him. The key is seeking his face and not his hand. The key is setting time apart for the Lord to come, teach, instruct, impart the very present word and power of the Lord to you in the intercession he prays in heaven to be released on the earth. The key is to come above the storms around you to rest in His glory to hear a word in season. He desires to give us the ear and the tongue of the learned. (As One’s taught by God) Isaiah 50:4-6

The apostolic and travailing prayer waves coming forth is to bring us into a new and deeper place in Him. Through the great trials we are all facing, He is lifting our heads up above our enemies. He is preparing a banquet table for us in the midst of our enemies. There is a place of safety, a resting in his peace in the secret place of the most high God.

I believe as the Kingdom age is dawning in our midst even more, the door standing open in heaven in Revelation 4:1 is becoming more seen. As we answer the knock on the door of our hearts by Jesus in Rev. 3:20 and invite him to sup with us, he is reaching the work of his intercession as our High Priest to us and in us.

Notice for John, it was not enough to see the open door in heaven, but he had to hear the sound of the war trumpet say, come up here. This come up here represents a deeper level of identification with Jesus as our King, The Father as the King of Glory, The spirit as the 7 spirits of God manifesting to understand the working of heaven to be released on the earth.

This “come up here and I will show you the things to come hereafter” is also the cry of Jesus our High Priest and His desire to pray in us with the Holy Spirit’s power in true intercession that can “see the things that are, and the things to come” and pray exactly what we need to overcome the enemy and possess all The Father has for us.

It is truly our time to be seated with him in heavenly places as a man-child company of apostolic/prophetic intercessors, a royal priesthood who can now see from the Lord’s vantage point. As. he allows us to see what he see, he allows us to hear what the Father is saying, and to know what the father wants done on earth as it is heaven.

This communion and union in intercession is different then the way we have listed and heard God before. This union and communion comes from a positional spiritual authority of being one with him in His Glory.

This is critical to understand because whatever the Lord Jesus is praying, asking and receiving from the Father is “in his glory.” So it has to be released in and from Glory through us, “the temple of the Holy Spirit” on earth as it is heaven.

There is a oneness in his royal priesthood that they are going to walk in that is the engine that will empower the work, activity of heaven to invade the earth as a wheel within a wheel.

We are now entering the season of true Kingdom intercession, demonstration and activation of the Father’s answers (His will) to now be manifested fully on the earth.

Beloved it is a new season. Even the most seasoned intercessors will have to come like a child before the Lord to learn the new and deeper realm of intercessory glory the Lord is now going to manifest on the earth. Each time you come to seek Him will be different. Each instruction, directions, strategies will be new every single time you come.

You can’t make a formula or a ritual out of what you receive one day and try to bring into the next it won’t work. Why is that? Because his mercies are new every morning and that is exactly what our High Priest Jesus releases to us from the Father and we must flow with that new as intercessors.

The travailing apostolic/prophetic intercession that is coming as waves is going to bring forth the royal priesthood company of intercessors who are trained to function as kings and priest on the earth. This will also reveal their true full grown sonship on the earth in kingdom dominion and authority.

So let us lay what we know down at his feet to be equipped with a deeper wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of how He desires to pray through us and with us.

Let us receive the new weapons he has for us for war and the new armor function that we must put on as King Jesus leads us into victory, to victory, to victory.

May our Lord take us deeper into the operation of heaven’s intercession to be released on the earth in this kingdom age that is birthing.

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