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Lord, the only Thing i have is you

Word of the Day: March 6, 2021: Lord, the only thing I have is you!


The only thing I have tonight is Jesus! Better yet, the only thing I need is for Jesus to have Me.

I know you can say, Brother Henry you have a family, you have things, you have a work for the Lord, you have friends and brothers in sisters in Christ and you would be right.

I am grateful to God for all those things. Yet, the only thing I have tonight is Jesus!

Beloved, I wonder if that is your testimony tonight as well. That the only thing you have tonight is Jesus and Jesus has you.

Our testimony must be I in Him, and He in me that we would be one perfectly united.

He is the only one that can live inside of me at the same time let me live inside of Him to be one with him like a Bride with her Bridegroom.

So you see beloved, the only thing i have tonight is Jesus. He made me. He breathed his life in me. He formed me in my mother's womb. He saved me April 10, 2015. He saved Donna and my family a week later. He Filled me with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit April 17, 2015.

He called me to do the work of the Lord in my mothers womb and He commissioned me to preach the Gospel personally in May 2015 opening Matthew chapter 10 as building block one at a church in Virginia.

A missionary from Kenya was preaching at my Sister's church she attended. I never heard the message but was caught up in the Spirit and God opened up to me Matthew chapter 10 and by His grace and have never turned back from that day.

I have grown in Him and had victories through him. I have stumbled, failed, fell flat on my face way too many times.

Yet, the one who has me picked me up, forgave me, restored me, and put me back where I belong was Jesus Christ, the I am that I am. What Human being, what thing of the earth can love someone and help them perfectly as Jesus did for me and for you? NONE. His blood alone saved me and you.

His rising from the dead gave us victory over sin and death and no one else, So I say again, the only thing I have is Jesus and the only one that Has me fully is Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

All the Glory and Honor must be given to him. As long as I own anything, my life, my family, my money, my things and claim them as mine, then he does not own them, I own them in my heart and that will keep me from truly knowing Him fully.

All the Glory and Honor must be given to him. As long as I own anything, my life, my family, my money, my things and claim them as mine, then he does not own them, I own them in my heart and that will keep me from truly knowing Him fully.

My ministry, my work, my life, my deed, my vision, my purpose are all church age understanding of God and trying to keep what you own even in God's can only produce in us the heart of the church of Galatia, bewitched by the enemy.

Beloved, I still need more of Him in my life and still need to be changed and completed by Him from glory to glory as a full grown son.

I need much more of his reality, his kingdom, his pure holy love to fill me, change me and complete me for his end time purposes, but I am making Him and seeking Him that great quest and aim, even in stumbling and much failure.

I will get up and run to him until he finishes me as he promised hw would do.

Yet, agains I say tonight the only thing I have is Jesus. He is my All in All. He is my everything. It is true, apart from Him I can do nothing. If I stay abiding in him and his word abides in me I can ask what he desires and he will do it.

As a branch that can not bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can I. Apart from Him I can do nothing. Apart from Him, I am nothing. Apart from him I go no where. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are Sons of God.

I don't own my family or my things. I can say thing are "mine" but truly they are lent to me by God to love, cherish and care for because they ultimately belong to Him and I am just a steward of that which he entrusted into my hands.

Yet they were given to me never to be just in my hands, but in his hands and my hands in his in love and care for these gifts. .

He made my wife, my kids, their spouses, their children with a purpose and plan. I didn't. He wrote in his book of life before they were made in their mother's womb, I didn't.

I can't love them enough, care for them enough, serve them enough with human charisma. I can only love them as they are to be loved through and in Jesus Christ, the pure love of God abiding in me.

I can't love the body of Christ, the people we labor with, even our enemies without Him in me and me in him perfectly united.

Human love fails and fades away It is fleeting and it only loves those who love them. God's love is perfect and pure and it is far above human reason and intellect.

Tonight Beloved, if we belong to anyone it is the Lord who purchase us with His own blood. If we have been given precious treasures of family, love, our family in Christ, possession, gifts, anointing, all these are gifts from God and must be taken care of by Him in us and us in Him.

That is why I can say, "I don't have a ministry, nor do I want one." If I have one, then I own it, and God does not. But if God chooses to make me a ministry, then I own nothing nor will I use the ministry as I see fit or for my own gain,

The ministry is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory. It is who He is in us doing what the Farther desires through us on earth as it is heaven. It is from God, in God, with God , for HIs glory alone not ours.

Beloved, there is a blessedness in owning nothing and being fully owned by the Lord. I have had to learn how to let go of everything and not to own anything, including my life, my time, what I do and even the small things in life.

Dear Saints of God, I like many of you, had to learn and still am learning to give up full "control" of life, every piece of it to be under the complete headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would have not chosen the path God had Donna and I walked in with all the pain and suffering in it, if God showed us in advance. Yet through the suffering the life of Jesus is worked in us as it worked in him.

Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered and so is He working that in our body, soul and spirit this very day. It is not pretty, but is well worth owning nothing so God can own all of us!

This is why Jesus is here to help us. He is standing in the midst of the 7 churches as the King of Glory.

He is standing in our midst in the parousia, to come and finish that work and complete in us even now to the day of Christ.

Today Jesus is outpouring in us the third day miracle of Cana to show forth His glory upon the earth.

Beloved, It is not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord.

Beloved, we must be emptied until we own nothing and have nothing but Jesus fully manifest as Lord and King in our hearts.

The cost is high! Jesus says if we are to be his disciples we must lose our life to gain it, deny ourselves and pick up our cross and follow him no matter what.

We must love the Lord thy God with all our heart, soul and all our strength and we are to put no strange God before Him.

We can not love our mother, father, sister, brother, children, grandchildren or anything more than Jesus cause if we do we can't be his disciple.

No man can serve two masters, he will love one and hate the other, or hate one and love the other. You can't serve God and mammon.

God's emptying process is not easy. To bring us to a place of absolute dependence upon him, his words, his power, his ability, his wisdom, his guidance and not use our own understanding and wisdom to do his will or anything is not east to learn.

Few will want to, but many are called but few will pay the price to be chosen.

God must free us from all human and world attachments that this world offers. God must free us from His promises and words to us from trying to work them out in the arm of the flesh.

As He did with Abraham and Sarah and brought them to the place there was no human way to produce a child.

God empties of us our abilities and strength to produce things or make our promises happen apart from him. He brings us to the place of owning nothing, able to nothing, say anything do anything apart from Him like Abraham and Sarah.

Beloved, the Word of God says in Roman chapter 4, "that Against all hope, his human reason for hope being gone, Abraham believed in hope He would be the Father of many nations even as God said.

He did not enter into unbelief, He did not consider his body dead and Sarahs dead because they both were 100 years old, but when they could produce nothing in their own power and the promise looked like it would not happen, Abraham believed God and it was counted unto Him as righteousness.

Abraham believed what God said he was able to do and he grew strong in faith as He gave glory to God.

He became totally empty, totally powerless, totally left alone with just God and His word and who was he going to believe?

He came to the place where the only thing He had in those days was Jesus, Abba God, and so shall it be in and with us as well.

Tonight Beloved, who can say with me, The only thing I have tonight is Jesus, and better yet, the only thing I want is for Jesus to have me fully! Who can say I own nothing, yet Jesus owns me. I am His and He is mine. I am my beloved's and his desires are towards me.


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