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Love Bond Giving

Word For Today: December 19, 2019 Love Bond Giving 3: The Flag and the Shofar: All that I am, all that I have, all that I ever will be is yours Lord!


I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to share some special testimonies over this Christmas season about love bond giving and listening to the Lord.

Today I want to share some special giving testimonies that are very special and near and dear to my heart as well.

Back in 2009-2010 or around there, the Lord started to truly move by His Spirit in the Milliken, Loveland, Greeley Co area after our initial visit there. The Holy Spirit led us to pray specially for the youth in the area.

On the last night of the tent meeting in Milliken, I was invited to preach. We had prayed for almost 2 weeks with intercessors from over the whole region. These intercessors weren’t invited to the prayer meeting because I was called to lead a Pastors prayer meeting for the region that not one pastor came too.

Instead, God supernaturally began to tell the intercessors at their homes, prayer was going on in Milliken and they started to show up. Not one Pastor came, but intercessor from around the region came. By the end of the week of prayer before the tent meeting we had over 50-70 intercessor praying in this little town of 3000.

God showed us how the youth were put outside the service in the OK Corral of Sunday School, toddler rooms, youth groups and the Lord’s heart was broken that we put them away from Him and his Presence when we gather.

We had a week of continued repentance for what we had done as Pastors and Leaders. On this last Saturday night I was asked to preach. I preached one of the hardest messages I ever did on the spirit of religion and what we were doing to our youth.

When the alter call time came I was sure every adult would run down to the alter to repent, but when I finally gave the alter call out of the 250 people that were there not one adult came. Do you know who came to the alter? All the youth we prayed about all week. We didn’t know who they were but all 60 at this meeting came to the alter.

They ran down to the alter to meet God. That day I had gotten two prophetic words from two seasoned prophetic intercessors that did not know I was ministering. They both asked me are you preaching tonight. I said, “yes.” They both told me when the people come to the alter just ask God to send the fire.

As all the youth were kneeling and standing at the alter, I said, very quietly, Lord send your fire. The Holy Spirit hit them so hard, they were on the floor slain in the spirit. They were crying, laughing, speaking and singing in tongues. The inviting host Pastor who asked to come Grandson was crying and laughing hysterically. Saying the Lord is loving me, but he is killing me, I am burning with his presence.

There many siblings at this meeting and when the fire of God fell the began repenting in each other arms and crying. Then they ran to their parents to ask them to forgive them. Then the parents started catching the fire of the Spirit and repented to their children, and God moved in this little city.

The Pastors in this little area of Colorado said, “the atmosphere over our city has changed.” To God be the glory.

Now I am testifying of this because we were invited to come back several times to teach on prayer. One of those prayer meetings God led us to have conference gatherings. One of our first conferences we had was held in Greeley CO, at the 7th day Adventist church who let us rent their building.

The word about the meetings spread and a youth leader asked one of the sisters there if their youth flag ministry could come and minister at our gathering. I agreed to that and they came. Now here is the part about love bond giving.

I never had so many young people at a meeting like this. I don’t play KLOVE music. I play my keyboard and minister to God music that adores him. I had to explain to them what kind I play and just invite them to come and minister to the Lord how much they loved him.

Before we got to that intimate worship, the youth flag ministry ministered to the Lord with their flags and worshipped. It was beautiful and they were so filled with the Spirit of God. They played their songs and ministered to God.

Now I came up and it was time to lead them to minister to the heart of God.

When I started to do that a little 10 year old boy got of his seat with tears streaming down his face. He came and laid prostrate and barefoot before the Lord. He just kept crying and saying, I love you so much Jesus. I love you so much!

I wanted to get off my keyboard and pray over him, but the Lord said, “I am touching him and drawing him to me.” He was a little David. He sang and played guitar.

Now here is the love bond giving part. A young man I brought with me had an awesome guitar an expensive one. The Lord told him to give it and lay it by the young boy on the alter. The young boy was in tears.

After a while he got to play along with us, and the fire of God came. They now took their flags as worship flags and warfare flag and used them as the Spirit led them. The worship time went for 4 hrs and no one moved. Prophecy, ministry went forth. Who did God use? The youth.

I encouraged them just to follow the Holy Spirit and they did. Two little girls 5 and 7 saw a young couple kneeling at the alter and went up to pray over them. The spirit of God came on them and they prophesied to them. “They said, “we are your inheritance.” We know you have tried to minister to the youth, and they wouldn’t listen to you, but we will and so will many more of us. We are your fruit.

They never met this couple before in their life. This couple was just asked to put down the youth ministry in their church. They were teaching the youth how to worship and find God, but the kids wanted parties and pizza.

The Pastor told them they were too boring and replaced them with new leaders who would give them games and pizza. They were devastated. Only God knew this. He sent these young ones to minister to their broken hearts.

There was so much more that happened. When we were coming to the end, all the youth on their own came to me and said, “we have to pray for you.” So they did. Beloved, I have had some of the country’s top prophets pray for me, but none of them could match the power of God in these youth.

They prophesied over me things only God knew. Specific and on point words. They prayed over my feet, my hands and my life and spoke of what God was going to use me in. They were spot on.

At the end of the night, the young boy who was 10 and part of the flag ministry and another boy Joshua who the fire of God fell on came up to me and they gave me their fire flag. They just bought it a week ago. This was such a sacrificial love gift. I was overwhelmed.

It was their most expensive flag. It was over $300. They all said, God told them to give it me because of our calling to bring the fire of God to the nations. We all wept in the Lord. I didn’t want to take it because they had 3 fund raisers to raise the money for the flag. But that is not the end of the story.

A few years later I was ministering in San Marcos California again the youth came out as much as the adults. The fire of God feel on them like in Greeley Colorado and they ministered for hours and hours. The youth were forming a ministry team of singers, musicians and just started to use banner and flags.

The Lord told me to let a 13 year old boy named Alan to wave the fire flag in worship. Beloved, when he did it in our meetings the Glory of God came. He never used a flag before but knew exactly how to use it. While he is doing it, the Lord said, “give him that flag, it is for his generation. His generation are fire bringers of my glory.”

Now it was not easy for me to do that, because it was the youth who gave it to me, but I knew that I had to sow it to Alan. At the end of the service I called him over and gave it to him. I told him how special and valuable it was to me and it was a gift to worship God with.

He cried and hugged it. He said, “I never felt the presence of God like that before in my life. When I waved the flag it was like wave and waves of God came over me.” He thanked me 1000 times for this precious gift. He said he would treasure this gift and keep it safe.

Beloved, no matter what we own, we really own nothing. We are to be stewards of what God gives us. That was the secret to Abraham and his love for God. He owned nothing and looked for a city whose architect and builder was God.

When we hold unto our life, our things, our possession as our own, we lose so much. When we see our paycheck as we earned it and do what we want with it, we lose so much. Jesus said, If you hold unto your life you lose your spiritual life but if you lose your life naturally you gain your spiritual life.

God so many times is looking at our hearts. Will we give our God our ALL offering? All that we have, all that we are, and all that we ever will be? Will we give the Lord permission to ask us to give away even our most precious things. God our Father did when he gave us Jesus?

What are we holding onto? Why are we afraid to trust Him? Why won’t we give God our best instead of our left overs? Why is 10% enough when God gave us 100%?

The second story is really wonderful as well. Over the years we did two schools of ministry in Colorado. Our first class knew I always wanted a nice shofar to play. So as a graduation gift from the class they gave me this expensive shofar. I loved it and played it often.

Well one Sunday morning a family from Wisconsin came to our gathering and they had a 13 year old son named Josiah. They were looking for a place to attend and they were hungering for God’s presence so they came to visit us.

During the worship service time, God had me keep looking at Josiah and told me he was a prophet and had that call on his life. The Lord said to me, give him your shofar.

Boy, that was a tough one. I really loved that shofar because I could worship God with it and that our students gave it to me. So I hesitated for a moment to make sure it was God.

The Lord told me three times to give it to him. I said, “yes Lord I will do it. After the service, I went to Josiah and I said, “I have a gift for you. This is a very special gift from the Lord and my students to me, it means a lot to me, but the Lord told me I had to give this to you because you are called to be a prophet of God.

He started to cry and his mother said, “it was spoken over him when he was two that he was called to be a prophet.” I was so happy that I heard the Lord. So I said, “Josiah why are you crying, are you ok?

He said, Pastor Henry, I always wanted a shofar. I had prayed for one so much. I asked the Lord today in this service. I said, “Lord could you give me a shofar like Pastor Henry’s, today is my birthday and I said Lord I would love to have one to worship you with.

Beloved, now I started to cry. It is Josiah's 13th birthday and he prays to God to have a shofar. God loved him so much that he told me to give him mine right in the service TO ANSWER HIS PRAYER! God wanted to bless Josiah and his call and ministry on his birthday with such a gift. Only God would know this.

Look how quickly God answered Josiah’s prayer. He gave Josiah that gift right them and there and spoke to me to give it to him from God to him. How special is that?

I hope these testimonies encourage you to “give beyond the box.” I pray that this Christmas season it won’t about be “buying presents” to exchange with not much thought.

Let us be careful to allow the Lord to let us bless those with the things that God would want us to give them. He knows each person and what an honor to listen for his voice and be a blessing to someone in need or to meet a special need like this. Please remember those who serve you in ministry as well. Many of them have families in need to, as well as missionaries. You will be blessed by doing so.

Father, I pray that you open our hearts to hear you. That we will never hold onto anything we have as our own. May we put all things concerning our life, our family, our finances and our stuff in your hands to use as you will. May we be your instruments of love bond giving to bless those who are truly in need.

Father, let this Christmas be different. Let our giving be Holy before you and let us not forget those in need, the poor, and those even in our own family and spiritual family. Let us not forget those that minister spiritually to us so they can reap our material benefits as you have desired. The workman is worthy of his wages.

Father bless your people tonight with the true heart of love bond giving and cause us all to be totally yours. All that I am, all that I have and all that I ever will be is yours. We love you!

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