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No matter what side you seem to choose. A spiritual tug of war

Afternoon Word for Today: November 9,2020: No matter what side you seem to choose. A spiritual tug of war

I want to encourage every saint of God to use wisdom, discernment, grace, and love and to speak the truth in love.

The enemy is trying to hard to brew hatred, and unrighteous anger in the House of God.

We must walk in love toward God and one another even if we strongly disagree. Make your disagreement known if needed, but do so in the love of God.

Be open to listen to another persons voice they feel is the Lord. Pray over it and ask the Lord about it to give you a witness to it or not.

If you don’t get a witness and you feel to tell them, tell them, but in the love of God.

We are not fighting flesh and blood, but powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.

Those powers use flesh and blood, but don’t focus only on people, but what is controlling them in the spirit. This God will show you in prayer and intercession.

There are two ways to view this election from the Kingdom of God age and from the church age. That view seems to be as plain as light and day. They seem to be two opposing voices. God is not divided.

Yet, the Spirit does divide flesh from spirit, joint from marrow for a reason. Jesus also said, I have not come to bring peace but a sword to separate... I see that happening now.

Depending on whether we still see from the church age 2nd day or the third day, 7th day Kingdom of God age is going to determine what we discern and see.

The church age wineskin message is a message of salvation, grace, Jesus abiding with in, whomsoever, I have Jesus mind set. So those still living in that age will see this election quite differently on both sides of the camp.

The Kingdom age wineskin of the new 3rd day, 7th day rest of God has a message to “he that overcomes, the Throne, Jesus taking his place as the full head of the body, Jesus has me, Government and it will be a message of spiritual preparation for what is to come.

These two prophetic days are going to speak a completely different language and message that might seem to cause confusion. Yet, God is not the author of confusion.

There are some people who each day may see things the same, but their conclusion will be quite different.

It is going to take much grace and love to hear each other and discern what prophetic day each 5 fold ministry and people are ministering from.

The church age has 5 fold ministers still ministering under the old wineskin of the church age, preaching the church age message, and doing the church age work. God is in it to a point he is allowed to be.

The Kingdom age wineskin also has 5 fold ministers but they are ministering in the new wineskin of the Kingdom, a tribe of Issachar anointing. They operate under the 7 spirits of God, the Spirit of Prophecy, the testimony of Jesus.

They minister from the realm of glory found in Revelation 4:1 because they have come up through the door standing in heaven. They have heard Jesus' Trumpet voice speaking in this day and His voice is not the same voice as in the church age.

If it were, John would have recognized it. John did not even know it was Jesus and many in the church 5 fold ministers won’t see Jesus either because they sill see him as the savior and not as the King of Glory, Lord of Hosts, the Beginning and the End.

They are not yet positioned to hear that war trumpet voice say,, “come up here so I can show you the things that are to come.’

The difference between the two days, the two functions of the 5 fold ministry is the church age ministers only see now and prepare the people for now.

The Kingdom 5 fold ministry prepares the saints not just for now, but for what is to come. They have within them the Spirit of God and the Word that says, do not let this day come upon you unawares.

Their message will be messages of warnings of what is happening, what it to come and how to be ready for it.

Because these two prophetic days are like night and day, the second day ministers will see this election, the news, what is happening through the 2nd day church age mindset.

Some of the leaders will resist and speak even out against those who are seeing from the third day. So expect it, forgive them and walk in love.

For those who desire to stay in the church age, the message from these 5 fold ministers will resonate, comfort and strengthen them for this present moment. I believe however they will not be prepared for what is to come.

For those who desire to continue to advance in the Kingdom age, the ministry of the 5 fold ministry will be one voice. A voice of revelation of Jesus, by the 7 spirits of God like lightning and thunder.

I believe they are going to see exactly what is happening and why by the Spirit of God. They are going to know what to say, what to do, how to warn and how to equip the Kingdom saints fully for that day.

They are receiving divine downloads, strategies, and instructions that will bring the full grown sons and daughter together for God’s end time purposes as a wheel within a wheel.

They will be those God will allow to release all of heaven upon the earth including words of consequences and judgments like Elijah and Moses. For they have been positioned to work with the Lord in the glory realm.

They are and have been trained to function with heaven, the 4 living creatures, the river of God, the throne of God, the 24 elders and all the activity in heaven.

This brand plucked out of the fire found in Zachariah chapter 3. What God did to Joshua the High Priest to prepare him to finish the rebuilding of the Temple, God is doing in His 3rd day mature sons and daughters of God.

It is a completely different work, activity, and language of those still in the 2nd day church age and their activities.

This election has caused a spiritual tug of war between these two days, because the old things must pass away and all things must become new.

The day of these 2 days existing at the same time is over and now each believer has to chose who is on the Lord’s side.

This election has brought that to light. It is a test for the Body of Christ. I wrote about it already, but it is a test to see who can go in and take the land and those who won’t.

So let’s tone down the rhetoric a bit. My intention is to share on this page what God gives me to share on what is behind the scenes, what we need to know now for prayer and then how to cooperate with all the Lord is doing.

If you see it as anything else, then what you see and hear is not the truth. That is why I am posting and writing as God is giving me to warn, forewarn and prepare a people and to speak as someone that may operate in that Tribe of Issachar anointing. It may be needed right now, what do you think?

Also, it may be wisdom if you disagree with someone's position, instead of writing on their post, maybe give them a call to work it out between the two of you instead of hashing it out online. Just a thought.

I will try to be sensitive as I have not to write what i believe on someone else’s post to prove I am right as many have done on mine. If I do write, if God tells me to, I will present another side of the picture for that person to pray and consider if they are open to do it.

In this manner, I can speak what God is telling me, for them to discern and not take their right to discern things away from the word God is speaking. I encourage everyone to do that with each other as well.

That’s it for now.

Much love and blessings always,

Your fellow bondservant in Christ,

Henry Falcone

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