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Note for today: September 14, 2019 I have questions for you today, say the Spirit of God!

Beloved, All morning there is a flow of prophetic release God is pouring out today to guide us, direct us, encourage us, establish us. I am hearing it personally and in his true Apostolic and Prophetic people?

As I just came back from my hair cut, I felt the presence of God bubbling up in me and then I heard him say I have questions for you to write, so here are the questions the Lord is having me write to ask of us today?

My precious sons and daughters,

I have questions to ask of you today, how will you answer me? I am giving them to my servant to ask of you now. He that has ears let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

Did Jesus really mean that we are to love one another as He has loved us? How much did He love us? Is that the measure we are to love each other with? Or can we love each other with a lesser love and please God?

What does loving one another as Jesus loved us look like? How far will that “cost of love” cost us? How far are we really willing to go to demonstrate and give that same love away?

Would we go as far as the Good Samaritan? Would we go as far as the widow woman who put her 2 mites in the offering? Would we go as far as Esther did and go unsummoned before the King and perhaps loose her life to save her people?

Would we be willing to be crucified upside down like Peter did because of his love for Jesus? Would we be like the rich young ruler when Jesus said, “go sell everything you have and give it to the poor, but went away sorrowful?

How long will we stand with those hurting and broken? How low would we go to truly help someone in need? Would we see our “limits” like Ananias and Sophira did and lie to the Holy Spirit? Would we sell our lands and possessions and lay them at the Apostles feet so no one had a need?

How deep would be pray for someone that is suffering? How willing are we to lay our life down for our friends? Are we willing to truly get the meaning of why Jesus got down and washed his disciples feet?

Is God’s love a theory to us or a living reality in us? Can those that know us, know we are His true disciples by the love we have for one another?

Can the church down the street from your church know you love them as you love those who go to yours? Would you love, help and serve those even when they don’t come under your house?

Why do people in the world sometimes work faster and stronger when they truly see a need and try to meet it then those in the house of God? Yes, their motives may be rooted out of human compassion, but how more should Holy Spirit love and compassion be in us to show even a greater example of Love?

What does God’s kingdom really look like? Where can we see it? We know creation speaks of God and His glory, but what about His kingdom? Where is it now? Can you see it? Does it come by observation? Is it meat or drink?

Or did God make a mistake? Did Jesus misquote the Father, when he said, the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit? Did he make a mistake when He said, “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU?”

Can you see it in your life manifesting? How about your family? Do we have true kingdom priorities? Are we seeking the Kingdom of God first, and our King, and HIs righteousness? Are we living a true Kingdom life on earth as it is heaven?

If they have seen us, can they see Jesus as Jesus said to Philip? If you have seen me, you have seen the father? Can those who we live with, work with, pray with, go to church with, see the Glory of God risen upon us?

Can the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bear witness that Jesus Christ is your first love and your first work? Can the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bare witness that we are on fire with God’s presence or would they witness we are cold or lukewarm?

What is our real testimony? Not the one we think we have? Not the one we want people to think we have? But what is the real testimony of our walk in God that only God see?

Have we asked the Holy Spirit to come like a refiner’s fire and fuller soap to thoroughly purify our hearts like gold and silver? Are we able to stand in the day He is now appearing? Can we endure the day of his coming?

If our live were to end today and brought in the day of the Lord to be tested by fire what it produce? What would come forth wood, hay or stubble, or precious stones and jewels? Would we enter heaven just by escaping the fire, or would we get a reward?

What is the kingdom of God? Maybe the better question is, what is it not? Do you understand that everything you see around you of this world, rooted in this world, with this worlds priority, plans, desires, loves, hates, wants, IS NOT IT, NOR WILL IT EVER BE?


DOES NOT MY WORD SAY Luke 17: 20 And when the Pharisees had demanded of Him when the Kingdom of God should come, He answered them and said, “The Kingdom of God cometh not with outward show.

21 Neither shall they say, ‘Lo, it is here!’ or ‘Lo, it is there!’ For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you?” ARE THESE NOT MY WORDS I HAVE WRITTEN TO YOU AND FOR YOU? ARE THESE NOT MY LAWS THAT MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR HEART? WILL YOU LET ME WRITE THEM IN YOU?

What is Kingdom life? Would you be able to find the heart of it in the Sermon on the Mount in Mathew 5-7? Would you be able to love your enemies? Would you be able to do good to those who despitefully use you? Could you bless those who curse you?

Could you lend to all those who ask you no strings attached? Could you walk 2 miles with someone when they ask you to walk one? Would you give your coat to someone as well as the shirt they asked you for? Or would you give an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth?

Would you forgive those who trespassed against you? Would you be able to see that the heart of the kingdom is a life so radically different in every way this world is? Would you be able to understand that Kingdom of God is the exact opposite of this world.

Could you here him say to you as he said to Herod, “my kingdom is not of this world, or my father would send down legions of angels to help me? Would you know that Jesus was a King even though He had to hang on that cross for you?

Would you give up your whole life, everything you have, everything you are and ever will be and place yourself completely under his authority as your King and Lord in love and gratitude of the price He paid for you?

Would you pray for others so they would know you pray to be seen by men, or go in your closet and pray in secret so God can openly reward you? Would you say long prayers like the hypocrites do to be heard, or would you humble yourself and seek the Lord on how to pray for answers to manifest for those you pray for?

Will you have faith to speak to mountains and be cast into the sea, and not doubt or waver, or would we be found double minded tossed to and from and receive nothing from the Lord? Do you believe that if you ask you shall receive, if you seek you shall find, and knock the door will be open to you?

Do you believe that if you believe you receive the answers to your prayers you will have them when you ask according to His will, or will you wish and hope God might answer you?

Why is God is rising up true Apostles and Prophets, Men and Women of God that are coming forth from the furnace of affliction for God to establish the Kingdom of God in men's hearts?

Why is God is rising up true Apostles and Prophets, Men and Women of God that are coming forth from the furnace of affliction for God to establish the Kingdom of God in men's hearts?

Why is their mission is to turn right side up which the enemy has put upside down? Do you or we believe that the Kingdoms of this world are now becoming the Kingdoms of our God in Christ?

Do you believe that if any man be in Christ he is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold, all things become new? What is new creation life? Could it be what our true life lived in the Kingdom should look like?

Should our bodies and souls and spirit be the reflection of Jesus life in our life so the world will believe the Father sent Jesus into the world because of his great love for us?

Will our bodies become a living sacrifice for the Lord? Will he have the totality of our being, body, soul and spirit under his headship as the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords?

Will we have the mind of Christ and hold the intentions and desires of the Father and His will in us to be done on earth as it is heaven?

Why all the questions? What will our answers be to these questions? Why would the Lord give me all these questions to ask us all? What could He be looking for today? What is He longing for today in His people?

Could the very questions He is asking provide the very answers we need? Could they be the answers to our prayers of why things may be like they are in our life? Could these questions lead us to repentance and change? Could they be a confirmation to the work God is doing in your heart and speaking in your life?

Does God know the answers to these questions? Does He know the true answers that you would have to answer? Is He waiting for us to reply to these questions? What wonder, what change, what Glory could be seen in simple questions of the Lord?

How could they change anything? How could they change us? How could they change how we see God? How could they change how we see each other, love each other and serve each other? Could they change our hearts from being a Pharisee to a Good Samaritan? How do they help us see the Kingdom of God reality?

Could they help us understand Kingdom giving and become a Cornelius in our giving, or a church at Philippi who loved and cared for the servant of God? Could they cause us to be like the widow woman and no longer give what we have left over but perhaps God all that we have, all that we are, and all we will ever be?

Could the kingdom of God be truly seen by our giving up our life, our hearts, and resources be a memorial in heaven that will be a testimony to be heard about our lives as we have heard about al of those who came 2000 years before us?

So many questions? Will be there be so many answers? Will we gain understanding and wisdom? Will we repent and turn back to our first love and do our first work?

Will we see others and their circumstances not after the flesh but after the Spirit? Do we have oil and wine to bind up the wounds of the man robbed and left on the Jericho road? Will we love others now perhaps as Jesus loves us?

Could these questions help us to get ready to be sent into the hospitals to empty them? Would he send us to heal all those that are sick in a town like Jesus did?

Will he send us to the dead of love ones heartbroken over their loss and raise them up from the dead? Would He desire to send us people with legions of devils in them to set them free as he did with that young man?

Oh what is God asking of us today? Why all these questions? Why speaking to us in a way that is different then we are used to? Aren’t these questions like speaking in tongues where we need an interpretation by God to understand them?

Are you going to ask him why I am writing this? Are you going to ask him about these questions? Will you desire to change and allow the Lord to fully establish his kingdom and his glory in your heart?

Or will you settle for something lesser, something religious, something that has roots in this world that keeps you from the promises God has for your life?

I am asking the Lord, why are you having me write this? What is it Lord you desire? What are we missing of true kingdom of God life in us? Will you show us Lord? Will you give us now revelation and understanding to these questions?

On Lord, that you would rend the heavens and come down today, when will you come Lord? When will you come?

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