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Our Faithful High Priest: God’s ocean of love and mercy released!

Word For Today: September 17, 2019; Our Faithful High Priest: God’s ocean of love and mercy released!


Today as I was seeking the Lord and praying for those God has put in my heart to pray for, I want to share with you something God gave me.

My own prayer needs for my family and me can be overwhelming if I dare look at them. Then I get all the urgent and serious prayer needs so many have right now that causes my heart to break and cry out to God to intervene for us all.

As I was coming before the Lord today, I felt him say over and over, cast all you cares upon me for I care for you. I said to the Lord, “you see all these needs Father and they are real and they need your answers. Many of them are life or death answers to prayers Father.”

I said, “Lord I am coming to you today and I will cast these cares upon you, for I want to seek your face and not just seek your hand to help us. Yet, Father these needs are so urgent and lives are at stake, but I will obey you and come and seek your face and not your hand.

As I laid these needs before the Lord, I felt to lay each person, their prayer need literally down before the Lord and place them at his feet. My heart broke, I wept and wept and the spirit of travailing prayer came forth in my heart.

I said to the Lord, “I will obey the Lord and not look at the needs, but I will look at you God and your bigness.”

Al I could do is look upon His face, but yet the intensity of the needs of my life, my family, and those I am praying for before God was so big and so urgent I didn’t know if I could fully do it.

They seemed to be pulling at my feet to get consumed by them. It was right then the Holy Spirit had to come and help me to look up into the face of Jesus and not the needs.

As I looked upon his face, I saw his throne and out of that throne came the most beautiful blue ocean and it it came with a violent force out from His glory.

The oceans destination seemed to have one place in mind. That was to be right where I laid down these prayer needs of His people and my own where I cast those cares upon him.

As the roaring waters came up to where I was, the ocean grew so large that it completely covered each prayer request, each person the Lord was having me pray for.

The Lord said, My love is like an ocean and when I looked at the ocean that was covering these prayer needs, the ocean was on fire and written on the ocean in flames was the words, “The mercy of the Lord.”

As I was staring at the Lords face and cast all of these cares upon Him, out from his throne came this ocean of fire to meet and answer every single one of these prayer needs. God the Father already knew we needed answers before we even asked.

My heart continued to travail not only with the prayer needs, but the answer God wanted released to each situation. It was like God was using me as a conduit between the prayer need and the answer which I believe is what true intercession is and must do. Yet this was quite different and on a different level that’s I have experienced before.

When Paul prayed that he was in tears of travail that Christ would be formed in them and seen through these he disciples he was training. Paul tears were love tears. He had our Heavenly Father’s heart in him for his children to come to full maturity.

Their needs and God’s needs through intercessory travailing cause Paul to pray in tears for them for God to answer his prayer. That same travailing intercession from Jesus also released the answers to those He was praying for.

I felt that we need to know today that what we are facing and the “bam, bam, bam” of being smacked in face with another thing of the Lord, God has already seen and heard our cries for help.

As we continue to behold his face above seeking his hand to answer us, he speedily answers us as we cast all our cares upon him. Why do we cast all cares down first as we approach him?

Perhaps it proves to God even more to us, that we truly trust Him with everything. That he is worthy for us to put all he has given us, all we pray for into his hands for safety and answers. Will we truly trust him with our lives, our family, our health, our ministry, our time, our finances? Yes we can!

Beloved, We can trust him with everything. He loves us so much that he has already provided the answers and the way out for us. The thing that overwhelmed me today was that as I laid these things at his feet is that I could feel each prayer request the heart of the one praying for them.

The need was so real in me for those I was the praying for as if it were my own that I wept and wept over it and travailed until the Holy Spirit could pray effectively through me.

I have prayed like this before, so have many others. Beloved, I don’t believe we have travailed and interceded on this plane or level of His Glory. This intercession was on a different and powerful realm of God’s glory and intercession than I have ever known before.

This new level of intercession is going to be critical to be worked in us to see the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God in Christ.

Beloved, When I saw the ocean of love and mercy being poured out, I was undone. I continued to travail and cry in this ocean of love and mercy so the Father could answer the travailing heart of Jesus who has heard the cries of His people.

The travail in this place was a birthing but on a new and deeper level like when he told Moses, “surely I have seen the tears and cry’s and afflictions of my people, and I have come down to answer them and deliver them from their bondage.”

After 400 years of trials, heartache and slavery the time had come for God to act as He said he would and come down and deliver his people.

In my traveling time today, I prayed a prayer with much tears and heartache I have been praying for weeks. “Oh that you would come and rend the heavens and come down.”

The vision God gave me of the ocean coming down into those prayer needs was the answer to that cry. He has come down and He has rend the heavens. The mercy of God has come in His ocean. The ocean of mercy fire has triumphed over judgment and God has set us free.

In this time of travailing prayer, the Lord had me repent for those who had not repented of offenses, hurts, unforgiveness and bitterness and to stand in the gap for them to be forgiven and to let go of the people that offended them. In this manner they could receive the answer to their prayers and get healed.

He also showed me the enemies work in our life using “traumatic” situations to open the doors of fear, doubt and unblief to enter our heart to accuse God of his faithfulness. That trauma was a tool to put fear into our heart and abandonment as to why would God ever let you go through this.

I wept and travailed again for God to remove this from all our hearts and for Him to close those doorways where the traumatic things in our life no longer have a hold on our mind, body’s, and soul.

He told me if you allow the trauma through fear to stay, they establish doorways of stress and anxiety to enter your heart so when the real trials come you can’t stand.

He taught me that that stress and anxiety are doorways the enemy uses to bring worry, fright and it tries to effect our body and emotional health to make us sick and weak.

By the “bam, bam” another thing to hit you in the face was a new tactic and strategy of the enemy to knock on the doors where trauma has hit us in the past. It’s purpose is to get us off the wall.

How we respond to those “bam, bams” another thing to hit you, God will use to use if trauma and fear are still there. What the enemy meant for harm God is using for our good.

If they are places of fear in us, we can rejoice not that they are still there, but that he has come to remove it from us forever. He has come destroy that evil work from the enemy sow in your heart from when you were a child or whenever it came.

Jesus is manifesting in our midst to destroy every single work of the enemy, and trauma is included. It will no longer be a tool the enemy can use to harm us, shake us, and get us out of the faith of God.

Remember what this ocean was. It was the ocean of God’s love and flaming mercy. God is love and His love never fails. He sent the oceans of his love from his mercy seat today for us to obtain help, love, and real mercy in our time of need and for those we are praying for and he released the answers.

Beloved this was an ocean of perfect love and mercy and it came and overwhelmed our prayer needs as he had me cast them down at his feet.

As he came as an ocean, he came to soak and drown our prayer request in his ocean of love, his perfect love was until his answers were released. In the process of doing that He was at work casting out all..... what? ... all trauma rooted in fear... He was casting fear out the door where it still tried to exist in our hearts.

Beloved, there is no fear in love. There is no fear in love. As the Spirit of God made travailing tears and intercession for those urgent prayer needs, he was delivering each person from the evil fruit of trauma, panic and fear as well.

He was reaching into the recess of the hearts to remove every trace of doubt, unbelief and fear in our live so Satan can no longer use traumatic things to try to shipwreck our trust and faith in God or block us from receiving our answers.

The love I felt from God, his broken heart of the suffering of his sons and daughters so moved him to have me feel them as well on a much deeper way. In that same travailing prayer he let me feel his heart toward us today to release those answers to those who are crying out to him day and night.

Jesus travailing before the throne of God our Father in intercession for us has made a way for us to receive the answers we need now. He desired to share that burden with me today in a new and deeper way. This is the new place of intercession we must rise up and obtain through the Spirit of God.

What I was able to discern in this new place was the deeper oneness He has with us, and he is touched in every point and was tempted as we were but sinned not.

Because He is our perfect high priest He is able to sympathize with our needs and help us. This is the work of our High Priest Jesus Christ, this is what He must share with us on a new and deeper realm of His glory!

The book of Hebrews testifies of this to us.

Hebrews chapter 2

16For surely it is not the angels He helps, but the descendants of Abraham.

17So He had to be made like His brothers in every way, that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, in order to make atonement for the sins of the people.

18Because He Himself suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.

This is what God was working in my heart today through intercession, because he suffered and was tempted as we were today He can now release through His ocean love of mercy, the mercy we truly need to COMPLETELY HELP US.

Beloved, Hebrews chapter 4 says it this way:

Jesus the Great High Priest

14Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to what we profess.

15For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who was tempted in every way that we are, yet was without sin.

16Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Beloved, this was His heart that He shared with me today as the urgent prayer needs and cries of his people touched his heart, He asked me to me to cast them all upon him at his feet.

As I obey him as hard as it was not to look at them and just look at his face, He answered our prayers back by sending an ocean of the mercy of God to meet every single one of those needs.

His perfect love ocean cast out all fear, for there is no fear in love.

These seemingly over whelming circumstances and trials we are facing, Jesus knows all about them. He identifies with our pain and suffering completely in them, and he is able to sympathize in our weakness where are faith is being tested to come and help us in our weakness.

He had me cast these cares, our prayer needs at his feet, for one purpose. that purpose was to come before His throne of grace to receive mercy in our time of need.

By casting these cares upon him to look at his face first released His Ocean of love and mercy to meet them. He answered our prayers. He has sent his answers to manifest on the earth today because He is our Faithful High Priest.

I am so encouraged today to see our High Priest Jesus, our Melchizedek seated at the throne of God ever living to make intercession for us. I was so blessed that he would take me there with him in a new and deeper way in intercession and travail for his people.

I am sharing this testimony not to boast of an experience, but to boast in the Lord that desires to take every single one of us deeper into his heart of intercessory prayer and love.

He is looking for a people that will stand in the gap for others but also be the releasers of God’s answers on earth as it is heaven.

Beloved through our travailing intercession to God birthed from the Spirit of Jesus our Faithful High Priest for those in need God hears our prayers. God is now able to release those answers to those prayers in us and through us in the same spirit of intercessory travail He has upon the earth.

This next level of intercession is our Bethel. The time of Jacobs ladder has now come to fully manifest in His House of Prayer. The Glory of God shall fill the whole earth.

The kingdom of God and His will shall be fully done on earth as it is heaven through a Royal Priesthood of Kings and Priest that God is forming as a holy nation upon the earth. They will bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven as a wheel within a wheel praying and functioning perfectly in unity with God Himself.

The time has come Beloved of he Lord for that holy nation and royal priesthood to be seen on earth as it is heaven. Let us give thanks today for God for who he is, the God that cares for us, our faithful High Priest who answers our prayers. To God be the Glory!

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