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Precise Pinpoint Accuracy!

Word For Today: January 1, 2020: Precise Pinpoint Accuracy!


As I am seeking the Lord for this new year and decade, the Holy Spirit keeps saying to me, “be precise! Be Precise, my people must now learn to be precise. I am giving them today the ability to have “precise pinpoint accuracy” in the Holy Spirit.

I hear the Lord say, “ no longer are you going to miss the mark to the left or the right.” No longer are you going to miss the target in your life, in prayer, your family, your ministry, your calling. I am aligning you precisely where I need you to be aligned. I am giving you precision eyesight for precise accuracy to hit the mark spot on, EVERY TIME!

In the past, so many of my beloved used their human reason to understand the things of my Spirit. This caused many of those I love to “miss the mark entirely, or miss the mark by a little. This missing the mark has caused the enemy to bring “delays” into the thoughts and plans that I have for you.

It is critical for your advancing of my kingdom in 2020 to allow me to bring my perfect divine alignment in your life so you can see precisely what I am doing, what I am speaking, and where I want you to be in your exact “destiny moments.”

Remember I am training you beyond the existence of time and space where the god of this world has hurled his evil forces at you to harm you, stop you, slow you down and even abort that which I have given you to do. That will happen no more.

I have supernaturally released within my remnant sons and daughters a “new guidance” of my glory where I am guiding you now by my own eyes so you never again miss the mark.

My love missing the mark, missing the target is what causes the hinderances, the delays, and the circumstances to come to try to choke my word out, try to delay your answers to prayers, and stop you from advancing.

I am brining you now into a deeper training in the school of my Holy Spirit. Don’t listen and read those who “talk about these things.” I Myself am going to train you personally as you separate yourself to spend more time with me in my presence.

I am going to join you with my “spiritually mature marksman” who have been trained as forerunners for you to learn from as well. They have been trained in “targeted strategic prayer, worship, and all the other works of the ministry. They have a single eye for me.

Their eyes have been trained by my eye so I can guide them without words, sounds. They have been trained to know my movements and my moving s in heaven and on earth. They are the first fruit ones of the wheel within a wheel I am gathering together upon the earth.

Will you let me teach you how to “hit the mark?” Will you allow me to teach you know the run the race set before you? Will you allow me not to remove from your life every sin, weight that has easily beset you in the past decade? Will you allow me to teach you how to keep your eyes fully upon me the author and finisher of your faith?

I am raising up my divine “marksmen” in 2020. These are my trained warriors that will hit the target every time and go from victory to victory as Joshua did. If you let me, I am turning all your failures of the past into victory, victory, victory.

I am teaching you my “preciseness”. I never miss the mark. My word never returns to me void, and it prospers where I send it and it accomplishes what I please. This is not a scripture but the reality of who I am, the Word of God!

When I said “let there be light” I hit the mark, and there was light. When I said, separate the night from the day, it happened. I hit the mark. When I said, “Lazarus come forth” those he was dead, he rose from the dead, I hit the mark. My word was sent precisely where the Father told me to send it. So shall it be with you in 2020 and beyond.

I am causing us to become one like never before. I have released to you my supernatural transformation glory that is now fully at work in you. It is working where you can not see or understand.

Just receive it like a child and take it! Believe it! It as simple as the faith you needed to be saved. I am doing it says the Lord. I gave you my promise. “He that has begun the good work in you, shall be faithful to complete it, even to the day of Christ.

Beloved, that word hits the bulls eye in you. I hit the target in you for that and only that will manifest in your life. I have completed you. It is the third day and I am here to finish my course in you. I am here to bring you forth as full grown sons and daughter to walk with me in Kingdom power, authority and glory upon the earth. There is much we must now do together.

Will you lay your heart before me to train in you in the new? Will you lay down what you know and what you think you know for what I know, and that which the Father has given me to reveal in and through you.

I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you. That is for spot on accuracy and never to miss the target. My plans are for your well being and peace and those words are hitting the target spot on in you. My plans are not for evil, for I have delivered you from evil and You will not be led by temptation, because I have given you “new hope” in your final outcome.

I told you I was giving you 20/20 eye sight and hearing for this new decade, now walk in it. Allow me to train your ears to hear as never before. Allow me to train your ears to hear beyond space and time of this realm to hear my voice echoing and reverberating through heaven and all creation.

Let me allow your eyes to see past the natural things around you into the eye sight of my kingdom where you will see nothing is impossible with me. Let me show you the things to come as I see them. Let me show you where you need to be, what you need to do, and where you need to go now in advance.

I want to train you in my “spot on ness.” I want to train you to walk in me and me to walk in you so no one can lay a hand on you as they could not touch me. I laid my life down voluntarily, no one was able to take it from me. I gave my life to my Father for you, knowing that today I would be here with you.

I would be here with you to teach you how to walk in sync with heaven on earth and to form you into a living wheel within a wheel upon the earth. I am releasing this month supernatural cleansing of your eyes, ears and hearts so you can receive the greater revelation of who I am and what I am doing upon the earth.

I am causing your eyes and ear to be trained to by my movements, my whispers, my intimations, my voice like you have never known before. I am working in your sleep, during the day even when you are not conscious of what I am doing. I am doing it because you said, “yes Lord be it unto me even as you have spoken.

My “marksman” are now arising upon the earth. They are now coming forth in this nation. My tribe of Issachar are now here, they will know what I am doing and they will hit the target every time. You are my “marksman.” This is your time to go forth in the “new precise accuracy” my spirit is revealing in you and through you. Receive it!

I am training you now to precisely hit the mark. I am removing the past and washing you in my pure clean water of my word to remove the residue of where you “missed the mark” in the past. You will not be hindered or delayed anymore, the day of missing the mark is over.

This is a new year of 20/20 vision, hearing, and hitting the mark with precise accuracy. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. The time is now for all this to come forth and manifest in your life. You have been chosen for such a time as this.

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