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Seeds of Glory change! Prophetic word for March-May 2021

Word of the Day: February 20, 2021 Prophetic word for Mach- May 2021 Seed Of Glory Change!

Beloved of the Lord,

Step up into the new that I have for you, says the Lord. This is not a time to think "small." This is not a time to try to keep yourself "safe." Safety is in Me. Safety is in my will. I have much to show you and much to speak to you. For safety is in the Word of the Lord.

My word does not return to Me void, but it prospers where I send it, and it accomplishes what I please. Heaven and earth will pass away by my Word shall never pass away. This is time to come closer to Me, to see Me, know Me and Hear me. I desire to bring you up through the door open in heaven to show you the things that are coming on the earth.

I want you to be prepared. I want you to be positioned. I want you to be filled with my glory where I am teaching and instructing you continually in the ways you should go. This is the season I am going to reveal in you and through you what it means for you to be guided by My own eye.

In the next 3 months of March, April and May, I am planting and watering My divine seeds of Kingdom power, authority and dominion in your heart to live in My unprecedented glory realm. Seeds that are going to rapidly grow and accelerate in your heart to move you where I need you to be now.

Many of you are going to to feel a sudden desire to move geographically, spiritually, emotionally into the new place I have prepared for you on the earth. I must position and align you now perfectly in the right land, in the right place, with the right people, in the right timing, to do the right work of my end time purposes.

Don't hold unto anything of the past or the present. Be ready to move with me as my wind blows upon you. I am about to bring dramatic earthquake shaking shifts upon this nation.

I need you in the perfect placement to be my instruments of glory as this nation begins to shake with my judgments that I am going to release come upon cities and states hat have rebelled against me.

Do not think I have come to bring peace as many "false prophets" are speaking to this nation, but i am bringing a sword or separation. I am releasing my 4 winds and the angels to bring the divine sifting and separating first in my house and then in this nation to be complete.

Many are going to say peace, peace, and then sudden destruction is coming. Cleansing judgments are about to be released, for the hour of the completion of the company of full grown sons and daughters to appear on the earth is only moments away.

My wise virgins are about to go through the door fully into the transformational marriage supper of the lamb and the door is going to be shut and not open again. The day of separation of the wise and foolish virgins is almost complete.

The season of the separation of the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, the holy from the profane, the genuine from the counterfeit, the truth from lie is going to fully manifest in the next 3 months.

Who is on the Lord's side is going to be plainly seen as the earthquake shaking move of my spirit and blowing of my 4 winds is released upon this nation.

Do not look to men. Do not look to political leaders. Put your eyes fully upon me and run the race that is set before you and I will empower you to capture the victor's crown.

I am releasing kingdom seeds of glory's function in you that you have never known before as you spend time with me. You are going to see like you have never seen before my Kingdom reality. You are going to hear like you have never heard before of my Kingdom reality.

You are going to move in unprecedented glory power, authority and dominion as never before, for the seed of my overcoming kingdom life is going to fully manifest in my remnant people.

You are my remnant people I have prepared to live, move, breath and function in my glory realm. I am bringing you up to live, move and function from my 3rd heaven glory realm. This day will not come upon you unawares of a thief in the night.

I am preparing you supernaturally as you wait upon me. Come and spend more time with Me in my presence. Come up to the mountain of the Lord to be with me so I can show you the things that are going to come here after.

I am going to fully prepare and equip you now for the hour that is coming upon the earth. I am going to equip your spouses, your children and grand-children to be ready for what is coming. Trust me my child I am truly working all things together for your good, because you love me and you are called according to my purposes.

I am moving on your behalf in the next three months to bring you all the provision and supply, power and authority to move where I need you to move to, to go where I have you go to, to do all I am showing you to do. Fear not.

You must hold unto nothing of this world. You are not citizens of this world. You are not owned by the god of this world. I have purchased you with my own blood and I have called you out of every tribe and nation to be formed into a kingdom of priests and kings unto me where you can now rule and reign with me on the earth.

I am establishing a new order in my house. I am establishing new leadership in my house. I am establishing my younger generation to come and take their place in my army with me by my side. I am raising up the "new breed".

I am raising up the firebrands for this day and hour, those plucked out of the fire to lead my people into the promised land. I made a place for the children, the youth, and the young adults to come into a new and deeper kingdom reality of me and my kingdom.

I am pouring out my spirit upon them now like never before. They are going to dream dreams and I am going to meet them face to face in divine encounters with them that will change them forever.

I am going to bring the young people, the ones that everyone has given up on into a place and position right next to me because of the Love I have for them and they will have for Me.

To you my remnant sons and daughters, all that I have promised you concerning your life, your marriage, your children and our love work together is now coming to pass. I am putting what seemed like puzzle pieces that just didn't seem to fit together to fit together perfectly for this is hour that I am going to keep you safe in upon the earth.

You will be fully prepared, fully in divine position, fully in divine alignment, fully in your divine assignment and placement where I need you to be now! I am rearranging everything for you. I am releasing my divine favor for you to move, change, and be where I need you to be in the next 3 months before the great spring shaking comes.

Will you trust me to finish you? Will you trust me to move you by my spirit? Will you trust me to bring you to the new land or promise I told you about? Will you trust me to bring the new relationships and divine appointments you need to come to pass before the sprint is full in bloom? Will you trust me I have all the provision and resources you need for this divine change and movement?

Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, for He shall never be ashamed. I am going to begin to give you new dreams and visions. I am going to speak to you clearly in the night hour. I am going to give you open vision of me and my will. I am going to explode the word of God often the Bible pages to confirm everything I am about to do in your life and for your life. I am guiding you with my own eye.

I am going to intensify my glory in your alone time with me. I have much to reveal to you in in you. In our time together I am going to give you the new armor, the new weapons, the new strategies, new plans that you need to live for you, your family and ministry.

Come to me! Separate yourself even more unto me, so I can give you your inheritance to manifest on the earth. I love those who love Me, and those who seek me early and diligently shall find me. I will cause all those who love me to 'inherit now" true riches and I will fill their treasuries.

Today this scripture shall be fulfilled in your ears. The time has come. The house is here to fully complete you, prepare you, enable you, empower you, provide for you all you need from my glory realm. I have called forth today from my heaven the things that are not as though they are, on earth as it is heaven.

Divine release has come to you. Divine provision has come to you. Divine resources have come to you. You will be ready. You will be prepared. You will be positioned perfectly for I the King of Glory is in your midst. I am uttering my voice before you and great are you "army of God" that will execute my words upon the earth.

Your hour has come. The hour of preparation and separation of a people ready for my glory is here. The true army of God is arising and you will shine with my Glory being seen risen upon you.

The next three months will bring dramatic changes for you. I am giving you now the blueprints and plans for this divine shift I must bring into your life to prepare you for the great shaking that is coming to this nation and to the nations.

Again, I say to you this day and hour will not come upon you unawares or a thief in the night. Today I am bringing you up through the door standing open in heaven. I am bringing you to behold the throne and the one seated on it.

Today I am positioning and you and preparing you to be filled with the 7 spirits of God and to function as one with them. Today, I am causing the 7 eyes and 7 torches to be revealed in you fully, for the Spirit of Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus Christ upon the earth. Blessed is the man that understand the secrets and the mysteries of my Kingdom.

Arise my love, my fair one, and come away with me. There is much I must reveal to you, give to you, impart to you, share with you of my end time plans for you, your family and ministry.

Come my love! Come away with me, for on the mountain of spices I will give the fullness of my love to you. The time has come. Your time has arrived. The day of the Lord is at hand.

I am going to unfold more to you in the next three months day by day. You will not miss it. You will not be late. You will be right on time. For my Glory is your main function and purpose now you will walk in it, says the Spirit of God.

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