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Seismic shifts have come!

Word of the Day: September 1, 2020: Seismic shifts have come!


Today a seismic shift has happened in the spirit. Two days ago I saw spiritual plates like the kind in the earth come together and collide. In the natural that produces earthquakes that shake the ground. In this case they were in the Spirit and they shook the heavens.

We are not where we were yesterday. Don’t live in yesterday or what was behind. A new thing has been released by the Lord for this month for God’s people to rise up, endure, and overcome all that the enemy is going to release in the next 3 months.

We must spend quality time in the presence of the Lord, to get the “present word of the lord” “present instructions and directions” of the Lord for our lives, families, ministries, cities, state and nations.

We must hear the Lord clearly and allow all the old wine skin of the 2nd day church age be over and enter the 3rd day Kingdom age fully which has a new wine skin, a new hard drive of the Holy Spirit that can contain the “new of the Lord.”

The Lord is downloading in the spirit new spiritual software, apps, and upgrades for his people to walk in true “overcoming power and victory” over what is coming upon the world.

But, we must be seeking him diligently. We must be seeking Him with every fiber of our being and yielding the totality of our being to be under his Kingdom power and authority.

Jesus must be the Lord over every fiber of our being so we can flow with His activity on the earth as it is heaven. We have no more time to play games, or do just religious activities.

We must come out and be separated unto the Lord fully. We must become “the apostolic, prophetic army of the Lord, His wheel within a wheel” to release His end time purposes on the earth.

September 2020 will be a month of drastic seismic plat shifts that are going to happen through this month and accelerate even more in October and November 2020.

Get ready. Get positioned. Get Propelled: Be Battle Ready in the Lord for the “new Kingdom age and power” that God is going to release through his prepared ones.

What is about to be done or seen has never been seen or done on this planet through God’s overcoming ones. The kingdoms of this world will be transformed by the pure holy love of God filling his full grown sons and daughters.

The army of the Lord is arising for their light has come and His glory shall be risen upon them. They shall be a witness of Jesus on this earth.

They will flow in the Spirit of Prophecy and release words of consequences and cleansing judgments like not seen from the days of Moses.

Behold I do a new thing says the Lord, can you not perceive it?

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