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The Call to Come is Now

April 17, 2022. Word of the Day: The Call to come is now, will you come?


Many are called, but few are chosen. The correct rendering of the passage is "many are called, but few will pay the price to qualified to be chosen for the call.

There are many self appointed ministers today who answer their own calling in the name of God, and there are those who have been called by God who are not willing to answer it.

But if you hear God calling you to come to Him, calling you to serve him for the rest of your life and leave your old life behind will you do it?

When Isaiah met the Lord in His Glory, he fell down on his face as a man with unclean lips. When the Lord took the coal from the alter and cleansed his lips, he became to a position to hear God's calling?

Will you let God touch your lips today? Will you let him wash you in the Blood of Jesus? Will you position yourself to hear His calling you as Isaiah did?

When God calls you, He desires you to say, "here I am, Lord send me?"

Beloved, so often when the true call of God comes, it comes at the least opportune time. The Lord often calls us when we have "work to do, families to take care or, a house to take care of, or even what we believe is important to do.

Why does he do that? He comes at these times to "test us? He tested Abraham when He fulfilled His promise in giving them Isaac. He said, "take the son, the son that you love and offer him as a sacrifice to me on the Mountain. All of a sudden, Abraham was undone in just a few sentences.

Everything He hoped for and everything that made his life meaningful was now to be given up to God as a sacrifice to see if Abraham would love Him above all these things?

Of course, we know the answer today don't we? Abraham had to choose God over the person he loved so dearly. A choice that could potentially rip the promise of God from him forever. I can't even imagine the agony of this test in his heart.

But on the third day, Abraham reached the alter of sacrifice. There somehow he got the revelation that if God wanted him to kill Isaac as an offering God must have a way he couldn't see of fulfilling His promise to him.

The word of God says in Hebrews that Abraham reconciled that God must be ABLE TO RAISE THE DEAD! If God were to keep him promise to Abraham if he took the life of his son then there could be no other way. That is faith, is it not!

That thought of sacrificing Isaac alone was not enough for God. God wanted more from Abraham. He wanted Abraham's complete devotion and love for God above every other love.

Isaac had grown a place in Abraham's heart that would have or could have been greater than the love Abraham should have for God.

In one act of obedience, Abraham picked up the knife and was about to kill Isaac in obedience to God. Then, God sends an angel, "Abraham put down that knife, Know I know you love me above all these other things. "

If God is calling you now to be a missionary would you come? If God were to tell you to sow $10000 into this work of God, would you? If God told you to sell all you had to give to the poor would You? Or would you have to pray about it to get a witness?

In Luke chapter 14, the Lord sends out an invitation to everyone, "Behold all things are now ready. The Master sends out his servant to the invited ones to tell them the day and time of the wedding has come. All things are now ready.

The servant goes to the invited guest and ask them if they will come, but each one makes an excuse. One by one they say, I have a house, I have a job, I have a family. These are three most important issues of life and Jesus in this story shows the price of the call for them choose NOW to come when He calls or not.

Would we be like Abraham and leave everything, our jobs, our homes, our families if necessary behind and come when He calls. Yet God often requires that of us.

Abraham not only had to leave his home in the Ur of Chaldees also had to offer His son as a sacrifice, and be willing go through with it for the Lord before the Lord would say, put down your knife now I know you love me above all these things.

Beloved we can either make excuses to answer the call on our life or we can instantly obey and say, "Here I am Lord, send me."

Beloved, don't be a sell out by saying I can't come now Lord, I have a wife, can I come later? I have a job now? I have a family, I will come later.

These excuses angered the owner of the house? He told his servant to go into the highways and byways and compel them their house is full. He said, "never will those I have invited and not come enter into my supper."

Today that call of God is going forth to many. The call to come out of the 2nd day church system age into the kingdom of God age.

The upward call of the Holy Spirit to set them apart of vessels of honor in the House of God. The call to come from the Daughters of Jerusalem to be a bride. The call to continue the process of maturity to become full grown sons. What will you do?

Will you make excuses as the invited ones did, or will you be the one that will come just as you are and say, "here I am, Lord, send me."

Will you be the Peter, Johns and James of our day and "straightway, they dropped their nets, and the followed Jesus wherever He led. I pray that will be each of you reading this post.

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