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The choosing of the wise and foolish virgins

Word For Today: April 8, 2020: The choosing of the wise and foolish virgins.

Beloved, I am going to write this post as a dialogue of questions as if I was talking to the Lord about things? That is how the Spirit is having me write it. This post is a post of questions to the Lord, and perhaps finding some answers to some of them, while others are left unanswered. I have not written like this before.

I am stepping out in faith for the Lord to lead me in this kind of writing. This post or word may not be for everyone and that is ok, but it is written for those God intends it to go to. My prayer is that God will reveal the “reason, understanding, and purpose” of why He is leading me to write to us this way tonight.

Much love and blessings always

Lord, It is frustrating to see so many of your people and leaders desire to keep even the smallest parts of the “old religious system” verses the “new wine skin” that so many prophesied about.

When you came Jesus the first time, you brought a sweeping revelation to the ‘present day “understanding of God. You called God His Father and they said you had a devil.

Why Lord could they not see you? I know the theological answers, but why Lord from your heart could they not see?

Jesus, I understand it is not easy to let go of everything we believed. Even now in the new wine skin so many are looking to find scripture to keep them clinging to the “old”, especially the parts they like. Why can we not see the glory of the new wine skin of your glory realm before us?

I wondered what the new wine skin of the Kingdom age that is here fully looks like? I know this it is unfolding before our very eyes every day if we truly desire to see it. I don’t need to understand it to receive it, nor do I need to know all the answers to it.

I trust you Lord and will allow you to show me the things that are to come hereafter? Why wouldn’t we all want that Lord? What is so glorious of the past we want to keep it?

Lord when you confronted me on what I was building in your name over 30 years ago when you sent the prophet to tell me, no longer would I produce an Ishmael, but I would produce an Isaac after my own kind I was shaken. I was numb, but I knew that I knew you were telling me the truth. It took a while for me to get it, but you got through to me.

All I had built, learned how to build was working. We had everything a church would want, yet you said it was Ishmael, “the works of my own hands.”

It was what I was taught to do Lord, yet inside of me was the David who wanted to just be with you, love you, and minister to your heart and bring your people to know you like that. Through great pressure I had to find you like He did, but it changed everything in my life, ministry, and family.

I had to put away what I knew and learned to find you. I had to find you my first love again. You didn’t want me working for you or living for you. You wanted me to live with you and work with you. Lord I was so lost.

Father, why in this last days church in this spiritual and natural time out, can’t we see you are doing a new thing? Why can’t we see everything has changed and you aren’t where we were. You are where we need to be?

Why do we want to go back to the old church life Lord, the old understanding of you and your kingdom? Why do we want to build what you won’t be in?

Ezekiel spoke of a wheel within a wheel. Why would you Lord, show him this? What is it’s meaning? Why are you Jesus standing at the end of the church age and appearing to John, the beloved” as John had never seen you before?

Why does he not recognize your voice, Jesus? If anyone should have know your voice and what you looked like wouldn’t have been John?

Why does John describe your voice like a war trumpet? Why is your voice behind instead of in front of him? Why does he have to turn around to see you, Jesus?

Why do you Jesus, appear to him as the King of Glory with hair whiter then snow, eyes like fire, a double edged sword in your mouth, and your feet burning like an oven?

Why show yourself this way to John? Why speak to him like this?

Why is the message to the church one of repentance, I thought everything was glorious in your sight, the church we built over the last 2000 years in your name. We thought you would be pleased with what we built!

Why even have a 66th book of the Bible? We have seen you, Jesus, foreshadowed in the Old Testament, Revealed in the Gospel, and then we see you in your church all the way to the 65th book as we have always known you? Why have another book about you in the end? Will this mean anything to us?

Lord the 66th book in the Bible, can it can show us the way to the new “wineskin? Jesus, is there anything we need to know in the first 4 chapters that we need for today? Heck, Lord, don’t you know we are rich and in need of nothing?

Can’t’ we just give you more of our old time religion to fall back on? Can’t we continue to bring you mixture of Cain and Abel’s offering for another 2000 years?

Lord, I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Why is it hard for us to see that it is a new day and you have brought a new season on the earth? Why can’t we see that you have just given us an epic transformational change on the earth?

Jesus, why do we want to hold unto our old pet theology. Are we holding onto it out of fear of the unknown of your glory, or because it is safer for us and more rewarding?

Jesus, why would we want to continue to eat yesterday’s manna in this new day? They had to get the manna daily and could only save two days worth for the Sabbath day where you told them to rest.

Why would we want to eat rotted yesterday manna from before 3 weeks ago, when you want to give us the new hidden manna for us to be fed for today?

Why don’t we want your true kingdom life as full grown sons and daughters? Why are we so blind to see the “new” that is here, when you said, “Behold I do a net thing, can you not perceive it? I don’t understand Lord.

Tell me why, please Lord. Please help me understand why we can’t see or hear you fully and what you desire on the earth today with your people?

Lord, I don’t get it. I just don’t get why we would want to hold unto yesterday’s understanding of our life in you from the church age, holy place position, instead of going behind the veil into the glory realm where we can meet you Jesus.

Why would we not want you to expound the scriptures from your place of glory?

Why would we not want to be like the two men on the road to Emmaus where you expounded the scriptures? Lord, they said their hearts burned with them as you expounded the scriptures for their time?

Why would we not want that revelation of who you are and what you want burned in us the same way?

Lord, I wish I had a good answer to these questions but I don’t. The only thing that make sense of why so many people and leaders want to look back to what they had before a month ago is this the parable of the 10 virgins.

All ten were virgins, but 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. That is 50% on both sides of the coin. All 10 had lamps and oil, that represents their initial salvation, but wise understood something the foolish did not.

The foolish were content with what they had, the wise wanted more. So the wise went to the dealers to buy extra oil. What is that extra oil?

It is the surrendering to Jesus to be fully the Lord of your life in reality and allowing the Holy Spirit to try every motive, every action, every thing you do in light of his pure holy love.

It is time of emptying of every ounce of human strength and ability to become 100% dependent upon the Lord to guide you, move you, lead you in every choice you make. It is not a life of being lukewarm or having the mixture of the best of this world and the best of God at the same time.

The wise virgins go to the dealers to get dealt with by the Lord to become full grown sons and daughters of God. They don’t get this from preachers, prophets or apostles, because it is a personal work that only they can get of their deep surrender to you.

So much so when the foolish here the sound of the Bridegroom they ask the wise to give them some, but they can’t give to them.

Jesus, the wise virgins said, they can’t give them their oil, for their won’t be enough for us to go and meet You. They told the foolish virgins to go to the dealers yourself and buy some oil.

They said go to you and allow the work of the Holy Spirit’s fire to purify them like gold and silver like you did in them to get the oil. Lord did you not say the same thing to your last days church in Revelation 2 and 3?

Don’t you tell the Laodicean church to go get eye salve for their eyes, and clothing to cover your nakedness for being lukewarm, blind, pitiable and naked. Why would we not want to change, Lord?

Jesus, you tell us in Rev 3:10 to burn with earnest hearts and repent why are some of your leaders and people gnashing their teeth at your word? Father, how many leaders are sharing this truth with your people?

Jesus, why don’t we see our need to repent, change our hearts for you to heal us and bring us into this new day? Jesus you said to us, “those you dearly and tenderly love, you correct, convince, rebuke, reprove so we can amend our ways? Why is that now seen as your most beautiful love for us?

Why my Lord are you on the outside of the church trying to get in? Why are you knocking at the door of any man’s heart? Don’t we want to know why Lord? e Who will hear your knock Lord? Will we? Will we will let you in to sup with us in your glory realm in the deepest intimacy we have ever known with you?

Lord, it seems today there are still 5 foolish virgins who are saying , I am ok, I am going to get back to doing what i did before this time out. Why Lord, why? What can we not see?

Father, The foolish virgins says we need the 5 fold ministry like we did before all this happened. The foolish say we are ok, we are rich and need of nothing and want to go back to a “semi-new” church but keep most of the old revelation from an old age? Why Lord why?

Lord, why can’t we see when the midnight hour comes to go and meet the bridegroom that the foolish are not prepared, positioned, to be propelled to go out and meet him?

Lord, The wise have the extra oil, the lamp, and the original oil they are able to meet you? Why would we not want that?

Why Lord are you giving us a picture of what an overcomer, a full grown son and daughter prepared for the new look like? Lord, when the wise go out to meet you, they meet where you are. Why are you calling the wise to go out from where they were to meet you where you are?

Lord, you are not meeting us where we are, but bringing us to where you are, why can’t we see this? Lord why all the preaching and teaching telling your people to hang on to where you were, what you were, what you did and point us back to the old wineskin?

Why not point your people to you where you are, standing in the midst of us in a new day or moment in time?

Why tell us to leave that all behind, be ready and prepared, and to have our lamps, our initial oil, and extra oil to go and meet you as the King of Glory?

Lord, I don’t have a good answer except something deceives the 5 foolish virgins that they are ok as they need no more of you to go out and meet you our bridegroom comes at the midnight hour. Somehow the foolish believe a lie.

Lord, why can’t we see we only have a moment left to get the extra oil? Why can’t we see this reset button is to get our attention back to you our first love and get the extra oil we need for you to complete us? Lord, do we understand that their a specific time to get the extra oil to be prepared, positioned and propelled?

Jesus, why warn us not to miss our moment in time? Why tell us the 5 foolish virgins miss their moment and you close the door and they can no longer get in? Why are you taking the time to tell us now, reveal your heart in this time out season?

Why tell us how to overcome like the wise virgins if that was not your heart for us? Lord, in this parable wise virgins are inside safe with you their bridegroom, the foolish are left outside knocking trying to get in, but the door is shut? Why tell us this?

Who am I to write these things? No one. Like John the Baptist tonight, I am just a voice crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, and repent and make the crooked paths straight to all of us His body, me included. I am a former restaurant manager who has no business serving the Lord like this.

Yet, my heart is so broken tonight because Jesus is here, so near to us in reality then ever before, and we are looking for more power, more authority, more of everything including 5 fold ministry, but why not more of Him?

Why is that not in our lexicon right now? Why are we not speaking about our first love, and being in love with him. Why is always about ministry, 5 fold ministry, church ministry, everything but our first love? I don’t get it. I don’t need to.

The Lord is control and He alone is building His church. Lord, what will we be wise or foolish virgins? Jesus, What will the majority of believer choose? What will ministers choose? Only you know.

Lord, this I know, I need to keep my own life right with the Lord and passionately in love with you and have my extra oil to go out and meet you. Perhaps Lord you will reflect your life in me enough to point others to you alone, your, kingdom alone, and what you desires to make us on the earth.

Lord, you desires to make us a wheel within a wheel, full grown sons and daughters, “over-comer, “ a man -child company, a bride who has made herself ready, A bride coming down like a New Jerusalem city is what He is making?

I wonder how many saints know this or even want it Lord. Lord we have tried to build your church with our hands because it seems to be much more rewarding and satisfying. Why else would we not want to lay it down?

Perhaps our worth has been established in what we build, instead of who we are in you Jesus, or better yet, who you are in us?

Lord, I have so many thoughts tonight, so many questions for you to answer. I guess Joshua said it best, who is on the Lord’s side? As for me, and my household we shall serve the Lord.

I want to change that to, As for me and my house, we will love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and from that love position we will serve the Lord.

Here I am Lord, I wait on my tower, to hear what you have to say to me in this hour. Lord you once told me, no man is willing to let go of what they have until they can see something better. Open our eyes Lord to see the better. Let your Kingdom come and you will be done on earth as it is heaven.


Your son,


A note:

Let me say good night to all you dear precious saints of God. I am so grateful that God is leading me to so many of you remnant hidden ones that have the fire of their first love of Jesus burning tin them brightly.

I thank God for leading me to those that may be hearing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ fully for the first time. God has blessed Donna and I to find and walk with such a people, for such a time as this.

A people not better than anyone else or think they are. Just a people passionately in love with Jesus ready to do his will. A people prepared for his glory. I pray all the Body of Christ will desire this and allow him to do that work in their hearts to be changed from glory to glory.

Enough writing for tonight. I pray the Lord Jesus would appear and reveal himself to us and in us as the King of Glory as found in Revelation Chapters 1-5. I pray tonight Lord, that Christ be formed in us all. As you were in the world, so will we be! We love you Lord and put our lives fully in your hands in Jesus name.

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