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The Heart of a Spiritual Father: The Pure Holy Love of God!

Word For Today: February 17, 2020: The Heart of a Spiritual Father: The Pure Holy Love of God!

Footnote: I know many Apostle and Prophets God is rising up in this hour. This word is not directed toward anyone. It is general observation and exhortation to all of us that God is having me share today.

The men and women I am meeting are truly called by God and have a deep work of God in them.

I am sharing a “marker” sort of speak of what I have seen and experienced with some Apostolic Pioneering Fathers of the Kingdom of God and how that impacted my life, family and love work with the Lord.

Much blessings always to all who read these posts.

Beloved, The Bible says in Proverbs 18: 15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks it out. 16 A man’s gift opens doors for him, and brings him before great men.

One of the things that the Holy Spirit is bringing to the forefront in prayer is about the Spirit of true humility of Christ.”

As God is rising up a “new breed” of leaders for his body including Apostles and Prophets, the true sign and witness of this will be the meekness and humility of Jesus being seen in them.

I was blessed to have an Apostolic Father in Christ and the thing that distinguished his Apostleship and Father-ship was a maturity of Christ character in him.

This character was marked by one of the deepest humility and brokenness I have seen in a person. This character manifested in his life because he was a man broken by God and lived in the presence of God continually.

Yes, he was flawed, made mistakes like all of us, but when you were around him the “quality of the Spirit of God” flowed through him like I have never seen before.

I have met one other spiritual apostolic father in Christ that has that as well and what sets them apart is that they didn’t walk in the “office of the apostle” they walk as a “gift” of an Apostle.

Both of these men, build differently then I see most Apostles building today and that is not to judge any other, I know we are all different.

These men both had a “humbleness” and “humility” that when you are in their presence you stop talking and you listen. You would not dare talk about your ministry, or calling, work to do in their presence no more then you would do if you were in the presence of our Lord.

With both these apostolic fathers, there was a “spiritual feeding” in a much deeper way. This spiritual feeding came from the substance of the work of God in their life of deep intimacy with God. When I was blessed to be with them and I received a spiritual importation of the quality of the Holy Spirit work just be being with them.

Again in their presence, the deep things of God, the Kingdom of God, the working of God came forth in deep truths as gold nuggets from heaven. These seasoned Apostles” carried the spirit of meekness” and there was not one trace of “advancing their own kingdom, name, or anything” in them.

That didn’t mean they were wimps, far from it. Demons would come out of people just by the presence of God in them. They knew how to remove the enemy from peoples lives and they also knew who God would use to minister to people, they had no need to be in the lime light.

Their gift and gifts were not “used” to minister, they just functioned and flowed out of them like a river and your life was transformed by it. Neither of these men sought to be a spiritual father even though they had prophetic words about it.

Matter of fact they shied away from it in the most beautiful way to always assure that God alone, Jesus Christ received all the glory and honor. After hearing them speak, teach and impart you would never go up to them and say “that was a great word.”

Why? Because you didn’t see them, but you received from the manifest presence of the Lord that was in the meeting. HE alone would get all the glory, honor and praise. It is hard to explain because we are so “go to service” minded and how we receive from the Lord.

I think the best way to explain what you want to do would be to want to be with them more, hug them in the love of God and try to find ways to minister to their needs out of that pure love of God. You would only love and appreciate the “gift they were” not the “gift” they brought. If that make sense, I don’t know?

I remember when I met both of these men. I tried to stay quiet in their presence and listen to the Spirit of God in them. Both of these men ‘instantly” knew me by the Spirit of God. When God spoke to them, they both spoke deep spiritual words from God that have remain in me to this day and have come forth.

I am and still am attracted to the “Jesus in them.” The other day the Holy Spirit had me ask a question. What does the pure holy love of God look like in a man? Answer: Jesus Christ.

Today, as I am reminded of that question, I am reminded of these two spiritual fathers in the Lord that is what I saw in them. Neither one of that had a huge “seen ministry,” yet the impact of their life in Christ has touched 100,000’s of people all over the world, but you would never know it.

These were “hidden apostolic fathers” pioneers to the present “restoration of the apostolic work” of God He is doing in His church. Neither one of these men, were “Apostolic ministry building minded.” They seemed to have a single goal, establishing the kingdom of God reality in men’s hearts.

Their love for Jesus was infections. They carried such a presence of the Lord in them and upon them that transformed everyone and everything around them with the love of God. They radiated with the glory of God and it was seen upon them, but you would never know it.

One of them was a President of a Bible College that focus was totally on developing an intimate relationship with God. I remember walking the halls of this old building, and a man in a very ordinary suit came up to me and asked me if I was ok. He asked if I need more blankets or anything and that he was here to serve me in any way.

I didn’t know who the man was. There was nothing about it that would make him noticeable except what he carried of the presence of God. The person I was with said, “do you know who that is?” I said, “I have no idea.” He said, that is Brother Wade” the President of the school.

I said.. wow.. and he asked me if I was Ok. Most of the men of God I met had body guards around them, and they were very untouchable 5 fold ministry gifts. So this was so unusual to me.

I had the pleasure of joining him for prayer at 6 am, and he just sat there with a few people. He lifted his hands in silent worship and just told the Lord how much he appreciated the Lord just one time and then waited with such a love for God expecting Him to walk through the door. I will never forget it.

Beloved, the room was filled with the glory of God. Intercession came forth but he was leading, the Spirit of God was. The Spirit of God used all in the room. This man of God said very few words but kept his spirits posture of seeking the Lord.

Afterwards, he met with me, and instantly I was caught up in the Spirit as He spoke a word of life, a word of deliverence to me. God used him powerfully to restore Dona and I from what we went through. We did not know God would use him like that. He didn’t even know us, but God did.

About 6 months earlier in our early walk with love we had to leave our covering where we were at. They were not to nice about us leaving I am afraid. They said and did things that were quite hurtful to us.

The Lord said to me, “I am about to bring a spiritual father into your life and you will know him by my love in him and my love in him for you.” This true Apostolic Pioneering Father spoke life to me that day, and recognized we needed a place to call home, and offered if God spoke to our heart that this could be our home.

It was not to get us under him, or another person to put on his apostle list of churches. It was nothing like that. It was pure holy love like I have never seen before that welcomed us into a “safe place” for us to grow in Christ. God saved our lives by bringing us to this precious servant of God.

Beloved, I had never, ever seen anything like this in my life. It forever changed my life and also my pursuit of God. I wanted what this man had. I still do. I have a long way to go, but I want that quality of the Spirit of God in my heart like that in true humility and brokenness that only Jesus is seen.

John the Baptist when they asked him who he was said, “I am John the Baptist, Apostle and Prophet of God from JB Ministries. NO>>> he did not! He said, “ I am a voice crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord.

Lord, I want that! This mighty man of God when asked who he was did not say his title or position, but he spoke “the nature of God” in Him as his identity. “I am a voice crying the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord.”

Isn’t it amazing, the man had a coat of camel hair and ate bugs and people came from all of Jerusalem to hear the “word of God” in him.

What is Paul? What is Apolos? We are mere men, ministering servants. I plant and another waters, but it is God that gives the increase.

Should we love and appreciate the 5 fold ministry, of course? Should we bless them, encourage them and help provide for their needs? Yes, like any other brother and sister.

The other Apostolic Father I met lived in a very humble home and invited me to visit him. When I went them him and wife so took care of me. I felt like I was visiting my grandparents house. I felt the love of God from them.

Again, I did not feel led to do the talking, but wanted to listen and draw from the quality of life of Jesus in him. The Lord used him to speak much into my life, but not by using his gift, but by “being a gift.”

It is hard to explain except there was no “human effort or work” trying to minister or even to “be a spiritual father.” He just was one. The same humility and brokenness I saw in Brother Wade I saw in him. It was different because they are different people, but the quality of the Spirit was the same.

I was kind of a mess when I met him going through a very difficult break from an organization I was associated with, but through time I have grown to love and appreciate that gift He is in a deeper and profound way.

What I love about these apostolic fathers is they are not Kingdom ministry minded, they were Jesus minded and Kingdom centered. The Kingdom of God was not a teaching in them, the Kingdom of God was at hand in them.

That is what I so desire for the Lord to do in my life, that is they see me, they see Jesus. That is what I saw in both these Apostolic pioneering Fathers in the Lord.

You want to be around them not because of teaching, not because of anointing, but because they carry the life of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ in a pure and deep way that transforms your life by being with them.

When the “work of God” came up by the Holy Spirit, their wisdom, direction and insight was spot on and on point. They were able to give true Spiritual guidance willed with the power of God in their words that become real within you if you open your heart to it.

I want to say this again, “there was not one ounce of “ministry mindedness” in them. What they had was the true reality of the Kingdom of God living in them as a witness.

To me, they were building the “true kingdom of God” in the hearts of men. They were both connected to the “true worship of God and prayer moves” of the Spirit of God and were even part of the outpouring that came through the years.

Both these men were instrumental in establishing a “first in love” heart for Jesus in those God let them minister to and they walked, talked and lived in the presence of the Lord continually and the Lord would manifest His presence much in their gatherings.

Their meetings were filled with the manifest presence of God and if filled all those who came with that very same presence.

With the second Apostolic pioneering Father, I attended the meeting with him and again everyone just waited and this man of God waited on the Lord and even let other speak first, then when he opened his mouth the deep substance of God and revelation of Jesus and his kingdom flowed again like a river in such a meekness and humility but in the power of the Holy Spirit.

These men surely didn’t come with eloquence of speech though they were both highly educated, their word was in a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirt. Life changing.

Beloved, they were not “Sunday morning messages” they were direct impartations of the living Word of God Jesus Christ that burned in the depth of your being.

The only way I can describe is like the two men on the Road to Emmaus that Jesus opened the scriptures for. Their testimony was, “did not our heart burn within us as He opened the scriptures to us. That is what is like when you sat and listened to the “spiritual substance of Jesus” from these Apostolic Pioneering Fathers.

Today, one of the true signs of an apostle will not be “power or spiritual gifts” it will be the pure holy love of God manifesting in them and through them that the Lord is free to manifest himself in their midst. They make a “way for the Lord” to come.

Beloved, there are apostle in the “church system” birthed by men and gifting. They have organizational skills, building skills, and can even bring people together, but to often the “quality of the Spirit of God” in them is not there.

Much of the present church age Apostolic ministry is centered in “building” instead of being “built.” God is building a New Jerusalem City, A bride all adorned in white without spot, wrinkle and blemish. Jesus said, “my house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.

One of the warnings in the Book of Revelation is to the church in Ephesus Jesus says, you have this for you, “YOU HAVE TRIED THOSE WHO SAY THEY ARE APOSTLE AND ARE NOT.” We need to take that word very seriously.

Let me close with this, “most of God’s new breed apostles that he is rising up” are hidden ones. Ones that have been broken, dealt with and have the limp of Jacob in their hearts. Yet, there is much more spiritual growth in humility and brokenness that must come forth in each gift where they will carry that presence of God with them as the two spiritual Apostolic Fathers carried with them.

We are also in a new day where the “new kingdom apostles” are being called to advance the kingdom on the earth in a real and tangible way. They have a new enabling of grace to build and advance the Kingdom on the earth in the pure holy love of God.

What I am writing about today is for all those called as the “new breed hidden ones” who are becoming Apostolic and Prophetic Fathers, not to loose the foundation of that pure holy love, the substance and quality of the Spirit of God these pioneering Fathers contended for.

The world is going to know we are his disciples not by signs and wonders, not by gifts or calling, but by the love we have for one another. No greater love than this that a man lay his life down for his friends. Our spiritual Forefather had that quality of the Spirit of God in them and so must we as we advance the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me the honor to meet and learn from these two men. I know there are many more like them that you may know. But their life, the life of Jesus in them impacted me forever.

It causes me every day to seek the Lord like that in a passion that is love with him and for him to remove from me all that hinders his glory from being seen in me. I think one of the true apostolic that must be prayed in all sincerity from God’s apostles and prophets, maybe all of us, is the statement of John the Baptist.

John said, “I must decrease and he must increase.” That is the true apostolic/prophetic heart of God’s genuine apostles and prophets. Good trees produce good fruit.

The one thing both these Apostolic Fathers said to me, “is this is something they never looked or wanted, but the Lord made this happen.” I see that same word in many younger apostles God is rising up and that is a very good sign that God is really doing this.

Most of the Apostle that God is rising up today are in the process of God developing that quality of the Spirit in them. So don’t judge any apostle by the human standards of what you may think maturity is. Remember we are to touch not God’ anointed and do his prophets no harm.

Again, I am meetings many more “seasoned apostolic men and women” today with that quality of the Spirit in them and developing in them exponentially by God Himself. They are true servants of the Lord our God and God will use them to nurture his body through them as they bring them to the Lord Himself.

I for one, need much more growth in the Kingdom of God reality and to be filled with the pure holy love of God more and more. Each one of us are at different places in our walk with God. We must trust God to do his deep work in all of us as He see fits, and put away the pointing of the finger.

Pray for those who have charge over your soul. You are not under them, but they have been given a special care and watch for your life that is needed in this day and hours. Submit yourself to God and if the leaders God have you with have the Lord’s heart you will willingly and lovingly submit to the gift of Christ in them.

I was able to do that with my Spiritual Father willingly and lovingly. He said, “many consider me a spiritual father. I didn’t ask for this, but if I have something from the Lord and the quality of the Spirit of God to submit to people freely will do so. He said, “you never have to demand people submit to that gift, they will do so out of their own free will in obedience to God as it should be.”

As God bring us forth from the “hidden places” into the Apostolic restoration work in His body, it is important to remember the old Zenith commercial, The Quality goes in before the name goes on.” Well done they good and faithful servant does not mean “much done.” Well done means the “quality of the words we say and the works we do coming from the pure holy love of God with pure holy motives, that is Well done!

I have never forgotten those words and I pray that someday I will be able to say that to others in true reality of Kingdom of God life that will restore people as God restored me by these Apostolic Fathers in the Lord.

Much love and blessings always.

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