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The Light of the Kingdom of God...Transition from the church age to the kingdom age

Word For Today: November 9, 2020: The Light of the Kingdom of God...Transition from the church age to the kingdom age


We are in an unparalleled time in human history. As I have written and taught on Facebook that we are in a time where two spiritual days exist.

The time of the church age which is ending and the time of the Kingdom age is unfolding. Each one of these days represent two wineskins.

The church age with all it’s theology, all it’s religion that has desire to give God a church is coming to an end.

A new age of the Kingdom of God is unfolding on the earth that is becoming a kingdom of Kings and Priest unto God, A royal priesthood and a holy nation.

Those of you who are gaining Kingdom of God understanding are going to see this ending age and new beginning age more clearly.

In both days and age there are 5 fold ministry gifts and the operation of the Spirit. The church age ministers are going to continue to minister as they always have, say what they have always said, and continue in the holy place ministry.

The Kingdom age minister will proclaim a different message with a different set of priorities which is on the preparation of a bride and overcoming people to rule and reign with him on the earth.

In this present election cycle, the church age ministers are going to see this election differently then those in the Kingdom age. They are going to say “the choice of who is president does not matter, things are going to unfold as God wants, so lets move on.

The kingdom age ministers will see this election in a different light. Since the message of entering into the church age is “salvation” and the message of enter the Kingdom age is preparation. Ministers are going to see things in polar opposite terms.

Unfortunately that is going to bring great confusion to many that God is calling out of the old wine skin of religious church life into the new wineskin of Kingdom life.

God is not the author of confusion, but things can get muddy as we transition out of the church age understanding into the kingdom of God age understanding.

It was not easy for me at first. I had kingdom of God light with a lot of religion in me as well. Spiritual Fathers tried to show me some areas where I could not see. Honestly I was offended at first, because it did not make sense.

It took some time and much prayer for God to open my eyes to see what they were seeing. I went back and asked for forgiveness and they graciously forgave me.

It is hard to see the Kingdom of God through the church age wineskin of ministry, work and the teaching we held. Yet, God is quite patient with us to give us time to teach us the ways and the mysteries of the Kingdom.

I am writing this post this morning because I believe man with church age understanding and maybe a little light of the Kingdom age are going to rise up and speak against those who may be speaking from the Kingdom age perspective.

To many of the church age leaders, it will be like you are speaking another language and painting a different picture that does not fit the church age wineskin paradigm. In truth it does not fit. It can not fit.

I believe this is going to require great patience and love for God to give greater light of the Kingdom to all of us. Look at the disagreement in the body if the gifts of the Spirit are for today?

Is there any such thing as speaking in tongues? Is there a rapture of the church physically? When will it happen, pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib? Or not at all?

If we can disagree on these things in the church age, how much more will that be as the Kingdom of God age unfolds? The Kingdom of God age is about truly becoming one with Him like a Bride with her bridegroom.

It is about divine positioning to be seated with Him in heavenly places. It is about overcoming and given the right to rule and reign with Him on the earth. It is about God forming a wheel within a wheel for His end time purpose.

It is about the glory realm, the function of the 7 spirits of God, and the four living creatures working with us in harmony to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

As you can see just with these few points that it is a completely different view point, vantage point. It has a completely different set of priorities and desires and it requires a maturing body of full grown sons and daughters to release it on earth.

When you view this election and what is happening it is going to be seen from these two diverse viewpoints. There are things that need to be revealed and spoken from a Kingdom age perspective that may get those in the church age upset and angry.

We often persecute what we don’t understand. Also the last move of God often persecutes the next move of God, because the last move of God has everything understood and ready.

Yet Jesus said to the church in Laodicea, you say, You are rich and in need of nothing, but I say you are poor, blind and naked. That is the state of the church at the end of the church age.

This is why we have the 66th book of the Bible and roadmap of God’s glory realm for us to receive, be changed, and overcome to be positioned for what is coming on the earth.

What God has had me teach and speak is to prepare a people to become that wheel within a wheel. To make ready a people. Those in the church age are still just about souls, miracles, signed and wonders as they build their churches.

I am not speaking against the church age, we all came from there, met God there, learned of God there in the Holy Place Ministry.

Now however, is the time to live continually behind the veil, in the up here place God takes John in Revelation 4 and 5.

That is what I am going to continue to teach and share, and speak about what is happening upon the earth from that perspective.

I understand that people will think I am writing about politics or a church age view point that goes against theirs. I will suffer that consideration and still advance the kingdom of God.

Let me conclude and write to you what I learned from my Spiritual Father, Wade Taylor who contrasted the church age from the Kingdom age work.

I pray this may give us a greater light to understand each other and what we are writing about and from what perspective.

The ministry of the church is to “whomsoever.” The ministry of the kingdom is to “He that overcomes.

The desire of the church age is “Jesus abiding within.” The desire of the Kingdom age is” Jesse taking his place as head over the body.

The message of the church age leads to “heaven.” The message of the kingdom age leads to “the throne.

The testimony of the church age is “I have Jesus.” The testimony of the kingdom age is “Jesus has me.”

The church age operates through “Grace.” The Kingdom age operate through “government.”

To enter the church age: a message of salvation To enter the kingdom age: a message of preparation.

Understanding the difference of the ages is critical to understanding each other in this hour.

When God speaks to me about this election and what is behind the scenes is to to prepare a people for what is coming, to speak with my mouth about the time to prepare and to get ready.

I ask you dear brothers and sisters, should any of us shut our mouths because of being misunderstood by those still seeing things from the church age? NO!

Let those who still minister from the church age, see things from the church age, do what they feel God is telling them and let those who minister from the kingdom age minister from what God has given them.

It is all part of God’s plan so we can transition out of one age, one prophetic day, into the next.

God Bless you and may He keep you in His heart and perfect His will in you this day.

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