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The need for a new wineskin in the day of the Lord

Word for Today: March 22, 2021 The Need For a New Wineskin in the Day of the Lord!


The word of God says, “And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day….” Genesis 3:8

This tells us two things about the Lord. First, they heard the voice of the Lord walking, as the Lord desires to speak to us. The Lord has a present word for us, therefore, He continues to walk.

Yesterday, He spoke to us. Today, He said something to us that is beyond what He spoke yesterday. And tomorrow, He will speak beyond that which He said today.

That is why the Lord is birthing “new divine convergence” gathering of the saints. He wants to speak to us, prepare us, equip us, enable beyond what we heard yesterday and even today.

“And no man puts new wine into old wineskins; else the new wine will burst the bottles, and be spilled, and the wineskins shall perish. But new wine must be put into new wineskins; and both are preserved.” Luke 5:37-38

We are this new wineskin that the Lord is making as full grown sons and daughters of God. We are being prepared to be over-comers, a prepared ride, a man child company being made ready to rule and reign with him on this earth.

Beloved a critical point to understand this new day and hour we are living in is that Jesus is telling us that we must have a capacity to hear a fresh word from Him that is beyond our present understanding.

We must have a spiritual ear and capacity to hear fresh revelation and understanding, beyond that which we heard in the past.

This must happen personally in our lives on a daily basis, for our lives, our families, ministries, cites and nation.

We must develop now a capacity to go beyond where ever we have ever been before in the Lord. For the Kingdom of God is an ever increasing kingdom, of this kingdom there shall be no end.

Throughout the course of human history, there have been specific times or “anointing of the moment) of divine intervention in which the Lord used an individual to change the course of history. Examples of this are Noah, Abraham, Moses and David.

These times of specific divine intervention lifted mankind from one level of His workings and dealings to a higher level. Noah, preserved mankind, Abraham became the Father of many nations.

Moses was the deliver of God’s people out of bondage. David established the government of God on the earth in Jerusalem and established a tabernacle for all to meet the Lord directly.

In 2021, the Lord is knocking on the door of our spirit, preparing us so He can again move in direct intervention in ways we have never known before.

We are now in the time in which the Church Age as we have known it has closed, and we are moving into the Millennial Kingdom Age, or the Day of the Lord.

2020 was the year of transformational glory where the Lord shut everything down in the church to make a way for every single believed on this planet to recognize a change has come.

A change of day, a change of hour and a change in the moment of history in our nation. The election of 2020 was the culmination of this divine change with a call from the Lord crying out, “who is on the Lord’s side?”

With that call came the greatest knock of Jesus on HIs church heart to see who would be able to hear Him in the new, move with him in the new, and drink the new wine of the kingdom age.

With that knock came an invitation to sup with Jesus in a brand new way as found in Revelation chapters 1-5, The Glory roadmap of God’s overcoming people.

The question remains how many believers heard that knock and opened the door and let him in to reveal Himself as the King of Glory.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

“To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with My Father in His throne.” Revelation 3:21

“After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up here…. And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and One sat on the throne.” Revelation 4:1-2

These Scriptures begin with Jesus knocking on the door of the Church and end with Him seated with those who are over-comers, on the Throne in His Kingdom.



2 Thes. 1:10 and in that day, when He comes, He will be seen glorified in His saints.

In past times, God always brought about divine interventions by His Spirit to take his remnant people from where they were to come into a higher and deeper place in Him.

In the past these interventions related to an individual, but this present intervention will come through a corporate remnant, a body of “over-comers” prepared by the Lord for this end-time transition, whose voice will be “as the sound of many waters” (Revelation 1:15). This is a corporate voice in which all are saying the same thing.

Because the message that will bring us into the Kingdom is different from the message to the Churches, the Lord has repeatedly said, “Who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matthew 13:9)

I have written about this before, but I wanted to share with you this “truth” Brother Wade Taylor wrote about the difference of the church age with the Kingdom age.

The ministry of the Church age is too: “Whomsoever.” The ministry of the Kingdom age is too: “He who overcomes.”

The message of the Church age leads too: “Heaven.” The message of the Kingdom age leads too: “The Throne.”

The desire of the Church age is: “Jesus abiding within.” The desire of the Kingdom age is: “Jesus taking His place as The Head of His body.”

The testimony of the Church age is: “I have Jesus.” The testimony of the Kingdom age is: “Jesus has me.”

The Church age operates through: “Grace.” The Kingdom age operates under: “Government.”

To enter the Church age: “A message of salvation.” To enter the Kingdom age: “A message of preparation.”

Beloved, change is never easy. For 5 fold ministers and the saints to understand we are in a new paradigm shift from one age to the other it will take a work of the Spirit.

Jesus met much opposition as He sought to move Israel from the Law of Moses to the message of the Kingdom. The Law required an “outward” obedience. The Kingdom requires an “inner” heart change.

So also today, if we are to hear and accept the present word of the Lord, we must have an “ear” to hear and a “new wineskin” to receive, as we move from “Grace” to “Government.”

From 1990-2020 there was a very special time and work of the Holy Spirit to prepare for this day. Because a special time of preparation is always essential, Jesus chose those who had no too little previous religious training to be his disciples and apostles as it is today.

This began with two fishermen while they were working at their trade. They were being called apart to be with Jesus, so this transition could take place. Therefore, Jesus said to them, “I will make you to become.”

That is the key about the close of the church age and the beginning of the kingdom age it is a season of preparation so we “might become” all God has said.

In the church age the 5 fold ministers tell everyone they have all the power of God without any cost, any preparation, any training or deep surrender to the work of God.

Even though the Son of God learned obedience through the things he suffered, most church age ministers don’t understand that message.

Beloved, we must we be prepared by God to become a new wineskin to contain the new wine.

“…The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand…. And Jesus said to them, Come after Me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” Mark 1:15-17

Here, the message of the Kingdom is being offered to these men through what their occupation was. They had been fishers of fish.

Now, Jesus is calling them to BECOME fishers of men. Note carefully that they would continue fishing, but with a higher KINGDOM purpose in mind, the souls of men.

The Kingdom message in its functioning is intended to lift the earthly aspect of our present life into a higher realm and purpose, until His righteousness and His Kingdom fills the earth through his overcoming people.

The word “Kingdom of God” has often been misapplied. It has been put off to a future millennium, or to heaven.

Beloved, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit, but the Spirit didn’t lead him to ministry, but to the desert for a time of testing and preparation. What would make us think we would skip that process?

In the wilderness, Satan came to test Jesus to do anything to save himself and not do the will of His father. But the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us, so we could witness the glory of God in human form, Jesus Christ.

He was tempted in every point, but sinned not. He became the perfect lamb of God, Savior of the world and learned obedience through suffering just as we must do in following his foot steps.

However, today’s minister’s try to claim the power of the Kingdom without the power being worked in their life as Jesus had it worked in his.

They are teaching many in the body of Christ they can walk and do things in the power of God that they have not prepared for.

Many in that day will say, “lord, lord, have we not done this or that, and Jesus said, “depart from me you worker of iniquity I never knew you.

The power of God without that power worked in our lives as a spiritual substance is dangerous. and it is not a sign that we are right with God.

It is imperative to understand that which Jesus offers to us must first become a present reality in our life.


When that work is complete in us it will prepare us for the future Millennial Kingdom now being established on the earth to rule and reign with him as Kings and Priests unto our God.

In the time we still have, the Kingdom of God must become effective in the power of the Holy Spirit in our everyday life experience.

This is God's requirements for all those who choose to submit to His Kingdom rule who desire to be made complete as kings and priest to God. Remember the old Zenith TV commercial that said, "The quality must go in before the name goes on!"

Jesus did not imply that those who respond would be promoted into a place of rulership or prominence, he promised all that overcome will be promoted will rule and reign with HIm.

Overcoming is the key to the very power of the Kingdom of God to manifest in our lives as it did in Jesus life.

Jesus spoke of the coming of a Kingdom authority that would reign over the lives of all those who would submit to its message. Come and follow m e, and – “I will make you to become.”

That is the key Jesus working, living, and dwelling in us both to work and too will to do HIs good pleasure in us NOW, not in the sweet by and by. "I WILL.. MAKE YOU... TO BECOME...

This Kingdom that Jesus presented is “at hand.” But to walk In the authority and glory of that kingdom the kingdom of God must be change from "at hand" to “In hand” as it is worked in us as our life experience as it did In Jesus.

The Kingdom of God is not intended to find its function simply as a future hope. Rather, it is presented as here at hand, right in front of us and we can accept it and receive it. It is attainable to BECOME in hand not just at hand.

Come and follow Me, and I will make you…. That is a clarion call to come and follow him and by faith we get up and we follow him. As we “get up” we must follow Him, and that requires the totality of our being given to him, body, soul and mind.

As we give the Lord the totality of our being, then God gives us the power to become full grown sons and daughters. “Come and follow Me, and I WILL MAKE YOU TO BECOME FISHERS OF MEN.

If we freely get up and feel choose to follow him, then we are enabled and empowered to be “full grown sons and daughters of God.

For us to enter this Kingdom, we must embrace and submit ourselves to the rule of God. This means that we have made Him our Head, who gives direction and purpose to our lives.

To do this, we must recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as our present, personal King.

The King that is still walking and gong ahead of us to make a way for deeper intimacy, worship and fellowship with him, READY TO UNFOLD MORE AND MORE.. OF HIS KINGDOM.... AND HE IS STILL WALKING WITH US.. TO SHOW US THE THINGS THAT ARE TO COME.

In this new and deeper relationship with God, we put away the old wine skin of our live as ti was and we begin to see Him and hear Him as never before.

As we place ourselves, along with everything that pertains to us, in submission to His Kingdom rule, then and only then can we hear Jesus say, Come and follow me and I WILL MAKE YOU TO BECOME… ?

Become what is the question? The answer is SONS OF GOD.. OVER-COMERS.. A MAN CHILD COMPANY.. A BRIDE WITHOUT SPOT, A WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL, AN ARMY OF GOD READY FOR GOD’S END TIME PURPOSES ON THE EARTH. ” Beloved, if our lives are as they were before salvation, plus the “salt” of religion, we are falling far short of His claim upon us and His desire for us to be his bride, over-comers man-child company and that will be disastrous for these end time day.

For if we don’t choose wisely now, we will be unable to abide or function in the place of His calling for this moment in time.

At this present time, Jesus is dealing deeply within the lives of all those who intently seek Him, that they might be prepared to exercise authority over the nations.

But first, His authority must be established within them. I hope you read that line again. BUT FIRST, HIS AUTHORITY MUST BE ESTABLISHED WITH THEM.

That is the very word God gave me when he called me out of Pastoring a church in a building. He told me I would not Pastor as aI have known.

He said Henry, I don’t want you to build a church or establish a ministry, I want you to establish the Kingdom of God in “MEN’S HEARTS.”

Beloved, do you desire a new wine skin? Do you desire to drink the new wine of the Kingdom age. Then we must understand that the things that the Lord once winked at in the past are no longer left unchallenged.

Everything that can be shaken is shaking, until every fiber of our being has been reduced to the place where it fully submits to His Kingdom of God’s claim upon it full upon it.

Then God will see we are prepared, positioned and ready to function as a new wineskin to be filled with the “new wine” of the kingdom age that is now here to finish the good work He started in all of us.

We will now be ready to come out of the wilderness fully clinging and leaning upon our beloved ready for his end time purpose to come forth upon the earth.

Beloved, and to all those that will hear his voice and open the door to sup with him, The Lord will no longer allow us His people to remain in the realm of blessing and provision alone.

He is causing us, by the power of the Spirit. to acknowledge and submit to the claim of His full Kingdom power and authority over our lives and come now and follow Him.

He is bringing each of us to the place where we must make a decision as to what we will do with this “Kingdom,” which He said is “at hand.” Who is on the Lord’s side?

In the former church age form, the outworking of it was to be manifested within us as “righteousness, and peace, and joy, in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17).

In “that day”(2 Thes 1:10) the day of the Lord’s unfolding glory, it is too manifest within us as unprecedented glory, power, authority and dominion that will transform the Kingdoms of this world into the Kingdoms of our God in Christ.

Beloved, It is a new day, a new hour, and a new moment in History. Let us understand that you can’t put new wine in an old wine skin. Everything has changed.

Things will never go back to life in the church age, the Kingdom age has dawned. God is about to set everything and everyone in perfect divine alignment order.

Everything is going to be made perfect in the earth as Jesus has come back to be seen glorified in His saints The hour has come. The time is now, who can perceive it?


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