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The test of love! A personal word for someone today in need:

September 6, 2020 Word For Today: The test of love! A personal word for someone today in need:

My special one,

Do not ever think my love for you could ever stop. I love you beyond anything you could ever dream, experience and desire. Even in this time of uncertainty in your life, my love, my hand is working where you can not see.

I am moving on your behalf. I want you to know that I am testing and proving what my love really looks like and in whom my real genuine deep love abides.

Actions speak louder then words. Here is what I am teaching you, “no greater love than this that a man lay his life down for his friends.”

My child you have done this much for others, and few have returned that love back to you as you have needed, but look not at those things. Look fully upon my love for you.

I am with you. I am for you, who can be against you. Be patient with Me as I prove things in your life and around you. I have to make everything plain so you can see clearly what is and what is not.

Many will say to me on that day, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, have we not cast out devils in your name, but I will say to them, “depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.

My child, I alone know the true thoughts, intentions and desires of men’s heart. I encourage you to not look at the situations in the natural or even at people’s reactions or non-reactions, look fully upon my face so I can reveal all you need to know and see in this hour.

I am rearranging your life, your family, and yes even the call upon your life to bring you into perfect divine alignment with my plans and purpose.

I have to remove some people from your life speedily because they are a hinderance to my work and purposes in your life. Let them go into my hands.

Love them, forgive them and walk in love for all in your heart. This is the way of my kingdom. This is the way of my true power, authority and dominion. Love never fails.

I am about to bring you new divine appointments and connections for your life. I am about to bring seasoned and mature relationships in me for you to walk with as I form you as part of my wheel within a wheel upon the earth.

I am going to even restore some old relationships that seemed to have broken off back to their original intention for some have truly repented and have returned fully back to me. Be open to my leading, my connecting and my directions.

Many who say they can see are blind, and those they are calling blind can truly see. For this is a time of great deception coming upon the earth and many of my own people are being deceived in their reasoning.

Many who have refused to be healed, set free, and refused to forgive will be given over to much darkness where I am going to try and test the love they have for me to show them apart from me they can do nothing.

You have felt so very alone, even when people have been around you, so i could draw you to myself. I am the Lord your God, the faithful one and true.

Old things are passing away as I told you, and yes, all things are becoming new. Let the new fully come my child. Let the new do it’s finishing work in your heart, life and family. Let the new bring you into divine alignment and purpose for the hour now here upon the earth.

I am with you. Today I am working deeply in your heart to trust me, seek me and know me in a brand new way. Today is truly a new beginning for you. A new beginning of walking in a more fuller dimension of my pure holy love for you.

I have seen your tears. I have heard your cries. I have seen the disappointments you have faces by those who should have stood by your side, walk away from you.

But I am here says the Lord. I am STILL HERE says the Lord. Where others have failed you, I can never fail you. Where others turned against you, I have always been for you.

You have allowed me to teach you the “test of love.” My love that is unconditional and doesn’t consider a suffered wrong.

A love that always things the best of every one under all circumstances, and never fades. My love never fails and it will not fail you now.

Today, I am turning things around for you. Today I am changing those who can come into your life and those who can not. Remember it not a light thing to “touch my anointed ones.”

Those who are with you by my spirit can never leave and those who are not with you by my spirit can never stay. Some relationships are only for certain moments and times and then they need to change.

Let me change things. Let me rearrange things fully. Time is of the essence. I have much that we must do together. I have much I have to share with you and work in you and through you. Times is short.

Timing is everything with me. You will have the right word, the right work, to speak and do at the right place at the right time with the right people.

Do not fret. Do not be discouraged by the lack you may see in others that should rise up and help you in this hour with my divine purposes. I am a very present help to you in times of trouble.

I am moving speedily on your behalf. I am moving speedily to bring all things together for you as you have cried out to me for your life, family and calling. I will do it. I am doing it. It is finished says the Lord.

Take my hand today and come with me. Let us leap upon the mountains of spices together where I can give you my love.

I am changing things today. I am outpouring a fresh fire of my love to fill you that you need. A fresh fire of my love that keeps you totally dependent upon me alone.

I am giving you a fresh fire of my love to forgive others, love others as I have loved you. Me in you and you in me. You in me, and I in you. We are one.

I am going to bestow my royal favor upon your life in a new way and those who say they are Christians but are not, shall truly repent and acknowledge that I have loved you.

You are my overcoming child, my son, my daughter in whom I am well pleased. You are being fit right now perfectly to work with me, walk with me, in my end times plans and purposes on the earth.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be disheartened, look up unto the hills from where your help comes from. Hope in me alone. Trust in me alone. Have faith in Me alone.

I am bringing all things together for you now for your good as I have promised you. I have intervened for you. I have moved for you today.

I made a way for you to put your feet down. I have made a way in the wilderness for you and I am bringing new streams in the desert for you.

Today, you will see my mighty hand bring all things together. I am lifting you up to stand upon a high rock and I am lifting your head above your enemies.

Today things are going to begin to flow for you as I promised. That which has tried to bring strife, division and confusion are removed from your midst by the power of My word to you.

I have breathed upon you and I am blowing away the works of the devil, the dark cloud he hast tried to put upon you and your family.

Arise my beloved one and shine, for your light has come and the glory of My presence shall be seen upon you.

Don’t be disheartened. Don’t be discouraged. I am with you even to the end of the age. I have moved for you this day and now and for the rest of this month a mighty sea change has come for you.

The waves that tried to crash over you, and the wind that tried to knock you down are now at your back and I am bringing you fully into my plans and purposes as you have prayed.

I have heard you says the Lord your God and I have come. I have come, and I am here, says the Lord your God.

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