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TODAY: A sea change of direction is here. TODAY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

November 3, 2020 Word For Today: TODAY: A sea change of direction is here. TODAY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. As I woke up this morning and wait upon the Lord I heard a “sea change of direction is here.”

I truly believe God has heard the prayers of his Saints who have been crying out for our nation, 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Today, God is hearing from heaven, forgiving our sins and the beginning of healing our land is here.

I believe God is giving us more time to turn back to Him. I believe God is giving us more time to advance His kingdom in this nation that is going to confound the enemy.

The forces of darkness had aligned to take over our nation with a one world order system and to bring their chosen candidate into office, but God sent his spiritual speed bumps to expose the darkness at work trying to get this man elected.

In the last three weeks a “sea change of understanding” was released by the Lord to allow the American people to see what is darkness and what is light.

If there is one good thing about the Democratic Nominee being chosen is that God used it to expose the darkness behind him and show the world the alignment fully of the one world system against our President, Christians and Israel.

It is not that we didn’t know it, but it was like for many Christians and Americans, Oh well, we still have our freedom. Yet, never before in the history of our nation has our freedom been under an all out assault against us.

The cancel culture, the woke culture, the fake news media, the controlling social media, sports, entertainment, Wall Street, the deep state and a the Democratic Party have all aligned as one like never before. This should frighten every single American.

They have promoted a candidate that may have signs of dementia. Biden has been so angry and screaming at all his rally’s.

Seeing dementia first hand with my mom, anger and screaming are two tell tale signs of that disease. It is not pretty. So why would the Democrats nominate him?

Only one reason? To deceive America. Joe Biden is not a moderate anymore. He is empty and void of hope or life. He is a Trojan horse the one world order system are backing to bring their Anti-American, Anti-God agenda to this nation.

As I was praying for our nation this morning I asked myself, why are they boarding up the cities to brace for riots? Ask yourself a question do you think it is Trump supporters that are going to riot and loot?

Who has been looting in these cities and rioting? Who controls those rioters, The Democrats? What they are doing is right out of Saul Alinski’s play book on how to take over America. George Soros is funding and bank rolling this whole thing with other billionaires that hate God and our nation.

My prayer today is that because of God’s speed bumps and exposing the hidden darkness, Americans have been awakened to see it and will reject this one world order mega machine that wants to destroy President Trump and our nation.

We still have time. Today is a day that we can flow with the "sea change of direction" from the Lord. Today we can take a stand in the natural and in the Spirit and say “not on my watch!”

Today we have the opportunity to say “no” as one voice in this nation. Today, ministers of God you can declare, pray and decree that this nation will remain one nation under God, indivisible with justice for all.

Today we can say no to the devil and his demons and release our prayers and declare and decree God’s will shall come forth today in this nation.

Today we can pray and declare, “let God arise and His enemies be scattered.” Today we can put our faith and our hope in God’s power and strength to deliver us from this evil.”

Today we can pray and declare to the pharaoh of this one world order, “let God’s people go!

Today we have the chance to make history in the fact that God will have mercy on this nation and give us more time to change, repent, return to our first love, return to our first work as a people in this nation.

Today we can turn back to God fully and seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness until all those things are added unto us.

Today we can say no to “church as usual, business as usual, ministry as usual, and cry out for God’s new wineskin of His Kingdom to come and His will be done on earth as it is heaven.

Today we can “burn the ships” of our past lukewarm Christian life and buy the gold tried by the fire, get eye salve for our eyes and new clothes to go forth as His kingdom people on the earth.

Today we can see Jesus standing at the door of our heart, His people, and knocking and waiting for us to open the door and let him in for the deepest intimacy with Him we have ever had.

Today we have the choice to declare this nation belongs to God. Today we have the choice to vote and prove the liars, and the Father of lies, this nation is the Lord's!

Today we can vote and declare as one people, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Today we can show the world that we are a true friend of Israel and that God blesses those who bless Israel.

Today we can say no to the “cancel culture” crowd that our nation is evil and founded by evil men. We can say no to the PC crowd that says, boys can be girls and girls can be boys and protect our kids from boys going into girl's bathrooms, boys who are girls playing in sports.

Today we can say no to abortion on demand and it is alright to kill a baby that survives an abortion. Today we can say no that there is no such thing as a fetus, they are living breathing babies and they are alive and deserve to live.

Today we can say no “to the abortion on demand crowd” that wants to kill black and Hispanic babies to depopulate them as Planned Parenthood’s founder wrote in their charter?

Today we can say no to our schools indoctrinating our children to hate our nation, democracy, and God and embrace socialism and the one world order.

Today we can stand up as one people of God from every tribe and nation in this country and with our vote say to those who oppose God and His kingdom: NOT ON OUR WATCH!

Today, your vote can make a difference. Your prayers for our nation can be answered.

Let us cry out this morning, afternoon, for all those that are still voting to hear the voice of God. That the speed bumps of the Lord that have exposed the darkness is fully in the light today.

Let us cry out for people who have planned to vote for the darkness to see the light and vote for the one God desires to lead our nation, President Trump, for this hour in history.

Today is a day of making a difference. Today God is going to bring a sea change of direction to this nation beyond anything we have known.

I truly believe God has heard from heaven, and is forgiving our sins to heal our land and He is giving us more time.

How we vote today in this nation will open the door for that to come if we vote correctly and chose those who choose God.

Is President Trump going to be reelected? Many say yes! Many prophets say yes, the question is will you say yes by your vote?

Don’t sit this election out. Don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. Don’t let the long lines stop you. Vote and choose you this day who you are going to serve, if it be Baal serve him, if it be God serve him.

All I can say today is this “as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” I pray that is your testimony today and will be God’s instrument to bring a sea change of direction for our nation that will give us more time to repent and turn to God.

The choice is in your hands, beloved of the Lord. We either want more of God or more of man and that choice will seal the direction of this nation.

I have great hope and faith today in my spirit that God will have mercy upon us. That His will shall be done in the USA on earth as it is heaven.

No matter what happens, God is still on the Throne and it will not stop the kingdoms of this world from becoming the Kingdoms of our God in Christ. Nothing can stop it and our victory is secured by the blood of Jesus.

Yet, with that said, I have great hope today that God is giving this nation more time to change, repent, and return to God. I believe God has heard the cry of his remnant people today and he is answering from heaven and has come to heal our land.

It won’t be a man made fake healing of the opposing party of the one world order idea of healing.

This healing will be a healing that past revivals have brought but 1000 times more powerful and more reaching to turn this nation back to God. It will turn families back to God and restore them before the end comes.

God’s promises are yea and amen. We still have many that must be fulfilled before the end comes.

Today I declare over our nation by the Spirit of God. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Today God is blessing President Trump and this nation because they have blessed Israel.

Today the blessing of the Lord will make this nation spiritually rich and prosperous and add no sorrow. Blessed is the nation that trusts in the Lord, for they shall never be put to shame.

Please go out and vote and vote for those who are for God. Vote the for party that stands with God and His purposes and let us watch God do a miracle today for our nation.


Much love and blessings always.

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