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Tonight the spiritual plates have collided! A deeper change has come to this nation! Get ready!

Word for Today: September 18, 2020 : Tonight the spiritual plates have collided! A deeper change has come to this nation! Get ready!


As I heard the news about Justice Ginsburg, I was going to finish some work that I need to do when I felt the Lord told me to write what I am hearing. So that is what I am doing now.

Today is the Jewish New Year and Ruth Ginsburg passed away. In our nation we are facing riots in the street, fire burning up entire states in the west.

Hurricanes to the Southeast has decimated so many lives and property, and this was the beginning of the spiritual plates colliding.

Tonight, the spiritual plates are now coming together in a greater force to create such a spiritual earthquake the likes we have never seen upon planet earth.

The Lord told me September would be spiritual plates colliding to shake everything that men trust in starting in the house of God. God is going to prove what is of him, who is of him and who is not.

He is going to prove what is genuine and what is counterfeit. He is going to prove who are his true shepherds, who are hirelings, and who are wolves in sheep clothing in his house. Nothing that is hidden will not be revealed.

Everything is shaking saints of God. The Lord told me what is coming in October and November will be like nothing we have ever seen. We must be ready! We must be prepared so God can propel us through in victory for what is coming upon this nation.

Saints, be sober, be vigilant, and be ready for what God is about to release in our nation. Many say revival is coming. Many say judgment is coming. Many say the lord is coming. Many say all of the above is coming,

I say the Kingdom of God is at hand like never before. Beloved, more spiritual plates colliding is coming and about to upend things in our nation more then what we have seen so far.

Don’t be afraid. This is not doom and gloom. This is the beginning of God’s glory manifesting on the earth. Everything glory touches is changed into glory or burnt up and destroyed.

That is why there is more shaking of the plates to come. Remember Beloved, through it all, God is going to bring a body of full grown sons and daughters filled with his glory to be seen upon this earth.

A wheel within a wheel is forming in the power and glory of God’s majesty, honor, and glory that the whole earth is going to be filled with the knowledge and glory of the Lord. A royal priesthood is arising in our midst.

Beloved, We must be seeking the face of God now even more. We must hear his voice. We must not be fearful or afraid in this hour. We must be seeking His Kingdom first and his righteousness!

Today, with the passing of Justice Ginsburg, a deeper war in the spirit realm is going to manifest in the natural to effect our nation. A war has broken out in the heavenly realm. The man-child company is coming into his place seated with Jesus in heavenly places.

What is hidden behind the scenes by the enemy is going to come plainly in the light like never before. The Lord is lifting up the skirts of those in politics, sports, entertainment, and corporations to let their wicked plans be seen and revealed to the American people.

The God who is “light” is commanding the “light to shine” into the darkness. This is condemnation that has come into the world, that the light has come, and men have loved darkness more then the light, lest their deeds be reproved.

Those who love the light run to the light. Those who love darkness flee to the darkness. There is going to be no middle ground. There will be no place to stay lukewarm.

People either will love and choose light and God who is love, or love darkness and be filled with satan and darkness. There is no middle ground. There is no straddling the fence.

Everyone is going to make a choice. The lukewarm will be spewed out of the mouth of God. The Lord is coming like a flooded and is raising up a standard against the enemy trying to come in.

It is time to stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Don’t be moved by the shaking coming in the nation or even in the church. God is releasing a new boldness to stand.

A new boldness to speak. A new boldness to declare His name. A new boldness to declare his words in power, authority and dominion. Arise and shine for your “light has come” and the glory of the Lord is “risen upon you!”

Beloved, God shall not be mocked. God is arising in our midst as a mighty man of war. The Lord of Glory is thundering. The Lord is roaring in and out of Zion.

The enemy is raging on this earth and he will rage in our nation like never seen before for his time is short. Yet where sin abounds grace much more abounds. Grace to it. Grace to it!

The greatest outpouring of God’s pure holy love is being poured out and will continue to be poured out in all that are making themselves ready. It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.

This pure holy love will be like hot liquid fire burning in their hearts and they will speak and release words with fire, words of judgments and consequences that will shake leaders and kingdoms causing many to repent and turn to God.

They earth is going to be filled with the knowledge and glory of the Lord and the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached as a witness and then the end of this age will be completely over.

A harvest of Kingdom souls is coming into God’s house, there is still room in his house but just a bit of time left to enter in to the feast where all things are now ready.

A transformational shift is aligning tonight in the heavenly realm to bring about God’s purposes in glory power from the 7 spirits of God.

The millennial reign of Jesus is breaking forth speedily to manifest on the earth. His kingdom reign will be seen upon planet earth.

His New Jerusalem city, His bride all adorned in white will be his habitation on the earth, and they will rule and reign with him as Kings and Priest forever by His side.

Truly, He will be our God and we will be His people. Blessed be His name.

Beloved, get ready. There will be more spiritual plates colliding this month and through the November election that is going to change everything in this nation.

Today begins God’s new year for his people. This day of the Lord is now upon us. Jesus is here for His finishing work in us in victory will be seen upon the earth.

To God be all the glory!

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