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Beloved of the Lord,

As we enter into the month of August, a tremendous acceleration of the Kingdom of God, and work of the Spirit is being released. This release is to prepare those who are truly seeking God for what is coming in September and beyond.

We can see with our own eyes that nothing is the same as it was and things are changing rapidly around us, to us, our families and ministries. Nothing is the same, and nothing is going to be the same again.

I heard the Lord speak to me today the Word Transition 3 times. The word transition means: a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another, a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another, an abrupt change in energy state or level.

This is what is about to be released in August. We must be ready to be totally in sync with the Spirit of God and the changes that must come forth this month.

God is desires to bring dramatic changes in our heart, changes in our thinking, changes in our desires, changes in our time, changes of what we are doing and what are plans are as we have desired them to be.

This month of August is the time that will require us to receive the new instructions and blueprints God must bring to us to stand in the months to come including through Novembers election and beyond.

The Lord is going to pour out great discernment, great wisdom, great understanding and then his power to release in us to do exactly what He shows us to do. There’s going to be an exponential growth in divine wisdom to receive the new blueprints and strategies for this moment in time to those who will diligently seek him.

We can not become complacent or be a sleep at the midnight hour? We must not let this day come upon us unawares. The Lord is blowing his war trumpet? Who can here it? Who can see the door standing open in heaven? Who can hear that voice of the war trumpet say, “come up here, so I can SHOW YOU THE THINGS TO COME.

The greatest outpouring of apostolic and prophetic wisdom and understanding is going to fill God’s mature sons and daughters. There is going to be a divine convergence of people by the Lord to assemble in certain places and times by the Holy Spirit revelation.

These gatherings are not “conferences, ministry works, they are going to be solemn assemblies to seek the face of God, and be still, and listen for the Lord’s plans and strategies to transform the earth with his glory.

What we are today, in comparison to where we will be at the end of the month is going to seem like we traveled 10,000 miles in the spirit. The past will be so far behind because of the accelerating power of God forming that new wine skin to contain the new wine that is here.

It is going to take much diligence in waiting upon the Lord and listening for his instructions. It is going to take a desire to truly minister and find the heart of God individually, family, churches in ministry.

This is a time to seek the Lord while he can be found. Why? Because those who know their God are about to do great exploits. The Lord is seeking over this earth to find those he can show his glory and power through.

I have been sharing we must be prepared, positioned and propelled to be battle ready for what is going to released in this nation and on the earth.

The other word I heard in my spirit three times was deployment. The word deployment means: the act or movement of deploying or the state of being deployed: such as a placement or arrangement (as of military personnel or equipment) in position for a particular use or purpose.

The Lord in this next month is bringing his battle machine, his wheel within a wheel to be deployed in divine arrangement and function in one divine position and one divine purpose and use.

That purpose is to reveal his glory and to transform the kingdoms of this world into the kingdoms of our God in Christ. This month of August there is going to be an acceleration of divine appointments, divine connections that are going to be used by God to bring the right parts of the body together with the other parts to function correctly under his headship.

The fingers are going to find each other and connect to the hand, the toes are going to find the foot and connect with it. The hand is going to find the correct arm to connect with. This will not be man “arranging the body parts” from 2nd day church age theology, but God himself knitting his people together by the spirit by his pure holy love.

There is going to be such a greater release of the spirit of discernment where we will not know men by the flesh but by the spirit instantly. We are not going to have to check each other out, and have 20, 000 coffee and talk to get to know each other to function.


This divine deployment comes with supply, resources and help that is going to unite us in the pure holy love not seen from the book of Acts chapter 2. The day of the world knowing we are his disciples by the love we have one for the other is now here.

God’s pure holy love and fire is going to knit us together for we will all know the king of glory in our midst and we will live and function together in that glory as a wheel within a wheel.

There will be no division, no lack, no discord, no position or titles to contend with, we will be one with the Lord and each other like never seen on this earth since the early days of the church.

This is a sovereign divine intervention of the Lord that starts in August and will accelerate to completion through the rest of this year. The Lord is saying to us, “come all things are now ready.”

We must not make excuses, or delay to answer his call or we will miss what the Lord is doing in the rest of this year. The battle of all battles is now coming upon the earth and our victorious King Jesus, the King of Glory is here in our midst as a mighty man of war.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah our of Zion releasing divine new deployments, divine new placements, divine new blueprints and plans. August is going to be the beginning of the most powerful divine alignment of God’s people we have ever seen.

All things are working together for the good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes. The Lord is going to gather small groups to deploy, medium size groups, and city wide groups to deploy to every city in this nation and in the nations. The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached AS A WITNESS, and then the end will come.

Let go of what you thought you knew. Let go of where you thought you were and be flexible and pliable in the hands of the Lord has he brings divine order, divine alignment to form as royal priesthood and holy nation on the earth.

New angelic assignment are being released to go with each new deployment. Heaven working on earth through his overcoming people will manifest in ways not since the days of Moses and Elijah and of Jesus.

Get ready, Get set, and be ready as we transition into the new Fall season of the Lord. Get ready, get set, to receive your new deployment strategies and plans for your life, family and work of God.

The day of God’s new wineskin of mature sons and daughters is now here. The new wine is going to be poured out exponentially those who are prepared, and positioned. They will be propelled and deployed filled with the new wine for this last hour.

August: Transition... Transition.... Transition...Deployment.. Deployment. . Deployment is here!

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