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Word For Today: November 7, 2019: TURNING POINT!


This morning in my time with the Lord I felt today the 7th day of the 11 month is a “turning point” day. This word may not be for everyone, but it is for those who may need this word to help them continue down the road of their divine destiny in Christ.

Word For Today: Turning Point

My Loves,

I have brought you to your “turning point.” Today is the day of divine “turn around!” You have reached your turning point. I have heard your heartfelt cries. They have reached my ears.

It seemed like I abandoned you, left you on your own, but I would never ever do that to you. I am causing you to come deeper into my heart and to know me like you have never known me before.

I have been with you the entire time and have been right by your side. I said, “I would never leave you and never forsake you, and I am.”

Today this 7th day of the 11th month I have brought you to your divine turning point TODAY! Today is a pivotal turning point day in the history of your life and your family for deepest and best for you. Things are not the same. Not only have old things passed away, but ALL THINGS ARE MADE NEW!

This is the day my “newness” is springing forth for you. Where you have doors shut in your face, they are now open. Where the road seemed filled with dense fog and darkness, I have shined my light and you now can see. You can see where I have desired you to be and now what I want you to do.

Today is your turning point. I have changed everything. I have changed your direction. I have changed your position. I have changed your placement today to align perfectly with the fullness of the new that is now at hand and will unfold for the rest of this year.

You are not where you were, you are not where you seem to be at, I have lifted you up by my outstretched arm and brought you into your ‘new place.” Now the new you have been waiting for is going to manifest and come into being. I have heard you heard your cries and seen your tears. I have answered you. I have answered you.

What seems like a “nightmare season of attacks” will now come to and end. Your time of restoration is at hand. Joy comes in the morning. You are entering the day of ‘my joy.”

The Joy of the Lord is your strength. I would never leave you where you have been or where you are. It was always my intention not only to bring you out, but to bring you ALL THE WAY IN! YOUR LAND OF PROMISE IS HERE!

Do you hear me My Love’s? My intention is to bring you ALL THE WAY IN , not just bring you out, not just bring you through, but to fully bring you ALL THE WAY into the fullness of my joy. My desire has been to bring you into the fullness of my “new” that I am unfolding in your life, your family, your call, and even in this nation.

Today is the “turning point!” Today, you are in the final moment of transition as you come of our 2019 and into 2020. I have lifted the weights you have been carrying on your shoulders off you.

I am removing the sorrow and mourning you have carried in your heart and now replacing it with peace and great joy. My Joy shall be full in you and you will be filled with my Joy.

Today is your turning point. Today is your turn around moment. It has not passed you by. It is not late, but it is right on time. I have moved my mighty hand on your behalf. I have made a way for you where there seemed to be no way. I am ALMIGHTY GOD AND I AM FOR YOU SO WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU!

Don’t fret anymore. Don’t be concerned with the things that were around you. I have lifted you up and out of that place and put you in new ground where you grow and expand as I grow and expand my presence in you.

Though you have suffered long and sown many, many tears, I am now giving you beauty for ashes, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, and turning your mourning into your greatest joy.

The “suffering” season you have endured is now going to bring forth the greatest work of my Spirit in you and my Glory will now begin to be seen upon you. Remember my words, If you suffer with me, you will be glorified with me. That time is now here. You have reached the turning point.

You have reached the midway point of the remaining transition time for this year and now you are about to come out on the other side as I promised you. The wind that was in your face will now be at back.

All that was stolen from you is now going to be restored to you 7 fold. What was taken from you is going to be brought back to you better then when it left. For I have changed you in this process. I have changed your heart.

I had to cut away the fear, unbelief and doubts that were still in your heart and to replace them with my glory. It will be well worth it My Love’s. As hard as it has been for you, you are now going to bear good fruit and your fruit is going to remain. Your destiny moments is now at hand.

The turning point for everything I spoke to you for this year is now here. Though it seems like there is only a little time to become, receive all that I told you this year would bring, MY LOVE’S. there is STILL PLENTY of time FOR ME TO WORK.

Watch what I am going to do in you, with you, for you and your family. What is impossible with men is possible with God.

Just trust me now to complete it. Believe with me today that this is your turning point. I allowed you to come to this place for my reasons and my season for such a time as this. You are now going to finish the rest of the year in my divine turnaround. I am aligning you perfectly where I need you to be in my will.

You are at the turning point. This is your turning point. It is time to align you fully and perfectly with my heart, my plans, my desires for your life and family.

Fear not, fear not, I am with you says the Lord. The turning point is here. Today there is a spiritual movement of my spirit to bring forth the changes, the words, the visions I have given you. The turning point for your life is here, and it is to FIRMLY MANIFEST into reality upon the earth. The time is here!

I am moving speedily on your behalf for the rest of this year to bring forth the divine placements, divine connections, divine appointments that I have for you for 2020. Things must come together now. BE OPEN for the changes. BE OPEN to move with me quickly and instantly as I need you to move.


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